August 20, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Items: Baros, Scimitar of Vallon ZekGray Wolf Saddle

New Quests: Sol'dal Cloth ArmorSol'dal Plate ArmorSol'dal Chain ArmorSol'dal Leather Armor

New Achievements: Achievement: Stone Cold Summer MissionAchievement: Stone Cold Summer Tasks

New Bestiary: a drolvarg lieutenantEmbersmith NichaMagmatic Stone

Update Zones: Permafrost KeepCrushbonePermafrost Keep (Level 90 Revamp)Crushbone (Level 90 Revamp)

Updated Items: Ancient Cloak of FlamesWebbed LegGnome-sized WingsRipped JawGooey Bat EyeRelentless Bat EyeChunk of FurDissolved Kobold ArmKobold PartsRune Binding PowderThrowing BoulderRuined Leather MaskAxe of DestructionSunshard PebbleWhite Silk GlovesSullied Animal PeltGrizzly Bear Skull

Updated Quests: Note to NecloBat FurBlank ScrollsUnsar's CallFaren's TackleboxKwint's KwestWarrior Pike #8 (Pride of the Legion)Dispelling the ShadowsHeart of Fear #1: Lost HarbingersHeart of Fear #3: Growing Fear

Updated Bestiary: a drolvarg captainBloodmawa fire giant magusa fire giant noblea fire giant warriora greater kobolda greater kobold shamana kobold fightera kobold noblea kobold priesta lava guardiana lava beetlea lava duct crawlera sonic batan enraged lava guardianan imp protectora death beetlea fire giant wizarda kobold royala guano harvestera kobold healer

Patch Notes for August 20, 2014

Here are the patch notes for Wednesday's game update (servers expected up around 8 A.M. Pacific Time):

*** Highlights ***

- New Hero's Forge armor can be found in Argin-Hiz! Seek out Embersmith Nicha for more information.
- Numerous changes have been made to the way pets deal and receive damage. See the "Spells" section for more details.
- All items with appearances from Call of the Forsaken can now be placed in real estates.
- In the early weeks of September, Arima Fae and Helagan will be looking for adventurers to help them research strange statues. See the "Quests & Events" section for more details.
- Added expanded invitation options to the Guild Window to allow you to invite individuals or all online guild members to DZs, tasks, and raids.

August 19, 2014

Patch day tomorrow:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 5:00 AM Pacific* in preparation for the August patch. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately three hours.

Here are today's updates:

New Item: Guise of the Ancient Gods

New Recipe: Latent Etheric Boots of the Light

Updated Items: Simple Defiant Claw-daggerWinter LillyAged Blackburrow StoutRough Combatant's MantleMask of DeceptionThick Banded Belt

Updated Quests: Evaluate BloodmoonCrypt of Shade Raid: The Soulbleeder Must BleedCOTF Rank III Spells: Captured Essence of Ethernere

Updated Bestiary: Old Man McKenzieAkyailThe Stone Guardiana briganda tomb raider

SOE Live 2014: EverQuest Dev Q&A

"The Darkened Sea" expansion, mount keyrings, trader bags, and heroic characters were some of the topics covered in this afternoon's Dev Q&A session at SOE Live:

Q: With the addition of the Mount Key ring will it be possible to extend this feature to illusions, pet illusions, merc illusions?
A: Now that the tech for keyrings exists it will not be hard to add new types of keyrings in the future. Stay tuned! - JC

Q: Will any of the 8 zones have multiple raids or raid instances with multiple raids?
A: Yes there will be. There will be at least one raid zone with multiple raids in a single instance. -JC

Q: When will you be adding COTF zone wide rares back to heroics?
A: We're looking into adding the zone wide rare drops back in HAs. If we're sure the drop rate is working as intended. - JC

Q: The names of six zones have been announced, can you tell us the names of the other two?
A: The other two zones are: Brother Island and Katta Castrum: Waters Rising. - JC

August 18, 2014

SOE Live 2014: EverQuest and EverQuest II

SOE Live kicked off its opening ceremony last night, and while the keynotes are still to come this afternoon, we have some great information on the upcoming expansions and more for EverQuest and EverQuest II!

August 14, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Band of the VictorSimple Stacked LogsCrimson Teir`Dal Mirrored DresserCrimson Teir`Dal Dressing MirrorVenom Skewer Dagger OrnamentEndpoint, Greatbow of Vengence OrnamentUlvensoxe OrnamentKuvani's Dream OrnamentQueen's Guard OrnamentRatonga Sharp Cheddar CheeseSalben's Fall, The Defiler Ornament

New Quests: Txevu Raid Event: The Gladiator Pit (Key #1)Txevu Raid Event: High Priest Nkosi Bakari (Key #2)Txevu Raid Event: Zun`Muram Tkarish ZykGates of Discord Progression #8: Txevu Keying & Tacvi

Updated Items: Polished Stone KeyJade Inlaid KeyBand of Solid ShadowBlackstone FigurineGem-Studded Band of StruggleAegis of DiscordEdge of ChaosGemstone of Dark FlameWristband of Chaotic WarfareZun'Muram's Signet of CommandWand HarnessShroud of Ceaseless MightKaftan of Embroidered LightTongue of the Zun'muramSpiked Steel BatonMuramite's Heavy ShacklesCape of Woven SteelLongsword of ExecrationShard of Dark MatterVerge of the Mindless ServantRing of Celestial HarmonyLute of False WorshipBulwark of Living StoneMask of EternityCaduceus of RetributionStaff of Revealed SecretsBow of the Whispering WindJade Effigy of TrusharBarrier of SerenityEarring of Incessant ConflictStained Fur MaskShadowy Coif of CondemnationForlorn Mantle of ShadowsSteel Boots of the SlayerSleeves of Cognitive ResonanceHalberd of Endless PainChain Wraps of the Dark Master

