April 19, 2014

April 17, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Spider Egg SacRulnavis` Ring of NegationGolden Hero Cloth Chest OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Feet OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Hands OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Arms OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Legs OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Wrist OrnamentGolden Hero Chain Helm OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Arms OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Wrist OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Feet OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Hands OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Legs OrnamentGolden Hero Leather Helm OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Wrist OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Feet OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Hands OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Arms OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Legs OrnamentGolden Hero Cloth Helm Ornament

New Bestiary: Instructor Tenna crumbled colossusEffigy of Sufferinga Rulnavian machinist petan enslaved oraclean enslaved oracle pet

New Recipes: Ornate Bounder ArmbandOrnate Bounder BootsOrnate Bounder CuirassOrnate Bounder GlovesOrnate Bounder GreavesOrnate Bounder HelmOrnate Bounder SleevesIntricate Bounder ArmbandIntricate Bounder BootsIntricate Bounder CuirassIntricate Bounder GlovesIntricate Bounder GreavesIntricate Bounder HelmIntricate Bounder SleevesGlorious Bounder ArmbandGlorious Bounder BootsGlorious Bounder CuirassGlorious Bounder GlovesGlorious Bounder GreavesGlorious Bounder HelmGlorious Bounder SleevesStalwart Bounder ArmbandStalwart Bounder BootsStalwart Bounder CuirassStalwart Bounder GlovesStalwart Bounder GreavesStalwart Bounder HelmStalwart Bounder SleevesElegant Bounder ArmbandElegant Bounder BootsElegant Bounder CuirassElegant Bounder GlovesElegant Bounder GreavesElegant Bounder HelmElegant Bounder SleevesElaborate Bounder ArmbandElaborate Bounder BootsElaborate Bounder CuirassElaborate Bounder GlovesElaborate Bounder GreavesElaborate Bounder HelmElaborate Bounder Sleeves

Updated Items: War Forged ShankGurrak ShieldGurrak MaceLeggings of the Fiery Star

Updated Quests: Cleric SuppliesPlane of War: Rulnavis #1 - Defending the CastlePlane of War: Deserving of Battle

Updated Bestiary: a projection of hatea Gindan berserkera Rulnavian furya Tamrelian boar trainera Tamrelian evokera Tamrelian legionnairea Tamrelian soldierEdmuundGurrak TyrantSheartooth Captain

April 16, 2014

April 15, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Krepp's Tagging MarkerGrungy MarkVeiled Chain Wrist Seal of the HealerVeiled Plate Wrist Seal of the ChancellorVeiled Chain Boot Seal of the MarinerVeiled Chain Leg Seal of the MarinerVeiled Chain Sleeve Seal of the AssassinVeiled Plate Boot Seal of the BerserkerVeiled Plate Glove Seal of the WarmongerVeiled Plate Helm Seal of the AdvisorFearlinked Plate Leg Seal of the DuelistFearlinked Silk Helm Seal of the DefilerFearlinked Leather Helm Seal of the Champion

New Quests: Plane of War: Edmuund's PlightPlane of War: Deserving of Battle

New Bestiary: IcecoreSoke of StormsEdmuund the Bold

New Recipes: Veiled Chain Boot Seal of the MarinerVeiled Chain Leg Seal of the MarinerVeiled Chain Sleeve Seal of the AssassinVeiled Chain Wrist Seal of the HealerVeiled Plate Boot Seal of the BerserkerVeiled Plate Glove Seal of the WarmongerVeiled Plate Helm Seal of the AdvisorVeiled Plate Wrist Seal of the ChancellorSimple Bounder ArmbandSimple Bounder BootsSimple Bounder CuirassSimple Bounder GlovesSimple Bounder GreavesSimple Bounder HelmSimple Bounder SleevesSealed Display Case

Updated Items: Dirt Covered OreGrungy ObjectSoke's MissiveDisplay CaseEdmuund's MessageAelfgir's Signet RingChampion BladeSealed Display CaseHeart of the ColossusGorod's MedallionGloves of Latent EtherTome of Veiled Body Rk. IIScuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack

