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Bludwyng after one too many Monsters
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I have never been very good at writing diaries and such, but you can find my journal at The Blud Bank. When I have something to say, personally, that does not fit in any of the other forums or on a wiki page, that is where I will say it.

So who is Bludwyng?

The first Bludwyng was one of my EQ2 alts, an Arasai Defiler that I originally started on Test to document Game Update #35, which introduced Neriak and the Arasai.

I was working at EQ2i at the time, under the name Florence Sopher (my original EQ2 main). From September of 2006 to September of 2007 I was the template programmer and primary site designer at EQ2i, helping to build it from a minor, if well thought-of, fansite to one of the top EverQuest II fansites out there.

When Allakhazam asked me to join the team here and take command of the new EQ2 Wikibase, I decided to create a new personae to keep my hobby editing separate from my new job, but since starting here the work to be done has totally consumed my time, and with the BETA for Rise of Kunark, I decided I could not do both jobs. I placed Florence on inactive admin status at EQ2i. I see no reason that ZAM and EQ2i cannot be friends, or at least friendly. At EQ2i we have long borrowed from Allakhazam's (among other sites) and I was the one that created the credit templates to give proper credit to the sites we borrowed from. I was also the one that built the "other resources" box, which gives a link from almost every page at EQ2i to the matching page at Allakhazam's and other resources, such as LootDB.

Breakfast of Champions
Here, I have borrowed much from my work at EQ2i, and have made a credit template for here that gives them credit for what I take (since I wrote so much of it anyway...). Both sites wiki's are published under the GFDL which very clearly allows for this.

I choose to remain Bludwyng here, but there shall be no secret identities. Allakhazam's deserves my full and complete attention, and they have it.

"Fear my evil cuteness!"
Bludwyng, ZAM Network Sr. Wikibase Admin

End of Some Things

As of today, 1/6/2014, I am no longer an Admin here at ZAM, but I will always be a user and Wiki editor here, so long as there is a wiki to edit. I am not sure it is possible for me to play a game and not create pages to help other players, so I have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.

I want to thank Allakhazam (for hiring me) and Draknor and Cody for believing in me and my quirky passion for this medium. Rale and Nizdarr, I will always remember Las Vegas. Jerek Dain, thank you for helping me learn so much about HTML and CSS. Darqflame, thank you so much for caring and calling when I was in the hospital, it meant a lot to me.

Cyliena, you are a beautiful person and I wish you all the best.

And Calthine, my very dear friend... you and Jack will forever be in my prayers, as will the boys. Tell 'em Uncle Bludwyng will be sure to save them some jam (and a Pear Relish for Jack)!

Fan Faire 2009

Brasse and Bludwyng
Brasse and Bludwyng
Well, my brand new cam/camcorder, a Sanyo CG10, got stolen Friday along with all the pics and video I had taken, but at least I got this one pic (thanks, Spyderbite!)


Jan. 15th 2009 I had a stroke. It was a TIA (Transient Ischemia Attack, or mini-stroke). I am ok, and have recovered what I would call 99% "normal" functionality. It went untreated for 7 days as none of us realized what had happened, I just seemed to get drunk (slight imbalance, slurred speech). Don't let this happen to you!!! Know the signs!!!

  • slurred speech
  • difficulty standing
  • muscle weakness on one side of the body
  • loss of consciousness (this did not happen to me)
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • smoking

My cat, Purbella
Update: It is now late-March and I am feeling much better. Except for getting tired real easy if I overdo it, I seem to be 100% recovered. My typing is about 98% back to normal, I just have a tendency to under-press keys with my left hand. Afternoon naps are still a good thing, but I do not feel I have to take one like I did shortly after the event. I am still on a bunch of medications but my last visit to the doctor shows my numbers improving dramatically. My LDL and HDL are good, my sugar is well maintained now, and my blood pressure is still borderline high but on a good day it is within acceptable limits.

Heart Attack

It is so hard to realize that it has been just 2 years since my TIA (mini-stroke) and then, in an effort to top it this year I decided I would try a Heart Attack. I still don't know all the Doctor-words, but basically: I was experiencing severe discomfort for some 2 weeks, I went to the hospital on Saturday, Dec. 18th and, after blood tests showed my heart was in distress the doctor ordered a Cathaterization to look at the damage. Four arteries were badly clogged, with two at 90%. Doc ordered an immediate bypass. Monday morning I underwent a quadruple bypass.

Today is Saturday, Christmas Day, and I have just moved from ICU to the general ward where I can get Internet access.

I want to say a few words about the crew here at Cy-Fair Medical Center Hospital... these folks are the best there is, people. Technically they are rated #5 in the country for Cardiac treatment. My surgeon, Dr. Kitten was actually one of those Dr's that regularly helped local television reporter Marvin Zindler, referred to as one of Marvin's Angels.

