May 27/16 Bonus Weekend in Everquest!

From Laylaih's post on the Daybreak official boards:



Norrathians – are you ready to take advantage of everything this long weekend has to offer?

Beginning at 12PM PT on Friday, May 27, 2016 and continuing until 12PM PT on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, all players will receive 50% bonus XP and double faction! This promotion is available on ALL servers, including Time-Locked Progression servers.

Not satisfied with just double faction? Pick up and stack a “Double Faction Potion” from the marketplace and increase your faction gains (and losses) even further.
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EQ Hardcore Heritage LGuk & Unrest

From Dexella's official board posting:



Hardcore Heritage events have returned for 2016! We just wrapped up the increased challenges in Blackburrow and Cazic-Thule, and now it’s time to head to Lower Guk and Unrest!

For those who may have missed the events previously, Hardcore Heritage is a chance to revisit popular zones from classic EverQuest, but with a challenging twist! The zones are leveled up and the loot has improved.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, you will be able to venture into Darkened Ruins of Old Guk (Lower Guk) and Greater Unrest (Unrest). Undead frogloks and more have returned to take on adventurers who are leveled up to 85. Gear up and get ready for your adventure, but hurry! These events only last a limited time, and the zones will return to normal on June 8, 2016 at 11PM PDT.

Want more information? Visit Fanra’s wiki!
Taken from Fanra's impressive wiki:
Look forward to:
Wednesday, June 8 Crushbone a/k/a Clan Crushbone
Permafrost a/k/a Permafrost Caverns
90 Wednesday, June 22
Wednesday, June 22 Castle Mistmoore a/k/a The Castle of Mistmoore (Map)
Nagafen's Lair (Map)
100 Wednesday, July 20






Taken from Holly Windstalker's Post on the official Daybreak boards:


Good day, Norrathians!

It’s hard to believe we are almost out of spring and into summer! I wanted to take a moment and let you know what the team is working on and what’s coming.

First, Quarm! This new server will launch this summer! It’s a limited-time server where all characters are on a race to defeat Mata Muram! Here are some details:

  • New server with Omens of War-era features, zones, and advancement.
  • Goal: Race to defeat Mata Muram.
  • Based on your accomplishments on Quarm, you’ll be able to earn special rewards that can be claimed by characters on another server (live OR progression).
  • Start at level 51 with 50 AA and gear.
  • Free trading of items (like you can on the Firiona Vie server).
  • True Box.

We’ll have more information to share on the Quarm server as we get closer to opening this up to a beta test with players. Like our other special servers, access to Quarm will require membership.

Progression servers have been moving along nicely. Hard to believe that Ragefire opened on May 20 last year! Lockjaw and Phinigel both unlocked The Scars of Velious content on their servers recently, and players there have quickly been making their way through that era’s raid content.

The Memorial Day weekend is coming up and we have something special planned for players. Stay tuned to hear more at the end of this week.

Also, on June 1, we will launch our new Legends of Norrath Loot Pack – Legend of the Jarsath Destroyer – on our marketplace. This new pack will have loot from The Jarsath Destroyer, Fall of the Estarim, Debt of the Ratonga, and Drakkinshard. The previous loot pack, The Legend of the Dragonbrood, will go into the vault at the end of the day on May 31, so don’t miss out! It’ll be a while until it’s seen again!

And, as is true each year, we are well into our next expansion’s development. We’ll start giving you details as we get a little further along this year.

We are looking forward to another great year with our Norrathian faithful at our sides. Thanks for joining us!

Sincerely, as always,

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale

EQ Progression Server News Compilation May 2016



TLDR version:

-Phinigel server unlock schedule has been modified to give devs time to play with PoP. Many people very upset on official forums about the idea of combining GoD and OoW as a single expac release.


-Then Phinigel server had Velious unlock (accidently) a wee bit early.


-On Lockjaw, people are trolling Faceless Insanity for having woken the Sleeper, which they haven't done yet. I got suckered in myself by the false report. When FI (or whomever) does wake the Sleeper, post in general here at Zam and let us know.


-On Phinigel, Grisvok is the leader of Asylum of Shadows and is proposing a server-wide attempt at killing the Sleeper in era.


-For those not playing on Phinigel, you can server transfer between Lockjaw and Ragefire as per the usual methods.


Some large cut and pastes from the Official Boards after the jump.