Updated Quests: Enchanter Epic 2.0: Staff of Eternal EloquenceGribble #2: Scouting AheadPlane of War Access #3: The Grandmaster's Tower

Updated Bestiary: CobaltRoonDeathcaller Xyloka Gindan championA Greedy Minera strife colossusEdmuundKrepp the AugurerRefiner Dyrginal

April 14, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Heroic Mold-covered StoneHeroic Workmaster's HornRage of RolfronRune of Tallon

New Quest: Plane of War: Rulnavis #3 - Tactical Strike

New Recipe: Drix's Satchel

New Bestiary: High Tactician Drelgan honor guarda blood guarda possessed colossus

Updated Items: Guardian OrnamentCrystallized SulfurSunshard PebbleSmudged Rough PapyrusRubicite OreCrysotheriumIndium OreAraneae's StrategiesStrategic ColossusAssault BowColossus RequisitionAssault Bow RequisitionPlan for NarikorDrix's SatchelSignet of GannarBattle Hardened Diamond

Updated Quests: Upgraded PeltsWarrior Pike #6 (Champion's Mancatcher)Schelly #2: Where Did It Come From?Lark #2: The Sealed GateLark #3: Late CheckoutHunter of the Plane of WarPlane of War Access #1: Field of Strife & The MinesPlane of War Access #2a: Castle RulnavisPlane of War Access #2b: Castle TamrelPlane of War Access #3: The Grandmaster's TowerPlane of War: Katka's CausePlane of War: Raising Faction with Castle RulnavisPlane of War: Raising Faction with Castle TamrelPlane of War: Rulnavis #1 - Defending the CastlePlane of War: Rulnavis #2 - A Colossal TaskPlane of War: Tamrel #1 - The Tamrel TrialsPlane of War: Tamrel #2 - A New Colonel In Town

Updated Bestiary: Overking Bathezida tormented mercenarya deadly dreamweavera dark practitionera defiled dreamweaverTrooper Drixan unmasked changelingRalf UthmiertBloody TomeRilen D`Tradisa Hendin reavera shamanic resonancea Tamrelian wall defenderEjarl, Herald of the BarbFletcher ForlenHigh Strategist GalbenTroopmaster GurkanAraneae the Clever

April 13, 2014

April 11, 2014

Here is a pile of Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Left Eye of GyrupAssault Bow RequisitionColossus RequisitionHeroic Algid Ice CubeArcanist's IgnitorBroken Bottle OrnamentSoke's MissiveEdmuund's MessageAelfgir's Signet RingSealed Display CaseDisplay CaseGorod's MedallionExplosive Narikor BarrelKatka's Call to ArmsJergamund's Bloody HeadBlacksmith's RequisitonBlessed EntreatySigil of Thokk

New Quests: Plane of War: Rulnavis #1 - Defending the CastlePlane of War: Rulnavis #2 - A Colossal TaskPlane of War: Tamrel #1 - The Tamrel TrialsPlane of War Access #3: The Grandmaster's TowerPlane of War: Tamrel #2 - A New Colonel In Town

New Bestiary: Alchemist Veryona Tamrelian spya wine caskAsh N`MarAraneae the Clevera battle minotaur imagea bloodtusk ally imagea charging minotar imagea distracted hendin imagea powerful giant imagea sleepy minotaur imagean orc ally imagean orc commander image