Update: (2/23/2011) Rift begins Head Start tomorrow and I am feeling much better. I have been doing Cardiac Rehab for about a month now and they tell me my heart rhythm and blood pressure are doing excellently. My chest still aches when I move wrong or cough but what do you expect? They cracked my chest open and pried my ribs apart. It is gonna take some time for that ache to go away.

Goddamned Tesla Museum

I donated $33 (for the bumper sticker) to help fund the Goddamn Tesla Museum!

Preferred Browser

I use the Chrome browser from Google, exclusively, unless I simply need to check compatibility with "one of those other browsers". Now, you can certainly use whatever browser makes you happy, but considering that IE continues to ignore the industry standards, creating new issues with every update while lagging years behind almost all the other browsers in compatibility with the standards, don't you think that ANY browser other than IE would have to be an improvement?

Voice Chat

Across all the games I play, my guilds use a number of different chat clients. There is something to recommend every one of them, and something I probably hate about every one of them. :)

  • TeamSpeak - The original, just released version 3 (final) but I have not used it
  • Ventrilo - Very powerful but can tend to bog down when more than 20 in a channel, large memory requirement
  • Mumble - Much smaller memory footprint than Vent, but also fewer options
  • C3 - Very similar to Raid Call
  • Raid Call - very nice and totally free, client AND server!

Fear My Hardware

the dual-screen monster!
So, you have of course heard about my new gaming PC that Berek designed for me. The basic parts were all ordered from NewEgg and the extras were purchased locally at Fry's. Well, here are the juicy details!
  • COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 Case
  • Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Q9450 Quad-Core CPU (2.66GHz)
  • Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7950 w/3GB of GDDR5 RAM (was ATI Radeon 5870 512MB GPU)
  • 8GB DDR2 RAM (Corsair PC2 6400)
  • Seagate 1TB SATA HD (3.0Gb/s)
  • PC Power and Cooling S75QB 750W Power Supply
  • Acer 24" P244w Widescreen Flat-Panel Monitor
  • Acer 22" AL2216Wbd Widescreen Flat-Panel Monitor
  • Logitech G11 lighted gaming keyboard
  • Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse
  • Cyberpower 850AVR UPS
  • Creative Live 24 Soundcard
  • 5.1 Surround speakers
  • Logitech USB Chat Headset
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit Pro
Total Cost: About $2500


Now Reading
Odd Thomas
by Dean Koontz
Changer of Worlds
by David Weber
Just a few faves, and what I am reading now.
The Mists of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Illuminatus! Trilogy
by Robert Anton Wilson

Jitterbug Perfume
by Tom Robbins

You can see all (or at least most) of my books at Shelfari!


Founding Member of
Project WAM!
Current Game
Currently Looking
For New Members
You will notice, down the right-hamd side, the little boxes that identify my main toons in each game. It does a little more than just that, automatically adding my toons to Game, Server and Guild categories, and I invite you to do the same! See PlayerTag for the documentation. Let everyone know who you are and where you play.


Azphelumbra! I am Bludwyng of ZAM and I play on Israphel for the Shedim Lords. Blood for Blood!
Live Status
Arieluma! I am Grimgutt and I play on Vaizel for the Seraphim Lords. Faith and arms!
Live Status
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassServerLegionNotes
BludwyngAsmodian TemplarIsraphelZAMAsmo Main
BludwyngElyos ChanterZikelZAM
GrimguttElyos SpiritmasterFregionThe ForsakenElyos Main
BludwyngElyos TemplarFregionThe Forsaken ShortbusAlt
AlgrimElyos RangerFregionThe Forsaken ShortbusAlchemist
CinderelyosElyos SorcererFregionThe Forsaken ShortbusAlt
BludironAsmodian GladiatorIsraphel Armorsmith

Atlantica Online

I am Bludwyng and I play on Delphi

City of Steam

I am Bludwyng of Army of Darkness and I play on Heartland
This game is in Open Beta.

