March 31, 2006 Site Update

Yesterday's update today, plus another one later this afternoon. One item of note I have to mention. I have broken my allakhazam mailbox. If you have mailed anything to me within the last week, please try to e-mail me again, BUT NOT TODAY, as I have somehow corrupted my mailbox. I am a brunette but I am addicted to bleach and it seems that some has soaked passed the roots, and I really messed it up. With Rale being of great patience, there is a solution in the future, and TFTD and Mediabox will be updated as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience and understanding for my mishap! New Items: Band of the Steadfast HeroBlackrock BracerTome of Divine RightVirtuous CrownVirtuous RobeRight Piece of Lord Valthalak's AmuletBrazier of BeckoningLord Valthalak's AmuletBloodkelp Elixir of DodgingBloodkelp Elixir of ResistanceBloodkelpHuntsman's HarpoonBrazier of BeckoningDruidical RemainsTotem of RebirthBand of MendingDarkmantle CapDarkmantle TunicScepter of Interminable FocusShroud of DominationBlade of NecromancyIronweave RobeGauntlets of DeftnessTunic of the Crescent Moon

New Quests: The Left Piece of Lord Valthalak's AmuletThe Right Piece of Lord Valthalak's AmuletI See Alcaz Island In Your Future...More Components of ImportanceAnthion's Parting Words

New Mobs: Isalien

Updated Mobs: J.D. Collie ; Grumnus Steelshaper ; Defilers Emissary

Updated Items: Warmaster LegguardsGeneral's Silk BootsRune of PerfectionDoomcaller's MantleHeadhunter's SlippersArena MasterNight Watch PantaloonsGoretusk Liver PieBand of the Ogre KingShroud of Pure ThoughtPlans: Runic Plate HelmBurnished CloakSanguine CapeLong Silken CloakCloudkeeper LegplatesHillman's ShouldersGlyphed BracersSolliden's TrousersRoyal AmiceMountainside BucklerBlademaster LeggingsMantle of HonorFiremane LeggingsSpaulders of the UnseenSkibi's PendantBattle Chain TunicBreastplate of the Chromatic FlightCrude Throwing AxeArctic RingForest HoopMeadow RingQuicksilver RingQuartz RingThe Hexxer's CoverBlazewind BreastplateFeatherskin CapeMaleki's FootwrapsQuel'SerrarTough Scorpid ShouldersStonecloth BritchesScouting TrousersHigh Councillor's CircletCarrot on a StickMilitant ShortswordMagnificent CloakAmberglow TalismanNetherwind BindingsEnchanted Gold BloodrobeSoldier's LeggingsGnomish Death RayFrayed GlovesBlood Guard's Plate BootsArcanist CrownScorpashi SashWildheart CowlLongswordChunk of Boar MeatFirst Sergeant's Mail WristguardsBloodspattered SashRaincaster DrapeJackseed BeltHulking GauntletsBullovaPlans: Dark Iron BootsJeklik's Opaline TalismanBlackblade of ShahramBrazen Gauntlets22 Pound LobsterOld WagonwheelPlans: Runic Plate ShouldersDarkmist HandguardsGryphon Mail GreavesDalewind TrousersCeremonial Leather LoinclothDusky Leather ArmorRunecloth RobeHi-tech SupergunPriest's MaceSteadfast BreastplateDreamsinger LegguardsSharp ShortswordWorn AxeMerc SwordBlack MaliceBottom Half of Advanced Armorsmithing: Volume ISardonyx KnuckleSmokey's DrapeHyperion GauntletsImperial Plate BeltTreant's BaneStormfire GauntletsBonelink ArmorSentinel CapBand of Earthen WrathAbjurer's SashGreenweave SandalsWoven Ivy NecklaceStoneflower StaffTruesilver ChampionRavasaur Scale BootsBlack Velvet RobesShard of the FlameBlood Guard's Leather VicesKeeper's WooliesHulking SpauldersAtal'ai GirdleLunar BucklerTough Scorpid BootsBKP 2700 "Enforcer"Sergeant's CloakSpellbinder PantsFirst Sergeant's Plate BracersWrangler's CloakRoyal Seal of Eldre'ThalasZandalar Madcap's TunicBloated CatfishRavager's CordKnight-Captain's Silk RaimentQuick Strike RingRecurve Long BowTrindlehaven StaffSacred Cloth LeggingsRanger WristguardsOpal RingDarkstone ClaymoreImperial Leather BootsRavager's SandalsSpellbinder VestStaff of the FriarMarshal's Dragonhide BootsGeneral's Mail BootsLunar RaimentHigh Chief's CrownQiraji Regal DrapeElegant BootsHuntsman's BandsFortified BootsZandalar Freethinker's ArmguardsZandalar Vindicator's BreastplateGrimlok's Tribal VestmentsMaster Dragonslayer's OrbGordok's HandwrapsHelm of FireLead BandSlamshot ShouldersDark Leather BeltEdgemaster's HandguardsRicochet BlunderbussRunecloth BeltBelt of CorruptionBeastmaster's BindingsAssassination BladeDemonic Runed SpauldersLord Alexander's Battle AxeShadowcraft PantsNoxious ShooterHunting BootsFalcon's HookCombatant ClaymoreCopper BarLawbringer BeltCobalt RingCurved DaggerPhalanx SpauldersWooden MalletDevout BracersTellurium NecklaceFelheart Shoulder PadsGreen Silken ShouldersStaff of WestfallWoodworking GlovesBlack Pearl RingBarbed ClubHyperion LegplatesOverlord's SpauldersGold-flecked GlovesRain-spotted CapeIcy CloakBrawler GlovesEmblazoned GlovesBlackcrowArcher's ShoulderpadsTrouncing BootsPattern: Robe of the ArchmageHarnessing ShadowsEssence of FireIronbark StaffCindercloth VestDusky BeltRazzeric's Customized SeatbeltFrostbiteLesser Mystic WandBlack MenaceObsidian PendantLodestone NecklaceBlood RingTemplar ChestplateRecruit's BootsPridelord BandsDeadwood SledgeBlack Mageweave ShouldersSuperior BucklerBig Bad PauldronsEarthshakerRiver Pride ChokerDarkspear ArmsplintsInterlaced BracersWhipwood Recurve BowAmber HoopBleeding CrescentRune of PerfectionKnight's HeadguardCow King's HideDefender CloakTwilight BootsDouble Mail Coif