Updated Quest: Gates of Discord Progression #7: Access to Txevu

Updated Bestiary: High Priest Nkosi BakariInquisitor Chiak TanskInquisitor Lliev KinthMastruq ChampionZun`Muram Tkarish ZykThe RuntVrex Invoker AkelloVrex Invoker JahzaraVrex Invoker KashkaVrex Invoker MalikVrex Invoker RaziyaShade of a Vrex InvokerIxt Hsek SyatHamari NeduIkaav Ritualista noc brawlera ra`tuk bruisera mastruq gladiatorTiv Prayer Chanterrestless wraitha mastruq chaosslayeran aneuk nervehammera vengeful apparitiona chest (Plane of War raid)

August 13, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New (Most Likely GM/Guide) Items: Gold RingBolt of ClothKettleLetterTitle Suffix Wand: the Show StopperTitle Suffix Wand: the Lucky SurvivorTitle Suffix Wand: the High DiverDistillate of Skinspikes WandCommon Race WandTitle Wand: Arena SuffixesTitle Wand: Arena PrefixesTitle Suffix Wand: the Ale RunnerPH for item reloadThirst Quencher WandBag of Plat WandLoyalty Token WandBlue Diamond WandTailored Legendary Backpack WandBelly Buster WandHigh Elf WandHalfling WandHalf Elf WandGukta WandErudite WandHuman WandIksar WandGnome WandPH for item reloadWood Elf WandVah Shir WandTroll WandOgre WandBixie WandGoblin WandHadal WandImp WandKobold WandBear WandChokadai WandMale Human Pirate WandDwarf WandDrakkin WandDark Elf WandBarbarian WandEarth Elemental WandFemale Human Pirate WandGriffin Sword WandAll-Purpose Sword WandCreepy Doll WandDrumstick WandCoconut Husk WandUnfinished Bo Staff WandWildflower Bouqet WandDead Tree Branch WandOrc WandBasilisk WandFairy WandDark Elven Broadsword WandDark Elven Bastard Sword WandZebuxoruk Shield WandKarana Shield WandBertoxxulous Shield WandXegony Shield WandVallon Zek Shield WandTerris-Thule Shield WandTallon Zek Shield WandThe Tribunal Council Shield WandSaryrn Council Shield WandRallos Zek Shield WandMithaniel Marr Shield WandNihil Potion WandSteam Suit Potion WandThe Rathe Shield WandTarew Marr Shield WandFennin Ro Shield WandSolusek Ro Shield WandToothed Dirk WandHoly Sword WandElven Scimitar WandElven Longsword WandElven Sword WandElven Broadsword WandBroken Bottle WandSilver Spoon WandSilver Knife WandSilver Fork WandDain Shield WandShar Vahl Shield WandLuclin Shield WandElven Spear WandWood Planing ToolBrass HornSilver WandWooden WandBronze SceptreSiren Potion WandBellikos Potion WandLightning Warrior Potion WandTelmira Potion WandFroglok Ghost Potion WandShiliskin Potion WandShissar Potion Wand

New Recipes: Elegant Crystalwing ArmbandElegant Crystalwing BootsElegant Crystalwing CuirassElegant Crystalwing GlovesElegant Crystalwing GreavesElegant Crystalwing HelmElegant Crystalwing SleevesElaborate Crystalwing ArmbandElaborate Crystalwing BootsElaborate Crystalwing CuirassElaborate Crystalwing GlovesElaborate Crystalwing GreavesElaborate Crystalwing HelmElaborate Crystalwing SleevesIntricate Crystalwing ArmbandIntricate Crystalwing BootsIntricate Crystalwing CuirassIntricate Crystalwing GlovesIntricate Crystalwing GreavesIntricate Crystalwing HelmIntricate Crystalwing SleevesOrnate Crystalwing ArmbandOrnate Crystalwing BootsOrnate Crystalwing CuirassOrnate Crystalwing GlovesOrnate Crystalwing GreavesOrnate Crystalwing HelmOrnate Crystalwing SleevesSimple Crystalwing ArmbandSimple Crystalwing BootsSimple Crystalwing CuirassSimple Crystalwing GlovesSimple Crystalwing GreavesSimple Crystalwing HelmSimple Crystalwing Sleeves

Updated Zones: Nagafen's Lair (Level 100 Revamp)Nagafen's LairCastle MistmooreCastle Mistmoore (Level 100 Revamp)

Updated Items: Spell: Mirror Rk. IITome: Thief's Vision Rk. IISpell: Remote Moonfire Rk. IISpell: Nurturing Growth Rk. IISpell: Hammer of Reverence Rk. IIVeil of FlamesTunic of Manifested EtherBoots of Manifested EtherBracer of Manifested EtherTares Lichen

Updated Quest: Raid Expedition: Nagafen the Ancient

Updated Bestiary: goblin minerChamberlain CelainChief Warden VarkenMaster Sage Lowenna chest (The Journey Home)

August 12, 2014

August 11, 2014