EverQuest Franchise Holiday Contest!

SOE and ZAM team up to give the community some awesome prizes!

UPDATE: Winners have been announced!

Thank you everyone for your entries! It's definitely been a trip down memory lane reading so many wonderful stories. The contest has now ended and we'll be finalizing the list of all qualified names before randomly selecting winners in a blind drawing.

Winners will be announced by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 31, 2013. Winners will also be notified via Private Messaging (PMs) on ZAM that they have won. We will update this article and post a new one as well informing everyone of the results!

This holiday season, Sony Online Entertainment and ZAM want to share the holiday spirit with the community with an epic contest! It doesn't matter if you play EverQuest, EverQuest II or want to dive into EverQuest Next Landmark, there is something for all Norrathians here. We have one grand prize and three Station Cash prizes from SOE, as well as a bonus for ten lucky people from ZAM!

  • GRAND PRIZE: One winner will receive codes to the collector's editions of the most recent EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions, Call of the Forsaken and Tears of Veeshan (a $90 value each), as well as a code for the EverQuest Next Landmark Trailblazer Founder's Pack (a $100 value; total prize value of $280)
  • Three more winners will each receive one $10 Station Cash code (worth 1000 SC)
  • Ten more winners will each receive three months premium on ZAM

Continue after the jump for details on how this contest will work!

How to Enter

  • Log in to your ZAM account (registering is free!)
  • Post a comment at least 3-5 sentences long (minimum) in the comments section of this article
  • The comment should focus on your favorite location in Norrath, in any EverQuest franchise title. Why is it your favorite place? Did something fun happen to you or your guild there? Do you just love the environment or lore of the location? Are you new to Norrath, but want to talk about a location you are excited to visit in-game?
  • You can supplement your comment by linking to a video or picture of this location! It's not required and won't affect your entry into the contest, but it's a lot more fun to share!
  • Deadline for entries is 11:59pm Pacific Time on Friday, December 27, 2013... that means you have one week to enter!
  • Only one entry per person, please!

Due to the amount of entries we have, comments may take a bit of extra time to load... patience, grasshopper!

How We Judge

  • As long as your entry meets the contest guidelines above, you will be entered into a random blind drawing!
  • Winners will be announced by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • Codes for the Grand Prize and Station Cash will be sent to the appropriate winners via private message on ZAM by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
  • Winners of the three months of premium on ZAM will have it added to their account and will be notified of their win via private message on ZAM. This has to be done manually, so there may be additional delay.

Obligatory Information

  • No purchase necessary, but you need to register for a free account with ZAM if you haven't yet
  • You must have an account with SOE to be able to redeem the codes. They will not work for PSS1 account holders.
  • We don't care which country you're in as long as you have an SOE account
  • The contest begins whenever this article goes live on Friday, December 20, 2013 and ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Friday, December 27, 2013
  • One entry per person
  • ZAM staff and their immediate family are not eligible. Sorry, hubby!
  • SOE employees and their immediate family are not eligible. Sorry, Roshen!

That's everything! You can enter the contest for yourself, or to try and win an awesome gift for a friend or loved one -- either way, we can't wait to read everyone's stories!

Disclaimer: I'm aware that the picture above doesn't reflect the recent EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions... what it does reflect is my favorite locations in those games! =)

 Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

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Winners are announced!
# Dec 31 2013 at 11:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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UPDATE: Winners have been announced!
Cyliena Velnarin | @Cyliena on Twitter

The contest has ended!
# Dec 28 2013 at 12:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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Thank you everyone for your entries! It's definitely been a trip down memory lane reading so many wonderful stories. The contest has now ended and we'll be finalizing the list of all qualified names before randomly selecting winners in a blind drawing.

Winners will be announced by 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at the absolute latest. Winners will also be notified via Private Messaging (PMs) on ZAM that they have won. We will update this article and post a new one as well informing everyone of the results!

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The Down Below of EQ II
# Dec 28 2013 at 1:45 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
As my charater's adventuring level grows up, there's more and more awesome zones...
so it's so hard to pick one XD.
But if you ask pick only one, I choose the Down Below, crypt of Qeynos.

It's already one year passed after I started playing EQ II.
I was running around busy to learn game mechanics, lores, zone overall of the game back then.
And while doing Qeynos citizen's quests I found a thing looks like gully hole and labeled as
'The Down Below'. Without thinking much I zoned in(because was into exploring) and there was huge sewer system filled with vermins!
Old and cracked pale greenish-yellow stone passages filled with skeletons and coffins,
strange marks(dagger and five juggleballs)on the top of corridor arches combined with the zone
music was impressive.
(you can listen it at EQ II folder>music>zones>GU64>qeynos_catacombs.mp3 !)

