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Many years ago, when Chaos was first unleashed upon the world, the Elven champion Aenarion drew the dread Sword of Khaine from its altar and used its terrible power to save his people from annihilation. When Aenarion died, his son, Malekith, did not inherit the throne. His people were too afraid that he was cursed by Chaos, to focused on war and that he would doom the High Elf. In retaliation, Malekith engineered a terrible civil war that last for centuries and divided the race of Elves into two factions.

The High Elves won the civil war. Malekith, who took the title of Witch King, fled with his followers across the Great Western Ocean and founded for themselves a new kingdom in the northern reaches of The New World. This land they called Naggaroth, meaning 'land of chill'.

Unlike the High Elves who seek to keep control of their emotions at all time, the Dark Elves revels in their hedonistic nature. Their society is a dark one, which enforce selfishness, greediness and pride. It is a cut throat society that has no room for the weak.

The Dark Elves long to return to Ulthuan, the High Elves kingdom. They seek to avenge their defeat and claim the land they believe is theirs by right. In the Age of Reckoning, Malekith learns of an impending Chaos invasion of the Empire and uses this knowledge to set in motion a chain of events that will leave the island home of the Elves defenseless against an invasion.

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House Uthorin

Of all the noble house of the Dark Elves, few can boast as much power and influence as House Uthorin. Master of intrigues and deception, Lord Uthorin himself is rumored to covet the throne of the Witch King himself. A fact that he has hidden well, while playing the loyal advisor.

Through cunning and treachery, Lord Uthorin's eldest son, Kaloth Coldshadow, earned for his House the privilege of drawing first blood when the Dark Elves attack Ulthuan. Lord Uthorin chooses to strike first at The Blighted Isle, near the Altar of Khaine.

The Witch King realize that Uthorin must be kept in check, less he become too powerful. He dispatched Lady Arkaneth, Uthorin's most powerful rival, to also attack the Blighted Isle. The Uthorin have to outwit the Lady Arkaneth and defeat the High Elves... which might them enable them to topple Malekith himself and earn glory beyond their wildest dreams.

Careers of the Dark Elves

Blending Elven discipline and raw savagery, the Dark Elves careers exemplify the will of their patron deity: Kaela Mensha Khaine, the bloody-handed God and the Lord of Murder.

Areas of Interest to the Dark Elves


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