League of Legends: Patch 4.16

League of Legends Patch 4.16 is here, and with it comes a new chapter in the ever-evolving story of Runeterra. Get ready to uncover the secrets—and dangers—of the long-forgotten empire of Shurima.

The Evil Within: Behind the Scenes

We're only month away from the October 14th release of The Evil Within. It's the newest horror game from Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil), the "father of survival horror."

Opening up the doors to development is Tango Gameworks & Bethesda. Take a look!

Don't Starve Together: Apply for Closed Beta!

Why die alone when you can die a silly, merciless death beside a friend? Good question!

Klei Entertainment has you covered. If you're a fan of Don't Starve, you'll definitely want to apply for the Don't Starve Together Closed Beta. Answer nine questions and you're all set!

Of course, applying doesn't guarantee you'll play right away:

WAKFU Steam Beta Key Giveaway

WAKFU is now in Closed Beta on Steam, and you can jump into testing with our Closed Beta Key Giveaway! The best part: Beta progress won't be wiped for launch! You'll keep all your progress & items from the Beta. Here's how to get your key:

Guild Wars 2: Living World Returns...in November

Guild Wars 2's Living World has been on midseason break since The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 content released almost a month ago. Today ArenaNet announced the return of the Living World season, and the November 4th release date will have players waiting a while longer to play the new content.

The Adventuring Primer Has Been Updated!

 The Adventuring Primer, Square Enix's official resource for information on the world of Vana'diel, has received a new, streamlined look for easy access. Needing the latest info on the Trust Initiative or wanting to learn more about Delve? All the information you could ever want about Final Fantasy XI is right at your fingertips in this readily accessible, user-friendly format!

Do you like the new look of the Primer? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Check Out DestinyDB's Console Giveaway

DestinyDB is celebrating the launch of Destiny with an epic giveaway! TWO lucky winners can score one next-gen console of their choice (Xbox One or PlayStation 4), plus a copy of Destiny to go with it. One winner will be chosen from Lockerdome entries and the other will be chosen for participating on DestinyDB's new, shiny forums.

Hop over to DestinyDB for more information!

Heroes of the Storm Introduces Chen Stormstout

Blizzard has released its latest Hero Page for Heroes of the Storm, and this time around we get introduced to the Wandering Brewmaster, Chen Stormstout.

Meet the New EQ2 Community Manager: Roshen

If you looked at pictures of, or attended, the pool party at SOE Live this year, chances are you saw a shark running around, photobombing people.

Meet Ry "Roshen" Schueller, our new Community Manager.

Our departing CM, Margaret "Luperza" Krohn, announced the change on the forums last night:

We've had a short but sweet journey together. Although I've been a player in this community for a long time, it’s been wonderful being your Community Manager for the last few months.

I am proud of the contributions we have made together in this community, and remain inspired by the passion you all bring to the game with your feedback. We created a new web show series, EverQuest II Insider, that has provided everyone with a sneak peek into the Development Team’s side of the world, and I only foresee it growing further with the love and care of Roshen.

Roshen, who has been on the SOE community team for a few years now, introduced himself as well:

Some of you may already be familiar with me from my work with the EverQuest community, and some articles I've written for EverQuest II over the years. I’m Ry Schueller, and many of you know me as “Roshen.” I've completed a number of quests that will let me unlock the title of Community Manager for EverQuest II after Luperza transitions into other things.

Did you come to SOE Live 2014? You may remember me better as: [shark picture, seen above] (I’m the shark. Not one of the more attractive individuals in the front here).

Destiny Earns $500 Million by Day One

In a launch that can only be described as massive, Bungie's newest franchise Destiny has crushed records to set titanic milestones. Counting pre-orders and yesterday's launch, Destiny had already sold a staggering $500 million. That's roughly more than 8.3 million copies. By the end of day one.