Server Downtime: Wednesday, May 18th - 6:30AM PST

From the Official EQ Forums:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 6:30AM Pacific* for a patch. Servers will be unavailable for approximately three hours.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.


Once available, update notes will be posted below.


Edit: Also sneaking in a mini-update...

Updated Quests: Healing Touch - Rodcet Nife's Favor

Bestiary Updates: Guard Pinebramble

May Preview: Stat Consolidation is coming

Roshen posted a thread yesterday, indicating that there will be some overhauling of how character and item statistics will be displayed after the next patch.  This stat consolodation apparently won't take anything away but will streamline how various statistics will appear in game:

(From the offical EQ forums page)

Greetings, people of Norrath!

On (or around) Wednesday, May 18, 2016, we’ll be rolling out our next update. In this update, we’ll be changing what is commonly referred to as “mod2s” on items. We know that changing how item stats display may seem like a big change. This won’t impact you in a negative way, and we wanted to start a conversation about this before it happens so you know what to expect.

In the May update, we’re changing some stats from being separate entries on your character window to being properties of heroic stats. In their current form, the following mods are ones that most characters have easily capped since The Buried Sea (our 2007 expansion):

  • Accuracy
  • Avoidance
  • Combat Effects
  • Damage Shield
  • Damage Shield Mitigation
  • DoT Shielding
  • Shielding
  • Spell Shielding
  • Strikethrough
  • Stun Resist

Having these stats visible on current items serves no real purpose, and ends up adding clutter and complexity to the game that doesn’t need to be there. Our goal with these changes is to reduce clutter on items and on your inspect window, in order to make it easier for you to better understand items at a glance.

(continued below)

Progression Server Changes

Roshen posted the following on the official Everquest Forums today:


Hey all,

We’re grateful for the continued support for progression servers like Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel. We’re always working to improve and update EverQuest for all of our players, and we’ve got some updates that we’re rolling out for progression servers this year. Since things will be different than what some players on Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel are expecting, we wanted to get this conversation started early and explain why the team has decided to make these changes.



Servers Down - Wednesday, April 20th

Yesterday, Roshen posted that all Everquest Live servers will be brought offline for a ptach.  Beginning Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30AM Pacific Time, all servers will be unavailable for approximately three hours.

Status updates will be posted to the EQ Forums and on Social Media if additional downtime is needed.

Patch notes appear below...

The Tale of Lanys T`Vyl

If there's one thing that seems to add ambiance to Everquest, it's the rich lore that surrounds the game.  With every expanion, the story grows.  Quests revolve around the game lore, even the character races weave into the fabric of the game's story. 

Tonight, while sitting in POK, I saw the following message from GM/Guide Oldurn. It's been a while since I attended one of these story events, and back in the day when I was a Guide (yes, I admit it..) I loved to participate and run quest events for the players.  So, of course, intrigued, I decided to attend and listen to the story below.  Since we're in a slow week here, I thought I'd share it here for anyone who cares to enjoy...

[Thu Apr 14 22:05:26 2016] Oldurn murmurs, Those who delve into knowledge and lore, I have a story to weave upon your ears, meet me near the Large bank in PoK  to hear my tale.

[Thu Apr 14 22:07:19 2016] Oldurn waves at Aaikan.

Oldurn begins to cast a spell.

Oldurn is blessed with visions of the future.

Smalls is blessed with visions of the future.

You gain insight into things unknown.

Oldurn begins to cast a spell.< Precognition Rk. II>

Jexabel is blessed with visions of the future.

Aarpoch begins to cast a spell.

Aarpoch begins to cast a spell.

Aarpoch begins to cast a spell.

Aarpoch begins to cast a spell.

Oldurn says, 'Well i suppose we shall begin.....'

Aarpoch says, 'daay!!!'

Aarpoch lidteng intenvlq.

Oldurn coughs.

Oldurn says, 'Hear now the story of Lanys T`Vyl, who was conceived during the Festival of the Moon of Blood, who was born to high priestess Vendela G`Kal, and who was taken by Innoruuk as his own child!'

Daybreak Games General Maintenance

From the Everquest Forums:

Attention players: we will perform a general maintenance beginning at 3:00AM PDT* on Tuesday, April 12th. The amount of downtime may vary, depending on the service.

If the downtime extends beyond six hours, we will update this thread.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Game logins for all Daybreak games
  • Forum & Web logins for all Daybreak games
  • Commerce and account management for all Daybreak games

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a game-specific maintenance. There will be no update or patch notes.