September 10, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Item: Tome: Phantom Assassin Rk. III

New Bestiary: ambushing thiefambushing thiefambushing thiefambushing thiefGuard Tolax

Updated Items: Queen's Bedchamber KeySpell: Focus Makeshift Spellcaster's EssenceWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingWrapped PaintingMangled Leather Tunic TemplateCrude Spinneret FluidCrinkled NoteFractured Dragon Scale

Updated Quests: Only The Blind Will See (Level 80+)Only The Blind Will See (Level 35)Only The Blind Will See (Level 15)Legends of Norrath #11: Dragonbrood - The AnarchsSkulk #1: The Hills Are AliveRozz #2: Royal Access

Updated Bestiary: an iksar betrayerambushing thiefLoneq VardrinThimble Thrasherambushing thiefMianoanoca cinder trunka decomposing corpsea deformed revenanta diseased revenanta Doomscale cultista flaming jacka forest eldera gehein skirthtamera grizzly beara hill lionessa lava rocka lavacrust stridera liona lurking ursarachnida molten soula molten spirita molten stridera mudsoula mudspirita putrid corpsea quickwitted crowa rabid wolfa rambling jacka returning spirita scarecrowa scheming crowa shambling corpsea skirth boneshreddera skirth fleshbitera skirth manglera skirth scourera smoldering scarecrowa sojourning spirita starving beara starving liona starving lionessa tirun enforcera traitorous guarda twisted corpsea twisted revenanta twisted treespirita water spiritan ash trunkan empowered revenantan orafik spyan ursarachnid spinecrusher

September 9, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Recipes: Ornate Wealdstone ArmbandOrnate Wealdstone BootsOrnate Wealdstone CuirassOrnate Wealdstone GlovesOrnate Wealdstone GreavesOrnate Wealdstone HelmOrnate Wealdstone SleevesIntricate Wealdstone ArmbandIntricate Wealdstone BootsIntricate Wealdstone CuirassIntricate Wealdstone GlovesIntricate Wealdstone GreavesIntricate Wealdstone HelmIntricate Wealdstone SleevesSimple Wealdstone ArmbandSimple Wealdstone BootsSimple Wealdstone CuirassSimple Wealdstone GlovesSimple Wealdstone GreavesSimple Wealdstone HelmSimple Wealdstone Sleeves

Updated Items: Rolaque's Feir`Dal MemoriesAdiene's Terris-Thule PaintingDkelf's Morell-Thule PaintingInnania's What Dreams May Come Painting

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Hunter of The GroundsAchievement: Hunter of The LibraryAchievement: Hunter of The WellAchievement: Hunter of Erudin Burning

Updated Bestiary: Death SpiderDeath StingerDoom SnakeChaotic HeapRazeVicious GourdDistraught HeapArenrhaedRendSlynassinVenilinamCroakemBeget CubeKijaemzZonorazBiunahdeHeliasAgraenaAndrevasAngry WaspCompost CubeGrigoranMinadraPatch GuardianPeliasRiggbitVile WaspArchivist HerrdarArdull the WatcherChronicler CerroCompendium of NightmaresCurator MajdaHead Librarian MatildaProfessor GlumbTome of the FallenAlgot the DeathshaperBrutusDamar the OverseerGarnak PryphanHandar PrentiusKanah the HeartslicerVindel the RipperThe Tome-EaterFemurstackMaggotscalpan unusual codexLasna Cheroona bandit foecrushera baneful soula blazing trunka blighted skeletona callous bandita dirt crawlera leafy treant

September 8, 2014

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Glowing Sol`Dal Crest OrnamentGlowing Ornate Stone Kite Shield OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Kite Shield OrnamentGlowing Golden Lion Buckler OrnamentGlowing Gilded Frosted Steel Longbow OrnamentGlowing Gilded Steel Longbow OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Shortsword OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Hammer OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Rapier OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Short Spear OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Sabre OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Kris OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Dirk OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Wand OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Shortbow OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Staff OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Long Spear OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Longsword OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Axe OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Cestus OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Hand Axe OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Truncheon OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Scimitar OrnamentGlowing Sol`Dal Sceptre Ornament

Updated Items: Werewolf PeltBuckler of the Capricious FirebugHeartguardTears of KaranaWater of PlentyCenti Longsword

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)

Updated Quests: Save the Queen #4: Parts For a CureTranscendent ImpressionsAn Uncursed Cloak

Updated Bestiary: Dooly Jonkersa blood starved wolfa willowispa black panthera river turtleTeka`Temariel CentiArtisan Bill WhistletopArtisan Gorion Telld`MareEdvard O`Danosa werewolfIlana SunmireDeathcaller XylokVasser Fayeil

September 5, 2014

Beta for The Darkened Sea will begin on September 16, and sign-ups are open: If you're interested in beta testing, see this topic on the EQ Forums, and follow the link on Roshen's post.