Updated Quests: The Ectoplasmic DistillerA Portable Power SourceHunting for EctoplasmOne Commendation SignetThe Perfect PoisonBingles' Missing SuppliesBlade of Eternal JusticeHonored Amongst the ClanRise and Be RecognizedAbyssal SceptersProving GroundsProving GroundsThe Instigator's EnchantmentTen Commendation SignetsThe Temple of Atal'HakkarPool of TearsThe Atal'ai ExileReturn to Fel'ZerulIt's a Secret to EverybodyIt's a Secret to EverybodyMeet at the GraveLinken's SwordCould I get a Fishing Flier?A Gnome's AssistanceFilthy PawsLinken's MemorySilver HeartMountaineer Stormpike's TaskThe People's MilitiaHamuul RunetotemThe Horde Needs More Lean Wolf Steaks!Nara WildmaneLeaders of the FangStormpike's OrderThe Rage of MugambaLightforge IngotsReturning HomeShadowguardDefiler's Standard Care PackageThe Completed Orb of Noh'OrahilCould I get a Fishing Flier?Cut Arathor Supply LinesFlexing for NougatBor Wishes to SpeakGreatfather Winter is Here!The Tome of ValorRites of the EarthmotherSupervisor FizsprocketSearching for the Lost SatchelTesting an Enemy's StrengthYou Scream, I Scream...The Horde Needs More Mithril Bars!Get the Goblins DrunkThe Heathen's BrandVodouisant's Vigilant EmbraceHeeding the CallA King's TributeCall of WaterA Free LunchEncroaching GnollsThe Killing FieldsGoretusk Liver PieThe Journey Has Just BegunMessenger to StormwindVisit the HerbalistHilary's NecklaceThe Lost ToolsThe Everstill BridgeMoonglow VestWestfall StewWanted: Gath'IlzoggRed Leather BandanasThe People's MilitiaPatrolling WestfallPoor Old BlanchyTen Signets for War SuppliesWanted: Lieutenant FangoreReturn to VernerA Baying of GnollsDry TimesUnderbelly ScalesThe Absent Minded ProspectorLaunch the Attack!Returning HomeChen's Empty KegKill Grundig DarkcloudBlood FeedersGoblin InvadersAvenge My VillagePreparation for CeremonyZiz FizziksEarth SaptaThe Spirits of StonetalonReport to KadrakThe Warsong ReportsBetrayal from WithinSamophlangeTrouble at the DocksHidden EnemiesMiner's FortuneWeapons of ChoiceThe Glowing ShardDeepmoss Spider EggsTen Commendation SignetsSalve via DisenchantingSalve via DisenchantingExpert Blacksmith!A Lost MasterThe Master's GlaiveThe Hunter's PathOne Commendation Signet


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