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Bloodborn Spirit Popped in crater and tunnel simultaneously ChantressClio EQ Monster Jan 17 6:37am
Crest of Valor Doesnt drop ChantressClio EQ Item Jan 17 5:35am
Spirit Aid Giang Yin looks like a giant Panda Goldenly EQ Quest Jan 17 3:37am
Fluttering Heart Comparison Ragord EQ Item Jan 17 12:32am
Showing How Much You Cairn faction hit fcoty28 EQ Quest Jan 16 11:02pm
The Asylum Things we'd be talking about if the forum wasn't dead laviont Forum Posting Jan 16 8:51pm
The Last Migration Bug ... jvleugels EQ Quest Jan 16 8:42pm
Clawed Griffin Sword added better pic Khufu1 EQ Item Jan 16 8:26pm
Political Awareness Step 1 Docat EQ Quest Jan 16 8:02pm
Server Downtime: Wednesday, Jan 16th @ 6:30 AM PT Second the motion... Sippin News Posting Jan 16 5:18pm
Server Downtime: Wednesday, Jan 16th @ 6:30 AM PT Suggestion wonkabc News Posting Jan 16 3:36pm