Soon I found out this crypt is so labyrinthical.
After circled around same way for various times, suddenly I found huge ancient hall with star studded ceilling and filled with ratmans. It really made me wonder what lore is behind this zone and other zones and kept me questing on from that day to this time.

Down Below
the Hall
hidden library!

Actually I went back to The Down below yesterday to take those picture and there was lootable books in the hall. It appeared I was forgotten about racial quest of the character and found secret ratongan library!
Now I know the strange mark is the symbol of Bristlebane and ratmans in there are related with
origin of Qeynosian ratongas but still there's unsolved things :
Why the mark is in there? What ratongas doing in there?
Maybe people already found them but I rather want find out it by myself :)

My favorite zone of Everquest II is The Down Below, because it holds many mysteries to me and
make me awe everytime I return to there.
My most favorite Places in Everquest
# Dec 28 2013 at 12:10 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I have to say that my most favorite place in Everquest is the Plane of Innovation, why there do you ask? Well to be honest this zone has a lot of sentimental value to me. It is the Zone where I met my best friend for life after shouting in the zone chat "Android and Persocom". After annoying a lot of people, we decided to private message each other and I found out that we both shared the same love for Robots and Anime. Another favorite zone of mine would be Tower of Frozen Shadows, I loved how you had to find the keys in order to get to the next floor and how it got harder and harder the deeper you got in. It was very challenging and fun and those are the reasons these two zones are my most favorite.
My most favorite Places in Everquest
# Dec 28 2013 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
116 posts

arguably one of the best days of my life *hugs* :)
Cystal Caverns
# Dec 27 2013 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I have always loved crystal caverns. I love killing orcs, i loved the lay out, would crawl down with groups. I loved that a bank and vendor was in the same zone, no need to run back to town and I loved that I could come there at 25 and level up to 45 there. The loot there for the level was also great, loved me some stacks of velium!
# Dec 27 2013 at 11:22 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
It was a couple months before luclin launched. It was me, a 60 sk, my gf at the time, 58 chanter, and a rl bud, 60 cleric. We had just joined a guild which raided the kael arena regularly for armor bits. sadly the guild merited loot unfairly so after a couple of month me and my friends only saw 6 piece of loot between the 3 of us. we decided to fix our situation. just the 3 of us headed to kael to see if we could do some damage. an officer noticed we were in kael and called us out in /gu.
"wtf are you 3 doing in kael, are you raiding with. another guild?" asked the officer
"were just grouping in kael seeing if us 3 can handle armor droppers" my bud the cleric responded
"lol newbs" answered the officer.

so now we're seeing red. oh were going to dominate this place to shut these fools up! well then **** hit the fan. we make our way to the arena, clearing slowly and carefully. unfortunately too slowly...

we had 3 mobs in camp, 1 rooted, 1 tanked by me, 1 tanked by charmed pet. then back roamer pops. cleric starts kiting, chanter is trying to root down the new add, i start making sure everything is snared. pet is tanking 2 mobs, all mobs slowed and snared, 1 mob rooted away and i am kiting 1. sadly my dumba$$ kited into another roamer. cleric roots new add, charm pet dies, and snares start wearing off, its a total mess. chanter charms the new mob, i get snares under control again but then **** breaks loose again, another respawn! here is the current tally, 2 mobs that were being tanked by the charmed pet, 2 rooted, 2 being kited by me. at this point we got dead quiet ( we were all in my apartment at that time). and then we pulled it out. the 2 mobs that were being tanked by the charmed mob were low and i finished 1 w ht, the charmed pet killed the other one. 2 down 4 to go! next we take out the 2 im kiting, charmed pet grabs one mob and i keep kiting and keep agro on the other 2 rooted mobs. charmed mob take care its mob then we finish off the last kited mob. at this point were running on fumes. im basically using my worst snare, cleric and chanter under 20 mana. then i die! ch landed too late!

im sweating out, waiting on a rez, but the chanter was theft of manaing the entire fight and she needed every drop. 2 slowed mobs being tanked by hasted pet, cleric lands a ch on pet and tosses me a quick res. cool im back in the game, and honestly it was easy finishing off those last 2.

so now after catch our breath we loot the mobs. 2 armor drops! silk legs and hat and a very happy gf( which made me a happy bfriend that night;)). we find a relatively safe spot and we go to work. we end up spending like 4 hours there and had iirc 9 drops. it was a great feeling announcing every drop in guild.

