Unlocking Flight in Northrend  

To unlock flight capability in the new zones of Northrend, you will need to follow these steps. Poldaran has been kind enough to make a forum post about it, which you can read here.

  • This requires you to be level 77, which, given the sheer number of quests in every area in the new zones, isn't too daunting really.
  • Speak to Weslex Quickwrench in Nesingwary Base Camp and do his questline if you haven't yet. (Odds are you probably already completed it while leveling.)
  • Once the Spirit of Gnomeregan is repaired, speak to Professor Calvert (requires level 77) and accept the quest.
  • Go to Lakeslide Landing near River's Heart and talk to Pilot Vic there.
  • The first quest he gives you is a short quest to find his keys in the lake next to him.
  • The 2nd quest will let you go on a reconnaissance flight with Pilot Vic. After defending your airplane against undead attackers you will eventually have to control it after one of the shot hits Pilot Vic. Go back to the Lakeslide Landing and...
  • Enjoy your flying mount !
  • You do not have to do the two quest that Pilot Vic gives you just train for your mount!

  • update
    - you no longer recieve coldweather flight as a reward for completeing this quest it can only be bought for the 1000g price
  • update You do not need to do quest, just talk to Trainer at River's Heart and pay 1000 gold for flying
The original information can be found over at Deathknight.info. Feel free to take a look.

Parts of this page were originally written by Poldaran.

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