BludwyngFemale Gunner37S1 HeartlandArmy of Darkness
MythrandirMale Arcanist25S1 HeartlandArmy of Darkness
MaladictMale Warder16S1 HeartlandArmy of Darkness
BludwyngFemale Gunner12S2 Avenoss

DC Universe Online

I am Bludwyng and I play on Darkness Falls


I am Bludwyng of EliteGamingCrew and I play on PC
NameJobEGO RatingPlatformClan
BludwyngFemale Human Outlaw1,007PCEliteGamingCrew
MaladictMale Human Veteran679PCEliteGamingCrew

Dragon Nest

I am Bludwyng, The Elementalist, of Unique and I play on Elena
I am Bludborne, The Mercenary, of Unique and I play on Elena
Bludwyng's DN Notes

  • Bludwyng, Lv. 21 Elementalist on Elena - West server, Unique guild
  • Bludborne, Lv. 24 Mercenary on Elena - West server, Unique guild
  • Bludthorne, Lv. 24 Sharpshooter on Elena - West server, Unique guild
  • Bludless, Lv. 24 Priest on Elena - West server, Unique guild
  • Bludbane, Lv. 16 Paladin on Gerrant - West server


I am Donal Dubh and I play on Povar
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassServerGuild
Donal Dubh65 Human BardPovarnone
Grumesh Veldrinen`Xukuth48 Troll ShadowknightPovarnone
Hippocra Teaz52 High Elf ClericPovarnone
Mesmerelda35 High Elf EnchantressLanys T'Vylnone

EverQuest II

I am Tytania, The Glass Cannon, and I play on Crushbone

"All the power in the universe, in a small, flaming-fairy, package."
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassServerGuildIcons
Bludwyng80/161 Arasai DefilerCrushbone

Tytania Glass`Cannon90 Fae WizardCrushbone

Maladict M'Pyre80 Teir'Dal NecromancerCrushbone

Florence Sopher80 Koada'Dal Templar/80 SageCrushbone

Mithrandyr Greyhaeme73 Erudite Warlock/54 JewelerCrushbone

This has always been my primary game even when I have taken a break to play another. I played EQ1 from shortly after launch, and have played EQ2 since a month after launch. This is the real game, the one and only, and if you are tired of "that game that everyone and their idiot cousin plays" then try it out.

Free Realms

I am Bludwyng of There Is No Fifth Star and I play on 3
Character NameRacePrimary Jobs
Bludwyng Pixie20 Adventurer, Miner, Pet Trainer and Wizard (so far)
Donal Dubh HumanArcher and Pet Trainer
Total Expenditure as of 5/30/2009: $70 SC 7550 



Guild Wars 2

I am Bludwyng of Brotato and I play on Blackgate
Character NameRaceClassDisciplinesServer
BludwyngSylvari75 Elementalist286 Artificer, 173 JewelerBlackgate
GahdjhetAsuran12 EngineerHuntsman, ArmorsmithBlackgate
Guilds in Guild War 2 are Account-wide and World-wide so all characters on the same account are in all the same guilds, even if they are not all on the same server!
  • ZAM Network
  • Brotato

Brotato is the unofficial, official ZAM guild. If you want to invite me to your Friends list, my ID is Bludwyng.8624

Legends of Zork

I am Saknussen
This game has been shut down.

Lord of the Rings Online

I am Bludwen of There Is No Fifth Star and I play on Meneldor
My LotRO Details

I am Gruemesh and I play on Meneldor
translated from the Black Speech
My LotRO Details

I am Yronblud of Death From Below and I play on Nimrodel
My LotRO Details
Character NameRaceLevel and ClassVocation (Professions)ServerKinship
or Tribe
BludwenElf54 Rune-keeperArmsman (Supreme Prospector, Artisan Weaponsmith, Journeyman Woodworker)MeneldorTINFS
BluddoHobbit19 BurglarTinker (Jeweller, Prospector, Cook)MeneldorTINFS
BludironDwarf19 GuardianWoodsman (Supreme Master Farmer, Master Forester, Apprentice Woodworker)MeneldorTINFS
BludwyngHuman33 WardenHistorian (Supreme Scholar, Weaponsmith, FarmerMeneldorTINFS
BluduilElf21 Lore-masterArmourer (Expert Metalsmith, Expert Prospector, Expert Tailor)MeneldorTINFS
BludhildaHuman22 CaptainTinker (Artisan Jeweller, Master Prospector, Apprentice Cook)MeneldorTINFS
BludlessElf65 HunterExplorer (Apprentice Tailor, Supreme Master Forester, Apprentice Prospector)MeneldorTINFS
BludoinDwarf18 MinstrelHistorian (Apprentice Scholar, Weaponsmith, Farmer)MeneldorTINFS
BludwebbSpiderWeaver Meneldor
GruemeshUrukBlackarrow Meneldor
YronbludHobbitHunterWoodsman (Woodworker, Forester, Farmer) NimrodelDeath From Below
GrimguttOrcDefiler Nimrodel
  • Primary Professions are underlined.

For an outstanding impromptu soundtrack for LotRO I highly recommend that you go to, or get their Windows Sidebar widget, and set your "channel" to David Arkenstone.