the aftermath of all that was we eventually grouped out a full set of thurg armor and left that guild. we found a guild that totally loved us and we totally loved back:)
Simpler Times
# Dec 27 2013 at 11:07 PM Rating: Good
1 post
My favorite zone in the Everquest franchise has to be Eastern Commonlands in the pre-Kunark era. As a lowbie starting out, that zone was frightening! I still remember the horror that came with catching the aggro of Sgt. Slate! So many people jamming up the tunnel and hawking their wares brought a certain sense of community to the game that has been lost since the adoption of auction houses. It was so much fun to hustle and barter for starting gold. I really miss those times in a MMO, but I also appreciate the advances the genre has made in the last 15 years. Here's hoping that the next 15 brings even more spectacular leaps forward! Happy new years everyone!
# Dec 27 2013 at 10:45 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts
My fav is crushbone. As a young wood elf I hated them there orcs for attacking our peaceful village. So its my goal to KILL them all from lvl 11 on. im my 50's I fished their streams for boar crap to work on trade skills yummy times. and it was a fun time there with low lvl fableds and zone revamps. crushbone will always hold a special place in my heart.
Can't pick just one =/
# Dec 27 2013 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
I played Everquest from launch until the Dungeons of Norrath. I have several spots i love in the game, from fishing drunk in freeport to watching NPCs roam around the great divide. But if i had to pick one i would be torn between Mistmoore and Crushbone. Crushbone was cool because the ambassador would kill EVERYONE if trained, and a high lvl could look like a knight in shining armor (if they didn't die in the process). For Mistmoore castle i liked it best with Mayong in game because it REALLY increased the difficulty of the zone until he'd bug by the zone in and murder anyone trying to come in or out. Most of these places were difficult when i started as a High elf Enchanter (yes i got harassed in the beginning) but then my hard work payed off and my class went from shunned to revered when i left the game. I am excited to see what is coming down the path with landmark and EQ next since EQ was the original social network for me and everyone else in the golden age =) .
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Favourite Zone
# Dec 27 2013 at 8:44 PM Rating: Excellent
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I started a High Elf Paladin back on Sat, Dec 29, 2001, 06:52:43. The friend that recruited me had a 54 Druid and immediately ported me to West Commonlands and ran me to East Commonlands for "easy leveling". This was of course back in the corpse run days. Well, a few days later I suffered a death and ended up back in Faydwer. I had no idea how to get back to EC on my own, so I also suffered my first lost corpse. Many were to follow in the next few months. I guess the sense of accomplishment I felt when I finally got myself back to EC is one of the fondest memories I have and thus EC (alas it no longer exists) remains a special zone for me.
EverQuest Franchise Holiday Contest
# Dec 27 2013 at 7:25 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
I started playing EQ back in 2003 when SOE released EverQuest for Macintosh. Until they decided to shut down our server back in November 2013, that was where I logged most of my time. My favorite zone (raid) ended up being Ruins of Lxanvom (Crypt of Decay) and the Bertoxxulous encounter. You see, on the Al'Kabor server most of PoP was in version 1.0, most of which went unbeaten on the PC side until things were tuned up. Bert was the first of those untuned events we encountered, and eventually beat. This was a raid where everyone needed to be paying attention and react to anything the zone threw at us, from Bert warping all over (he didnt stay in one spot as he does on the Live servers) to respawns swarming us while fighting an unslowable Bert. Our first kill left 4 druids alive in the zone from a 55 man raid force.

On the PC side, I'd have to say I've enjoyed exploring zones over the past 3 years of playing on Xegony which I never was able to on Al'Kabor since we stopped at PoP. I look forward to what Landmark, and ultimately EQ Next, has to offer.
Utdaan Twoswords
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Muramite Proving Grounds
# Dec 27 2013 at 7:22 PM Rating: Default
I should clarify, the magician was my first ever character I played from Qyenos, before I discovered the fun of my Halfling rogue, which the rest of my post is about. :-)
Spiderr Bight
Muramite Proving Grounds
# Dec 27 2013 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
My favorite zone was hard to determine at first, as I fondly recalled my baptism as a magician from Qeynos earning his lumps in Blackburrow, and my first guild invite while fighting underneath some stairs in Highpass Hold, and seeing my first green chat! However, I have to say it is the Muramite Proving Grounds. I spent SO much time there, camping with anyone and I think everyone on Zebuxoruk/Xegony. It was about the time I had really immersed myself into the game even keeping a silly fan site, posting the silly things folks said and the things that happened. There were the various projections you could fight to in order to do the actual trials. They were good old fashioned "dungeon crawls" that lead to a high paced and at the time, challenging instance that lead to special loot and keying. So just about all aspects of the game were encountered in those grounds, and plenty of proving when on. I still had to drag many corpses, and had geared up and earned the AA's to save the day when the tank or healer went down as I could slip into a pretty nice slice and dice mode, or a fairly resilient chain tank to buy the time for us to avoid a wipe. It was during this time where I felt not just a connection to my guild but to the server community as a whole. Many folks would OOC a hello, and I would have group invites even before I had finished zoning in from the walls. It was my "Cheers" of MMOing, EQing, and just HAVING Funning! I grouped with guildees endlessly here, but I really miss the pick up groups, getting to know complete strangers while dodging discordlings, and dancing to the song that my blades made while bringing the pain to a lightning warrior (I loved the hollow "tinging" sound you made hitting them, and I dug the lightning graphics too.)
Spiderr Bight
# Dec 27 2013 at 7:12 PM Rating: Good
701 posts
Wow so many great stories and places, some familiar and some not. I have a few places near and dear to my heart. Once in Kael Drakkel the guild I was in at the time Sunrise we were camping the arena side loved that spot. Anyway after downing Vindi and running roughshod over all other mobs round there, everyone was being ported out. Well the druid one group used the self port not the group port. man it was so funny and she never lived that down.

