Film Friday: Five New Trailers

Welcome back to another Film Friday! This week is a little shorter than most, the calm following the rush of Gamescom and SOE Live. We've got five trailers totaling ~15 minutes, so let's get right to it!

EverQuest II: Systems Panel Recap

The EverQuest II Systems and Mechanics panel revealed many exciting things in store for the upcoming expansion, Altar of Malice, and beyond.

Final Fantasy XI September Update Approaches!

 With the August version update still fresh with that new content smell, Square Enix has already announced the upcoming September version update for Final Fantasy XI! While only a handful of details have been released, players will be able to expect the new Incursion battle content, new Walk of Echoes content for high item level characters, new job adjustments, changes to the Gobbie Mystery Box system, a new monster family for Monster Rearing, and much more!

Excited for the fast approaching September update? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

EverQuest Next: Classes and Combat

According to the EverQuest franchise Director of Development Dave Georgeson, “EverQuest Next is going to launch with 40 different classes that you can find, collect, and use.” Even though you’ll have to select your starting class from a shortened list of around eight, it’s clear that there will be many multi-classing opportunities as you progress through the game.  Last year at SOE Live, the Warrior and Wizard classes were introduced. This year, SOE is giving players a closer look at the Warrior and Wizard as well as introducing 3 new classes: the Elementalist, the Cleric and the Tempest.

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit

Today is Day 1 of the StarCraft II Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit open tournament.

128 players are vying for a $25,000 prize pool, and the prized final spot in the Grand Finals – awarded to the last player standing. This is the last chance to join the ranks of these other 7 finalists:

Members-Only Double Experience Weekend!

Announced earlier this evening:

We've decided to run a members-only Double XP Weekend for Adv, TS, AA xp starting noon PDT tomorrow thru Sunday 11:59pm PDT!

All Access members will receive double adventuring, tradeskill and alternate advancement experience between Noon PT on Friday, August 22nd and 11:59pm PT on Sunday, August 24th.

ArcheAge Conflict & Conquest Beta Key Giveaway

The ArcheAge Conflict & Conquest Closed Beta is quickly approaching and we got your ticket into the event!

Behemoth Teases Upcoming 4th Game

Only The Behemoth would start a teaser trailer with a six-armed, star-nippled bear with green blood. And yet, it makes absolute sense. Of course that's the premise for their next game.

Although details on their fourth game are slim, the teaser offers some clues:

Diablo III: Now on Next-Gen Consoles

That's right, the day has come: Diablo III has come to consoles – well, again. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is mainly the "next-gen" edition, and comes with the all-important Reaper of Souls expansion.

Pre-Purchase Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Have you been asking yourself what could be better than a four-player, first-person co-op game that gives you access to thousands of weapons, and a loot-filled planet filled with enemies and bosses ripe for the picking? The answer is to take all of that, then put it on the moon.

That's right, the next installment of the Borderlands franchise is here and officially available for pre-purchase on Steam.