New Recipes: Filled Tamrelian Armor BagBag of Burned BonesField of Blood Wood BundleFilled Battle Report LedgerFilled Defensive Report LedgerFull Saboteur Evidence BagGlorious Lorekeeper BootsFilled Tamrelian Sword BagUgor's Sealed Storage BoxGlorious Farsight ArmbandGlorious Farsight BootsSimple Protectorate HelmSimple Protectorate GreavesSimple Protectorate CuirassSimple Protectorate BootsGlorious Lorekeeper SleevesGlorious Lorekeeper GlovesGlorious Lorekeeper RobesGlorious Lorekeeper CapGlorious Lorekeeper ArmbandGlorious Lorekeeper BreechesSimple Protectorate SleevesSimple Protectorate ArmbandSimple Protectorate GlovesGlorious Farsight CuirassGlorious Farsight GlovesGlorious Farsight GreavesGlorious Farsight HelmGlorious Farsight SleevesSimple Farsight ArmbandSimple Farsight BootsSimple Farsight CuirassSimple Farsight GlovesSimple Farsight GreavesSimple Farsight HelmSimple Farsight SleevesIntricate Farsight ArmbandIntricate Farsight BootsIntricate Farsight CuirassIntricate Farsight GlovesIntricate Farsight GreavesIntricate Farsight HelmIntricate Farsight SleevesStalwart Farsight ArmbandStalwart Farsight BootsStalwart Farsight CuirassStalwart Farsight GlovesStalwart Farsight GreavesStalwart Farsight HelmStalwart Farsight SleevesElegant Farsight ArmbandElegant Farsight BootsElegant Farsight CuirassElegant Farsight GlovesElegant Farsight GreavesElegant Farsight HelmElegant Farsight SleevesElaborate Farsight ArmbandElaborate Farsight BootsElaborate Farsight CuirassElaborate Farsight GlovesElaborate Farsight GreavesElaborate Farsight HelmElaborate Farsight SleevesOrnate Protectorate ArmbandOrnate Protectorate BootsOrnate Protectorate CuirassOrnate Protectorate GlovesOrnate Protectorate GreavesOrnate Protectorate HelmOrnate Protectorate Sleeves

Updated Items: Ugor's Sealed Storage BoxExcellent Heavy MattockExcellent Two-Handed SwordExcellent Heavy SpearExcellent Heavy CestusThings I SeenUgor's Storage BoxUgor's SignetEss Pekky's Tactics BookSulfurous Iron OreBroken WeaponDark Black GemSoul of the GrandmasterBody of the ColossusNote for High Strategist GalbenBlessed Rulnavian SwordUpdated Bowyer's Work OrderRulnavian WoodcutterKindling TwineTamrelian Sword BagHardened Rulnavian SwordUpdated Blacksmith's Work OrderTamrelian Armor BagBowyer's Work OrderBlacksmith's Work OrderFilled Tamrelian Sword BagFilled Tamrelian Armor BagField of Blood Wood BundleTamrelian Sword PiecesField of Blood KindlingTamrelian Armor PiecesTattered Spy CloakCharred Captain's BonesPotion of Valorous BattleDefensive Report LedgerTar-Proof BagBurning TarAlchemy Requisition RequestBattle Report LedgerSuccessful Defensive Report Page

Updated Quests: Necromancer Test of PowerNecromancer Epic: Scythe of the Shadowed SoulPlane of War: Raising Faction with Castle Tamrel

Updated Recipes: Elegant Farsight BootsElegant Farsight GlovesElegant Farsight CuirassElegant Farsight GreavesElegant Farsight ArmbandElegant Farsight HelmElegant Farsight SleevesElaborate Lorekeeper ArmbandElaborate Lorekeeper BootsElaborate Lorekeeper BreechesElaborate Lorekeeper CapElaborate Lorekeeper GlovesElaborate Lorekeeper RobesElaborate Lorekeeper Sleeves

Updated Bestiary: a risen ancestora Gindan championa golem machinista golem smitha Rulnavian coercera Rulnavian defendera Rulnavian custodiana Rulnavian machinista Rulnavian researchera Tamrelian assailanta Tamrelian assaultera willing subjecta Zekarian colossusan iron machinistan iron smithCaptain DulkotCaptain Flavis Stella First Lieutenant Ess PekkyFletcher ForlenGeneral Ugor GronnoHigh Priest SquelnissHigh Strategist GalbenInquisitor FrellumOlmacStrategist GromlukTroopmaster Gurkan

April 10, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Bag of Burned BonesKijarl's Ring of NegationLifeborn Wand of LightMickorn's Pledge of SupportCharred Soldier's BonesFilled Defensive Report LedgerWrit of Rulnavian CommandThe Art of ZekBinget's Battle GuideRilnak's Strategic CompendiumOpen JournalOpen JournalOpen JournalOpen JournalRulnavian Library IndexLetter to GromlukFull Saboteur Evidence BagTamrelian Spy CloakTempting Wine CaskSaboteur Evidence BagPotion of Dubious ValorFilled Battle Report LedgerBattle Report PageDisintegrated Tamrelian BonesMantle of InaschTamrel's Tactical Retreat DustSergeant Rekkles' Tactical AnalysisSergeant Rekkles' Spare FlaskUgor's SignetHeroic Workmaster's HornHeroic Signet of DevotionUgor's Sealed Storage BoxExcellent Heavy MattockExcellent Heavy SpearExcellent Two-Handed SwordExcellent Heavy CestusFilled Narikor Ore BucketEss Pekky's Tactics Book