Another great memory and one of my first of this game. I started playing in march of 2000. So my guild raided Plane of Hate and im sure all know that at that time there was no raid set ups. Only a "break in" group. well that group finally broke into hate and we all got to go zone in. man what an awesome zone. I think I was actually nervous going forward and killing things in there. It was so amazing.

Though my Favorite of all time has to just velious in general. Shawl quests, Velks, Dragon necropolis, great divide, I mean the list goes on I love love love velious so many great memories.
thank you EQ
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Good times, good memories!!
# Dec 27 2013 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts
I got hooked on the game in 2000. My NCO (boss in the Army) would let me off work early so that I could go raid! Anyhow, my fave spot in the entire game is Greater Faydark. It took me forever to learn the city. I would run through it while staring at the map in a book trying my best to not get lost or fall down. I spent my first 20 levels hovering next to that city, afraid to leave. I met new friends, learned to play the game, found goodies on the ground to make my armor pretty colors. I learned the game. It was awesome.
Lost friends and fun places!
# Dec 27 2013 at 5:05 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
I have been on everquest long enough to have lost several friends from the game in real life. When I go to certain spots in zones I am always reminded of the good times/battles that we fought in the location. When I go to EW I remember being taught how to Quad Kite in the south west corner of the zone. I remember many EPIC battles including how the whole of FLoO with Behhar leading got my rogue Hecktor his Ragebringer killing the general in Kit woods. I remember sitting with my friends Uberglo, Xumpy and Erlain camping epic pieces and spells in Skyfire. Sneaking with my halflings into The Hole under the door by twisting between the rocks, or through the bars in cells in NL to get the key to get the fabled Journeyman boots. The many raids in Great Divide and Iceclad for the shawl quests for Kitty and learning of her passing a few weeks later. Some friends like Janitor and Arrythmia who left the game that were the greatest leaders in Chadok and Griegs. How my rogue Hecktor would let everyone into the royal chambers and target the mobs in the King's room so that Arrythmia could use her ***** to single pull all the mobs back up the ramp to the guild. Sakli and I in the plane of storms killing giants, but he got married and had to quit playing for RL. The Dark Ages from the big split when EQII came out took its toll on the game. I hope that Next doesn't have the same terrible impact.
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Favorite Zone
# Dec 27 2013 at 4:31 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
There are so many zones that I often come back to while I took a break from everquest, The hole, Old Seb, Nek Forest, and Blackburrow. However my favorite zone I determined was when I finally tried out everquest again my first zone I went to was the Hive. Countless hours I spent grinding away DON missions and refining my classes that it was the first thing I wanted to experience coming back. I quickly gathered some random help and bam I got tier 5 the first day back. Every day I play I just keep going to an old zone that I have fond moments of. Reading though these comments on multiple times I have found my self saying aloud "oh yeah". Truly a huge game with so much lore. I'm glad to be back.
Newbie Memories
# Dec 27 2013 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
This has been a wonderful contest. It brings back so many memories of zones which I have not been to in years (including some like pre-revamp Freeport which are now gone). Since I tended to start lots of different alts I spent lots of time exploring newbie zones. My barbarian Shaman memorized the twists and turns of the Everfrost Peaks. My wood elf ranger learned the land marks which would get her back to the Kelethin lifts (long before in game maps and find made this easy). My erudite necromancer finely discovered how Paineel elevator and key worked and found decaying skeletons to kill. Today the quest rewards for Crescent Reach are so good it is hard for the old zones to compete, but there is a variety and detail of the old newbie zones which no one zone could ever match.
Ruins of Varsoon
# Dec 27 2013 at 2:13 PM Rating: Decent
6 posts
I remember running the Heritage quest that started with Stiletto's Orders. I had to go into the Ruins of Varsoon so many times looking for things, and then the final boss was in an instance inside the RoV in the Chamber of Immortality. I still have that manastone on my main character. There's also a philter in the game for mana regen but I can't quite remember the details on that one. I loved EQ2 until I got to level 80 and I'd like to get back sometime to continue but subbing for me is out of the question in my current state of employment.
Friends create a memorable place
# Dec 27 2013 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
1 post
I began playing Everquest when it was first released, and put any years into the game. I haven't played in the last 3 years due to life, and professional needs coming into play. But ever since the day I stopped playing I have been in search of a game tha could take me back to the fun that I got throughout those years in Norrath. Everquest Next is like a granted wish for me. I can't wait.

