The Elder Scrolls Online: Variety Pack 12

Zenimax answers more community questions in the latest Ask Us Anything Variety Pack.

The Elder Scrolls Online variety pack is back this week with a fresh load of community questions to be answered. With the twelveth edition of the variety pack, we learn a little more about the Imperial Edition, game mechanics and a lot of miscellaneous questions.

Imperial Edition

  • There isn’t a big gameplay advantage to order the Imperial Edition. You can play a rogue Imperial with its own racial skill line and the ability to craft items in the Imperial style (which can be learned by other races through the racial motif recipe). Imperials start the same as other races but can choose any faction (choice is definitive for this character). The other digital items are not bestowing an unfair advantage either.
  • The Imperial Horse is available to all characters of the account. Its stats are identical to the stats of other horses in the game
  • The statue of Molag Bal is made out of high quality resin (ABS)


  • A guild can only claim one keep, and a player with several guild affiliations will have to choose which guild will claim the keep. Permission from the guild panel is needed and the guild needs to be of the alliance controlling the keep.
  • The Emperor’s Armor is a costume and just changes your appearance without losing any of your own armor bonuses
  • If you’re not fond of PvP, you can level in PvE in an area which is way larger than Cyrodiil and never set foot in the PvP area. If you want to do PvE quests in Cyrodiil, you might get killed. However you won’t lose items or have your gear degrade, and you would need to travel to your alliance’s controlled territory to resurrect.

Game Mechanics

  • Normal attacks with a weapon don’t require stamina or magicka. All the weapon abilities use stamina except the staves.
  • You don’t gain points with the Fighters or Mages Guilds when you use the Intimidate or Persuade abilities
  • Dark Anchors appear in specific places throughout the zones, and are of the level of the zone you’re in. They’re not up at all times.
  • The transformation into a werewolf or a vampire comes with both advantages and disadvantages


  • Players can choose either North American or European megaserver regardless of their location or where they bought the game. While you can freely switch between the megaservers as you choose, please keep in mind that your characters will be bound to the server you originally create them on.


  • It is not possible to recruit a permanent NPC companion, that’s what your guild mates are for! During quests, some NPCs will come along with you to help accomplish a mutual goal, fighting alongside you, but they’ll leave you afterwards.
  • It is possible to hide your helmet through the interface without losing its protection
  • There are natural terrain features preventing access to the unavailable zones of Tamriel. Slaughterfish will also discourage you from swimming too far out.

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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