The Matrix Online

Bludwyng (This game was shut down)

Rift: Planes of Telara

I am Bludwyng, the Ranger, and I play on Estrael for the Defiant.
I am Gregorovich, the Cuisinart, of Reaction and I play on Wolfsbane for the Guardians.
Character NameRaceShardGuildDiscoveriesCrafts
Bludtype50 Defiant Bahmi SaboteurGreenscale DiscosGatherer
Bludwyng50 Guardian High Elf NecrolockWolfsbaneReactionDiscos300 Artificer/Mining/Foraging
Gregorovich50 Guardian Dwarf Paladin/Void KnightWolfsbaneReactionDiscos300 Weaponsmith/300 Mining/300 Foraging
Maladictus50 Guardian Mathosian ClericWolfsbaneReactionDiscos300 Armorsmith/Mining/Butchering
Monstyr60 Guardian High Elf Sharpshooter (4100 PA)WolfsbaneReactionDiscosRunecrafting/Outfitter/Butchering/Fishing/Survival
Mesmerina24 Guardian High Elf DominatrixWolfsbaneReactionDiscos300 Apothecary/103 Foraging/107 Butchering
Bludwyng26 Defiant Kelari ChampionPerspiceStyxDiscosOutfitter
Maladict10 Defiant Eth ClericPerspice DiscosRunecrafter/Artificer
Bludwyng15 Defiant Kelari ClericFaeblight DiscosApothecary
Bludwyng15 Defiant Bahmi MageAlpha DiscosApothecary

Runes of Magic

I am Elbehreth of Ohnoo and I play on Govinda
Character NameLevels and ClassesServerGuild
Bludwyng20/16 Mage/WarriorGovindanone
Donal12/10 Rogue/ScoutGovindanone
Elbehreth50/46/10 Druid/Scout/MageGovindaOhnoo
Mithrandyr12/10 Druid/WardenGovindanone
Giblet30/22/51 Warlock/Mage/PriestGovindaOhnoo
Bludwyng7 DruidOshanone
Hands down, this is the best Free-2-Play out there (or was until LotRO went F2P). Even as a dedicated EQ2 player I like relaxing in Taborea. You owe it to yourself to check it out, and the price is so right.

Star Trek Online

I am Lieutenant Commander Expendable of the United Federation of Planets.
I am Lieutenant Bludv'ng for The Klingon Empire. Qapla'!!
Character NameFactionShipRace and GenderCareerFleet
BludwyngFederationU.S.S. ZAM WikiHuman MaleStarfleet Tactical Officernone
ExpendableFederationU.S.S. AllakhazamBetazoid FemaleStarfleet Tactical Officernone
Bludv'ngKlingonI.K.S. FerretKlingon FemaleKDF Tactical Officernone

Clone Wars Adventures

I am Bludwyng Darkcruise, Jedi Padawan,

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I am Bludwyng Greystrider of Forerunners and I play on Giradda the Hutt
I am Bludwyng Lightbane of Dark Asylum and I play on Drooga's Pleasure Barge
XMas 2011
XMas 2011
Character NameRaceServerClassCrew SkillsGuild
BludwyngMiralukaGiradda the Hutt50 Jedi Consular Shadow238 Artifice / 378 Archaeology / 130 Treasure HuntingForerunners
BludbeardHumanGiradda the Hutt50 Smuggler GunslingerBiochem/Bioanalysis/DiplomacyForerunners
BludwyngCyborgDrooga's Pleasure Barge50 Bounty Hunter Dark Asylum
BludlessHumanDrooga's Pleasure Barge17 Sith Warrior MarauderSlicing/Diplomacy/InvestigationDark Asylum

Star Wars Galaxies

I am Hunglowwa, the Wookie,
Sadly, this game is gone, now, to make room for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I will always remember Hunglowwa...


I am Maergoddin and I play on Seradon
Maergoddin and Mnemonia on Seradon

Warhammer Online

I am Bludfyre of Lords of War and I play on Magnus for Order.
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassRealmGuild
Bludfyre30 Human Bright WizardMagnusLords of WAR
Lothinlir11 High Elf SwordmasterMagnusLords of WAR
Bludoath10 Dwarf IronbreakerMagnusLords of WAR
I am Bludwyng and I play on Drakwald for Destruction.
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassRealmGuild
Bludwyng10 Dark Elf Witch ElfDrakwaldnone

World of Warcraft

I am Bludwyse and I play on Garona
Character NameLevel, Race and ClassRealmGuild
Bludwynne13 Undead WarlockGaronanone
Bludwyse20 Blood Elf MageGaronanone
Bludgard23 Draenei PaladinGaronanone
Bludhownd17 Night Elf HunterGaronanone
Bludiron23 Gnome WarriorGaronanone
Bludwyng as she appears on Test, with her faithful sidekick, OhPositive

The Relentless
Fae Wizard
Lucan D'Lere
EverQuest II
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All the power in the universe in a small, flaming fairy package.

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