Thinking back to those days I would have to say that my favorite place was created due to events that happened there.


Back in the day when the original epic weapons were the benchmark for a player to be honored I was working on mine, as a dark elf shadow knight. One of the most difficult ingredients (of any of the epic weapon ingredients) was the decrepit hide from an ashen bone drake in the Plane of Hate. I gave up weeks of playing time trying to get this item, or just to get the mob to show up since it was such a rare spawn. I camped out at the entrance to the zone. Then signed in almost every hour (while awake) for almost 3 weeks and shouted to all in zone looking for the mob. When he wasn't there I left and restarted the cycle.

One lucky day I came in and he was spotted. As a Master flethcher it cost me 2 months of servitude to the group in the area to leave the mob undisturbed while I gathered my friends to take on the mob. A number of my in-game friends came to my aid in an instant and helped me gain the ingredient which dropped from the mob on the first attempt.

This allowed me to complete my quest and be one of the first few on the server to finish my epic sword. The glowing skulls were just a massive status symbol at the time, and I couldn't have been more proud of an in-game accomplishment. Many of those friends that helped I still talk to to this day, and from time to time our EQ days come up in conversation and this is def one of the topics that arises.

Thank you EQ, and the Plane of Hate!
Favorite Location
# Dec 27 2013 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
I have been playing on and off for many years and one of my very favorites is still one of my first zones, Lavastorm. My first toon was a dark elf necro and this zone was the first that enchanted me and took me completely out of the real world and into something magical. While dark in nature I loved hunting for imp's in particular, up and down the sharp mountain walls, around the lava lakes, and for me in the beginning with no sense of direction, easily getting turned around and finding my way back to the entrance :0 just loved it good memories.

My mother started me playing EQ when I was 23, she had cancer and this game gave her so much freedom, to run even when she was tired, to make and craft things, she loved to camp goblins and talk to new people or get frustrated with others if they tried to invade her camp lol, but most of all it took away all of her worldly worries and turned her into a hero of sorts, climbing mountains, swimming lakes, buffing and answering questions, leading and protecting newbies who had no idea what they were doing…She was the greatest and I play today because it makes me feel closer to her now that she is gone.

If I had to pick another it would be The Barren Coast, very new to me and lots of mobs, but I love the scenery and the wide open feeling I get when I arrive here. The weather feels as if it would be perfect and all the different plants and trees, I think I could survive stranded here. The smooth hills and lots of places to hide just for a moment to mem a new spell or heal p a bit but be careful because things are always wondering around to sneak up on you. :) One of my new favorites.
Favorite Location
# Dec 27 2013 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
2,926 posts
Everquest will always be special to me. The first time I logged into the game was so much fun. It was my first experience with online gaming and it was addictive, so very addictive. I've met lots of pople from all over the world, talked with them about just anything: the game, zones, real life... I've walked through empty zones for hours, completed epic and mythical quests, hunted down Lucan D'Lere for the last piece of my Soulfire (yes, I was a Paladin), roamed zones for an elusive quest. Yet my favourite time was in Everquest II. The first zone at the time of the launch was the island. Everyone started there at the beginning, good or bad. Ques5ts wts were new, mobs were new and it was all special and fun. People came together, joined up to take down the final bad guy. (Still a Paladin, some things never change)

For me, it will always be the beginners island in Everquest II, no contest!

A tie to say the least
# Dec 27 2013 at 7:10 AM Rating: Decent
51 posts
My favorite location within Norrath is a splitting tie between the Kurn's Tower and the Great Divide. I was infamous for always going to level in the Great Divide when I could and running around to find giants, I would hunt with guildies, kite them solo, or even just get a group together and mentor them outside their group while killing there. The giants gave me a number of fun experiences, plus, the Great Divide was one of the only places I remember being literally so huge you could lose aggro on a train without zoning out. The Thurgadin faction also came in handy when making the gate potions for melee and hybrid classes. Kurn's Tower, on the other hand, is a zone I grew to love because of my preference to hybrid classes, it was great for Shadowknights and Paladins(Paladin being my main). I would immediately take any toons right out of the tutorial and level them in Kurn's until I couldn't anymore. Being highly active in the Seeds of Destruction era and SoD raids, I was thrilled to find out about a revamped version of Kurn's in the 80s, I occasionally stop in there for the AA experience from time to time, because of the huge undead numbers in the zone, plus I enjoyed the raid content of the Field of Scale part of SoD being highly active in the raids at the time. So it is easily split between Kurn's and the Great Divide, an overall winner might be Kurn's, but only because there's two of them. The closest thing in recent expansions that has the thrill of either of these two zones would have to be the Veil of Alaris Beast's Domain, but the classics win it out.
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Favorite places
# Dec 27 2013 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
As someone who has played EQ 1 almost from day one (on and off during the years) it is hard to pick just one favorite place. I have so many delightful memories attached to the game! Paludal Caverns was a joy to level lowbies in. LDON dungeons were a whole new ball game. I particularly enjoyed the mistmoore choices in the lesser fay. And running from the unicorns to get to the zone entrance!

