WAR Career:Black Guard  

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Alliance Destruction / Dark Elves / House Uthorin
Race Dark Elf
Gender Either
Archetype Tank
Specialties Anti-Magic
Appearance Nothing noted
Lore and Description
"Simpleton! You will be crushed beneath my heel! Your faith will not shield you, your magics will not burn me! There is no power that can stand before the burning rage of the Witch King's chosen!"

- Kouran of the Black Guard

The Black Guard of Naggarond are the favored warriors of the Witch King Malekith, and are given the scared task of not only serving as his personal bodyguard, but as his heartless enforcers on the field of battle. Those who would become the Black Guard are taken from birth from their mothers. A Black Guard has no family ties to distract them, they are children of hatred and war and are raised from infancy steeped in battle and blood. Each Black Guard has personally sworn an oath of undying devotion at the feet of the Witch King, it is this oath that lights the fires of hatred and scorn deep in their hearts, for no warrior can be greater than the one chosen by Malekith himself.

Actions Morale Tactics
For the Tome of Knowledge Bestiary entry for this career, see Dark Elf, Black Guard.

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