New Recipes: Elaborate Lorekeeper RobesElaborate Lorekeeper CapElaborate Lorekeeper GlovesElaborate Lorekeeper BreechesElaborate Lorekeeper BootsElaborate Lorekeeper SleevesElaborate Lorekeeper Armband

Updated Items: BonesSwampwood Stave

Updated Quests: Anniversary Solo Task: Let's Have Some Fun!Anniversary Group Task: This Ain't RightAnniversary Solo Task: A Fool's ErrandPlane of War: Raising Faction with Castle RulnavisPlane of War: Raising Faction with Castle Tamrel

Updated Bestiary: Shintar Vinlaila Tae Ew lifestealera Thul Tae Ew lifestealera Thul Tae Ew fanaticFabled Tribal Leader DiseranonThe Barb

Updated Recipes: Elegant Lorekeeper ArmbandElegant Lorekeeper BreechesElegant Lorekeeper RobesElegant Lorekeeper SleevesElegant Lorekeeper BootsElegant Lorekeeper GlovesIntricate Lorekeeper ArmbandIntricate Lorekeeper BootsIntricate Lorekeeper BreechesIntricate Lorekeeper CapIntricate Lorekeeper GlovesIntricate Lorekeeper RobesIntricate Lorekeeper SleevesStalwart Lorekeeper RobesStalwart Lorekeeper ArmbandStalwart Lorekeeper BootsStalwart Lorekeeper GlovesStalwart Lorekeeper BreechesStalwart Lorekeeper CapStalwart Lorekeeper Sleeves

SOE All-Access Program Update

Today Linda "Brasse" Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations at Sony Online Entertainment, updated the SOE All Access FAQ.  This update changes the launch date to "on or about April 23rd." It also includes information about Dragon's Prophet, ProSiebenSat.1 Games customers, and clarification on the 10% Marketplace discount.

You can check out the updated FAQ on the Station Forums here. Updates are noted in purple.

April 9, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Captured SlaverProclamation of RebellionNarikor Tin OrePotion of Valorous BattleUgor's Storage BoxHeroic Incarnadine GemstoneHeroic Rockomancy DiamondHeroic Flame Alchemist's JewelHeroic Eye of the SerpentHeroic Cliknar EyeHeroic Soothsayer's EyeHeroic Rock Guardian ShardHeroic Bleakburn GooHeroic Gem of the LeviathanTome of Veiled Body Rk. IITome of Seven-Step Pattern Rk. IIRune of TallonShining Gem of StrikingNarikor Guardian's RingPlan for NarikorNote for High Strategist GalbenBody of the ColossusHardened Rulnavian SwordBlessed Rulnavian SwordUpdated Bowyer's Work Order

New Bestiary: a disgraced scouta Gindan rager

Updated Items: Chunk of Refined MetalNarikor Slave PickNarikor Guard's ToothNarikor Slave HammerNarikor Slave Morning StarNarikor Slaver's LashNarikor Slave SledgeImbued FeatherGlowing ShardSpell: Spiritual Unity Rk. IIBixie Summoner's StoneBixie Chitin Sword

Updated Quests: Orc VestYrelia #3: They're Everywhere!

Updated Bestiary: A Valorous Spirita dry bone skeletona dirty oashiman oashimPollenixa Decorin taskmastera Gindan bloodtuska Gindan championa guardian of Narikora Hendin harbingera Hendin reavera Hendin wardera Tamrelian vicar petDejected KoboldDiaku RedeemerIrate Slave DriverMultifaceted GolemRolfron Zek, Lord of DespairSheartooth CaptainCommander Inasch Prae`vaKijarl, Arcanist of Rulnavis