All in all, EQ 1 was a wonderful game for so long that I often reminisce about the times and experiences I had, and the friends that I met along the way. It is impossible for me to pick just one area or zone for me to call my favorite. Thank you SoE, for so many wonderful memories!

My favorite zone
# Dec 27 2013 at 6:40 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
Where do I begin? Having bought the game for a friend in Aug. '99 and watching over their shoulder for a couple weeks I broke down and bought a PC so I could get my own account. Convincing several other friends to play wasn't hard after showing them this new marvel.

I'd have to say that I spent much time in Blackburrow with friends and it remains as a huge favorite. At the time the mystic and danger about the place was incredible. Not knowing how deep it was, the hidden turns and the sheer amount of baddies was awesome enough but by far the most fun and terror were the gnoll trains!

It was always a blast when someone would "yell" TRAIN TO ZONE! in big red letters and all **** would break loose. Instantly the players would move to get out of the top level and soon it would be a knot (usually at the Qeynos exit) of players and gnolls. Some fighting, some fleeing, most not knowing what just happened.

After a few drubbings I learned to store basic armor, a torch and a weapon so I could return to find my corpse. But then came the day (or was it night?) I found I could scale the wall near the door that led down to BB proper. It was great to sit there when the trains roared through, watching the pandemonium, deciding if I was safe enough or could risk dropping down to rescue someone. The added benefit was looting dead gnolls while others sat outside the zone healing, etc. lol.

More great places to gether came along down the road (pulling giants at night in Rathe!) but I will always have a softspot for Blackburrow.
How do you choose just one...
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I have many favorite zones that I have played in over the years, but I would have to say one of my most memorable is the city of Kelethin in EQ1. As a Woodelf Bard it was my starting city, I remember seeing so many new bards run off the platforms and fall to their deaths and have many memories of doing the same myself. Even though I had run every bridge and platform I still get lost running around Kelethin even to this day. I also loved Shar'Vahl when it first came out.
First time on Norrath
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My all time favorite zone created a sense of awe in me that kept me coming back for more. It is a simple zone with no epic battles or grand stories to be told, but the feeling of adventures to come that it inspired is what placed it at the top of my list. Greater Faydark of Everquest II. I started when they introduced the Fae and so I made one to check it out. The little starting area felt so big, I had no idea the scope of how big the game was. When I emerged out the tunnel and witnessed the vastness of this starting zone I was a little awestruck. The story of how the orcs when posioning the land and how it flowed from begining to end made me feel as though I truly was the Champion of the Forest. The stroy of the dwarven chain mail quickly imbedded a deep connection to the lore. I loved the scenery most of all, from the massive trees to the small ponds. The City of Kelethin suspend in the air like the world's greatest tree fort. It left a lasting impression on me that eventually led me truly appreciate and love the world of Norrath and its inhabitants. Still to this day I enjoy running through Greater Faydark and going through those same experinces over again.
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Everquest: Commonlands Cliffs
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Our guild on Cazic-Thule used the cliffs for guild meetings and RP events after "graduating" from the Freeport Sewers. To this day, I have never encountered a more ideal area (in EQ or EQ2) for player-developed fun and RP! The view, the seclusion, games like cliff jumping and Flame Bolt shooting - all contributed to a most magical place to experience the MMO *and* the RPG of a ground-breaking game of its time!

