RIFT: New Mini-Game with Minions

Neophobics beware! Trion Worlds is mixing it up in RIFT. To make resource-gathering a little more fun, they're introducing the system of Minions! (Coming October 8th with Nightmare Tide)

In the form of trading cards, pair your Minion cards with adventure cards for them to do. After waiting a while, voila – adventure complete! Your minion gains XP and – if you're lucky – lots of gear:

League of Legends WCS Video: Warriors

The League of Legends 2014 World Championship Series enters the Group stage with groups A & B competing September 18-21 and groups C & D duking it out September 25-28. The final Knockout stage will run October 3-6, 11-12, and the finale will take place on Sunday, October 19th at Sangam Stadium in Seoul.

David Reid Joins Motiga [Interview!]

David Reid has an interesting past. Between his time in the military, his four years guiding Xbox's marketing through its prime, and several other senior marketing positions, he has become an exceptionally insightful guy to talk to. Most recently the Chief Marketing Officer at CCP Games (EVE Online), he's now with an up-and-coming powerhouse: Motiga, developers of the promising Gigantic.

We had a chance to chat with David, settling into his new position as Senior VP of Publishing. If you're curious about Gigantic, already love the game, or just like industry insight...this one's for you.

See Also: Motiga Press Release

Aion Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary

Aion will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on September 22nd, and players can celebrate with events in-game as well as with a weekly Twitter giveaway!

Hearthstone Deck Tech: Face Druid

HS Spacewizard is back with another Hearthstone Deck Tech, helping players get an edge each week as he builds, tests and breaks down a new deck. This week he covers a hyper-aggresive Druid deck, one that's good for casual / low-rank play.

Skyforge: Fighting Fair in PvP

It's tricky to make a balanced PvP system in an MMO, but the team at Obsidian Entertainment thinks it has a plan in motion to make their fights fair. In the most recent Skyforge blog post, we learn about the theory and practice behind the fighting fair approach, and get a preview of the PvP maps that will be present at the beginning of beta.

City of Steam Server Growth Pack Giveaway

A new EU server launched today for City of Steam: Arkadia, and we're here to celebrate! Grab your free code now—here's how!

Patch Notes for September 17, 2014

Here are the patch notes for tomorrow morning's EverQuest game update (server downtime estimated from 5 A.M. to 8 A.M. Pacific Time):

*** Highlights ***

- Implemented several requests from SOE Live! These items are marked with an asterisk in the notes below.
- Players now have the ability to sell all of the items within a container in the merchant window. See details in the UI section. *
- The forges of Rallos Zek have been issuing new helms to the minions in Plane of War. There are also rumors that the Grandmaster has been given a special helm. (New Hero's Forge helms are available in Plane of War)
- A new unit of currency, the Noble, is now circulating in Norrath! You can use it to transfer very large amounts of currency at once. You can buy them from "Noble Exchange" merchants found near banks in starting cities, certain camps of transients, the Plane of Knowledge, and the Bazaar. *

Firefall: Update 1.1 - Elemental Destruction

When we looked at Firefall only six weeks ago, we actually had a really good time! Red 5 Studios is looking to keep the game fresh with its first major patch: Update 1.1 - Elemental Destruction.

The update focuses on added elemental effects to weapons and improved encounters (see notes).

Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny Announced

The flowers blossom as fresh powers form. In the heat of the summer swelter, tensions flare and forces collide. All things come to an end, as the decay of autumn is swept into the cold of winter on the Winds of Destiny.

Scheduled for an October release, Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny will be the sixth free expansion for the martial arts MMO. In Winds of Destiny, players will be able to enjoy a new area, the Companions system, and more.