The friendships and camaraderie forged on those cliffs would last through multiple leadership changes and transcend gaming worlds. But it all started on those cliffs almost ten years ago, continuing in some fashion up to the present day. Long live Draconis!
Best time in EQ ever.
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Back in early 2000 I was playing on the Tholuxe server. It was pretty new and I think I was level 18 at the time. I was in a group in West Commonlands at the bandit camp. I was in a guild called Vile Alliance and I was grouped with mostly guildies and I think one PUG. Our enchanter was pulling and they ran off all of a sudden away from the camp. Suddenly we got an incoming message in group saying "Incoming a werewolf." We all laughed because we figured they were just messing around but all of a sudden I was dead. I think the group wiped pretty quick and we all ran back and regrouped. The enchanter said they thought we could handle the werewolf even though it was like level 30 or whatever. I don't know why it hit me as so funny but it was probably the hardest I've ever laughed while playing EQ.
Everquest -- Felwith
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Even though I play EQ2 these days, my favorite zone is still Felwithe in EQ1. It was/is just so beautiful. I played it on my old Mac which can no longer go on the internet so I am playing EQ2 now. But I really wish we could still enter Felwithe as it was then. Such beautiful colors and I just loved the pool.
crypt of decay
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My favorite zone in everquest is crypt of decay. because of the limited space you have which makes it easier to find and kill other players and you can taunt them to come in the zone so u have the jump on them. its the perfect place to pvp for 60 and up. like one time I was on my frog sk wodash which is in knights of shadowhawk and stabhimlots and retroshot were in there with me and we called out north star avengers and just whipped em out in like a minute was beautiful except they were all like 1 pointers which isn't suprising
Favorite Everquest Location
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In EQ1 I loved the Rathe Mountains. I spent a crazy amount of time grinding away to catch up to friends who started before I did. As an Ogre SK it was like a 2nd home just off the Feerrott and there was something fun about taking on giants with large coin purses.

In EQ2 I loved soloing in the Kingdom of the Sky, particularly the island with the beholders. It had decent collection items, harvest nodes that seemed to provide more than their fair share of rares and best of all, a bunch of soloable nameds that a grubby half elf guardian could bash away on in a long circular trek that filled time profitably between raids
West Karana
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My favorite zone has always been West Karana. My first character was a Human so I started in Qeynos. I took me a couple weeks of playing before I ventured over to West Karana and I just loved the zone. I remember sitting there killing wolves and cats thinking how easy it was to kill them. The next thing I knew I was dead. My first run in with a big nasty Hill Giant. Back then, I had no maps of the zones so I didn't realize how large the zone was. It took me weeks of hunting before I ran into the zoneline, on accident. I met a lot of nice people grouping there and killing bandits. Some of the people we formed a guild with and hunted together for years.
Greater Faydark and Kelethin
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Greater Faydark in Everquest 2, especially the Kelethin area: I love this zone, I like the big trees, the mushrooms, the logs, they feel so big and I feel so small. The most memorable view was when I first left the valley from the Nursery and saw Kelethin. Gliding was introduced here and it added a different view and flow to the multiple levels there. And I didn't go splat that much anymore Smiley: smile Now it's great to fly through it, up and down.
Rescue at Befallen
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Befallen will always hold a place in my heart. 14 or so years ago when Lions of the Heart was a brand new guild with many low level players we had an emergency. One of our members had fallen through a hole to the lowest level of Befallen and could not retrieve his corpse to get his gear. A call went out to all guild members and we all met up at Befallen to rescue our guild mates gear. It was a heart stopping fight but we eventually cleared the area around the corpse and our guild mate was able to get to his gear. In todays age of level 100 toons it is an event that seems insignificant now but it was a heroic endeavor back in the day.
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One of my favorite places on Norrath
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Having played since 2000, met so many awesome people, had so much fun, and spent countless hours in both EQ and EQ2 as both a player and a guide, it's difficult to choose just one place as my favorite. Since I have to pick just one, I've decided to go with the top of the three top platform on the big island in the middle of Lake Rathe in EQ, the one with the flames and runes. The graphics are dated now, but I still remember how pretty I though the flames and runes were the first time I saw them. It felt like it was a place full of arcane magic with an incredible view of the water and sky. This is where my husband first proposed to me in game before we'd met in real life. He'd planned it out, brought a couple friends to keep the aviaks at bay and bought me a "Silver Engagement Ring". He proposed in guild chat and there was much merry making afterwards. We've been together ever since. Almost 14 years later we're happily married in real life with four kids. Here's the screenies I took that day. :o)
Favorite EQ Location
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My favorite spot in EQ is Fungus Grove (FG). In 2004, I met this cute vah shir beastlord and our favorite spot to duo was FG. We spent many a night killing all the buggies in the area, talking and developing an awesome friendship. One night I noticed my vah shir friend was acting funny so being the good friend I was I ask what was wrong. After a bit of prodding and to my delight, I got the answer. She was in love with me and hoped I felt the same. Now 9 years later we are happily married with a mortgage and 2 dogs. EQ and FG will always be special to me. I met the love of my life there.
Favorite EQ franchise location
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My favorite location would have to be The Commonlands in EQ2. It was the first non city zone I came across when I began playing with my cousin back in '05. When I hit the Commonlands it seemed like a whole new world was opening up. I remember playing my first character, a Guardian, and feeling out the differences between EQ and this new, but familiar title. I went through the motions of hunting small mobs right outside the city before moving on to packs of Orcs and then beyond to the lions, elephants and undead. The zone was huge and had such a varied selection of mobs that you forgot it was just one zone, much like EQ feels. Leveling was slower back then so you were there quite a while. Good thing it has a fantastic background track. Sometimes I'll load it up in YouTube and be brought back to that time.


In essence, The Commonlands was the first impression to an MMO I spent the next few years exclusively playing and still play to this day. I'll never forget those first moments.
Anxiously awaiting the dawn of Landmark - Shadowsong
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My favorite Everquest 2 location has to be the old trial of the isle area during launch.... Now of course this area no longer exist in game but the found memories of me and my friends just starting the game and the hustle and bustle of all the new faces forced to go through this small tutorial area... The game was much different at launch, almost everything from those old days are now gone... save for the friends and great memories we made playing this wonderful game for almost a decade... I hope to continue to play this amazing franchise for another ten years... the promise of this new norrath honestly keeps me awake at night longing to see the armies and mythic heroes of norrathian history march like a flood into the future and leave their mark on this world...
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West Commonlands
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The best time I ever had in EQ was in 1999 as a low level ranger running around west commonlands killing (and often being killed by) willowisps, then running to north karana with the greater lightstones to make 9 plat each and XP from the quest. That 9 plat was untold riches to me at the time, and allowed me to buy some great magic stuff like jagged bands, a combine long sword etc. I remember being so sad when I got to the level I couldnt make XP's from wisps anymore and had to move on.
My Fav
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One of my favortie locations in Everquest was the original Cazic-Thule zone. During my adventures in CT there were a couple changes, Rubicite armor was replaced with Ravenscale and items looted by players would appear in the chat log. The items looted messages was nice because people couldn't loot a named mobs rare item and say the common item dropped, and it would also set a standard for all future MMOs. My Favorite camps were Avatar of Fear, the temple, and the gorillas.
Favorite location
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It's very difficult to pick one specific place. My favorite expansion was Velious. I still remember going to Kael on a raid with my guild at the time, wiping deep in the zone. Everyone then grabbed what spare equipment they had in the bank, supplemented it all with mage summoned armor, and we made our way back to our corpses to regroup and finish off the raid. I remember spending a huge amount of time in various zones in Velious working on my shawl.
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Good to be back
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When I first started this game back in 1999, I was still in grade school, This game took me to some far away places, to see many dragons, elves, bixies, lizards, grunts and gnolls of all kinds. But when Velious was released it took that imagination to a whole new level for me. The introduction of far off lands were giants can rule the land but forced to defend it against the fierce dragons that dwell in the mountain tops Which is why breaking into the Temple of Veeshan is a moment ill remember forever. Little yellow dragons, giant red dragons rushing into our raid force and crushing us all within seconds. Only to have to try for hours upon hours to just break into the magical dungeon.

The best adventurous have only nearly begun though. With the upgraded release of a new level 100 Temple of Veeshan, I have been giving the privilege to lead some of Zek's finest back into this dungeon. We started small and took only a handful of people into the mighty temple to slay only but one dragon; Dagarn. After many weeks of growing and farming this beast Dagarn, we have been fortunate enough to improve in numbers and also in gear quality to begin to tackle and slay more dragons. No Longer do we fear the ugly slimy face that is Koi Doken and no longer do we run in fear from the blind of Sevalak. Even when Feshlak tries to tie us down and lock us up in his crystals we manage to find a way to escape and defeat his powers.

Soon we will take on the mighty Vulak as he is one of the few remaining dragons left standing within the temple. And then the temple will finally be ours once again!

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Serpents Spine
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My Favorite place to play in Everquest is the Serpents Spine. I like all the zones in this expansion and really enjoy the variation between the zones.I have not decided where my favorite place is. I love the graphics of Everquest 2 but prefer the game play and content in Everquest. It seems like in the 7 years I have been playing, I always find new zones in the older worlds that I have never been to. I do not have any toons maxed out yet to play the newer expansions because I enjoy the other zones to much. I guess I have to call myself an everquest addict. I can not go without it and even though I play other games I still come back to Everquest after just playing the others for a short time.
Greater Faydark
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I can't really decide on one location either, but I'm going with gfay because as a High Elf Paladin, this is where I first came into the world of Norrath (after wandering out of Felwithe of course!) Back then (early 2001) there were no Luclin character models, no maps, definitely no mercs, no PoK, no custom UI's, no AA's, no Origin AA. I remember as I leveled up making my way to Orc Hill, and then eventually into Crushbone. I can't tell you how many times I would gather up all my loot and run to Kelethin to empty my bags, and go back to hunt some more. I remember my lofty goal of hitting level 9 so I could get my first set of spells! I was so proud of myself! Every so often I would run to BB for the orc belt/orc pad turn-in quest. Now whenever I am in the zone it's completely empty. For me this is where I found my first guild, made my first EQ friends, and my journey of many, many years began.
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