New Item: The Rathe Shield Ornament

New Recipe: Spell: Crackling Blades Rk. II

Updated Items: Rune of YirnoAncient ArtifactMinor Alaran CantripAncient Tarnished PendantBrilliant Sphere of UnderstandingDelicate Bronzed TorqKhati Sha's Favorite BrushLiquid RageMagnificent Opal BroochMorden's Lucky KnifeOrb of Timeless NightPendant of Mental ClaritySionachie's Soup SpoonSolution of Unfreezing IceSprouting Bo Staff of Ton PoStaff of the First LightTorq of the Rigid SpineFallen Lord's CloakFlamelink MantleGlaive of Intermittent FlameHeartflame, Guide of the Sol`DalImp Fang HoopMantle of Chaotic HarmonyRigid Crimson ShouldersRoyal Adjudicator's Order KeeperRoyal Advisor's SashRoyal Executioner's BeltRoyal Healer's SashSash of Silent StepsShining Savior's RampartShoulderguard of GrandeurShriveled Leather ShroudSoot Blackened HoopSorcerer's Silken CloakStaff of Elemental TransfigurationStaff of Glaring DivinityTears of the PhoenixTorn Drape of BetrayalWeathered Advisor's CloakSekrivitax, Kris of the Sol`DalRoyal Executioner's Ornamental BastardswordAreial's Fiery StudBeguiler's Decayed CapeBeguiler's TeardropBelt of Vindictive PerseveranceBloodstained Channeler's CordBrace of Woven FireBrilliant Crusher of Intermittent FlameCloak of Immaculate PurityCord of Dried FleshCouncilor's Sapphire LoopCrumbling Metal LinksDecorative Ecclesiastical SkullcrusherDecrepit Cloth CinctureDirt Stained ShroudDrape of Lordly StatureDeath Scarab ShieldCowl of Dark ProvidenceCerulean Girdle of YoreVisor of the Stone ScowlTreasurer's Tarnished SignetStare of DecayRoyal Vicar's Ornamental BucklerRoyal Scout's Vermillion SaberDecaying Oculus RingCrypt Robber's VisorBrilliant Sorcerer's AnelaceBetrayer's Inscribed BandRoyal Guardian's Chilling VisorLoop of Squandered WealthGlistening Moonstone BandFallen Scout's Garnet RingFallen Minstrel's MaskDelicate Guise of GriefDecrepit VeilBloodstained ShouldersAncient Cloak of FlamesCrested Mistmoore Ring

Updated Quests: LangseaxPaladin Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestAn Epic Request (Monk)Raid Expedition: Lord Kyle BayleRaid Expedition: Burn OutRaid Expedition: The Journey Home

Updated Bestiary: Aethra the Mada greater kobold shamana deathly ushera jeering gargoylea will ravishera servantRoslyn S`NezVera S`LonRequisitioner Chasha chest (Tower of Rot Raid)an ornate iron chesta chest (The Journey Home)

September 4, 2014

September 3, 2014

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Bestiary: a rich merchanta wealthy merchant

Updated Items: Gloves of Manifested EtherLeggings of Manifested EtherBazu Nail BraceletBag of PlatinumCrested Mistmoore RingSpellward's Saber

Updated Quests: Relic of Fertility: Be Not Swift to AngerRelic of Beasts: Come Into My LairRelic of Beasts: Culling the HerdRelic of Beasts: Thelasas of the RelicRelic of Magic: Separated From Your GodRelic of Magic: Resonant DestructionRelic of Magic: Thelasas of the RelicRelic of Oratory: Time Trial of WindRelic of Decay: Bone DensityRelic of Decay: Thelasas of the RelicRelic of Decay: Sweeping up the DeadRelic of Decay: Filthy LureRelic of Tides: Coastal ExtinctionRelic of Tides: Decimating the VanguardRelic of Battle: Time Trial of SteelRelic of Splendor: Time Trial of ResplendenceTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Taming the Living BladesTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: The Heat of BattleTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: High TideTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: The Cloud of DecayTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Summation of NightmaresTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Trimming the OvergrowthTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Beastly ScavengersTo Kill a Thel Ereth Ril: Condeming the Next GenerationRaid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the QueenCooper #2: Excavating an AnswerGribble #1: Into the HillsSkulk #2: Artifacts of Great ImportanceEstle #2: Remember the Dead

Updated Achievements: Achievement: Hero of The GroundsAchievement: Hero of The LibraryAchievement: Hero of Miragul's NightmareAchievement: Hero of Fear ItselfAchievement: Conqueror of The FeerrottAchievement: Conqueror of the House of ThuleAchievement: Conqueror of the House of Thule, Upper FloorsAchievement: Conqueror of The GroundsAchievement: Conqueror of The LibraryAchievement: Conqueror of The WellAchievement: Conqueror of Erudin BurningAchievement: Conqueror of Morell's CastleAchievement: Conqueror of Sanctum SomniumAchievement: Conqueror of Al'Kabor's NightmareAchievement: Conqueror of Miragul's NightmareAchievement: Conqueror of Fear Itself

Updated Bestiary: an ukun bloodbeastan ukun deathhowlera chambermaidBloodsucker

September 2, 2014

August 29, 2014

Happy Friday!

Reminder: Double XP begins this afternoon, and a blanket 25% sale is on in the Marketplace through to Tuesday morning.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.

New Quests: Txevu Raid Event: Ikaav Nysf LleivTxevu Raid Event: Aneuk Nyrt YmosaTxevu Raid Event: Aneuk Rilst Uskst

New Bestiary: Onyx RockchanterOnyx SentinelIkaav Nysf Lleiv petan apprentice willbender petan apprentice firebrand petKindler of the Patha light unto your path

Updated Items: Great Maul of the MightyMuramite Greaves ArmorDark Chain CircletRuby of SteadfastnessIxt Bone ScepterMuramite Chest ArmorWand HarnessSuede Gloves of CreationBloodfire CabochonScepter of Forbidden KnowledgeCrown of the ForsakenEarring of the Starless NightStaff of Shattered DreamsSilken Slippers of Discordant MagicArmguards of Envy

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Hunter of The Feerrott

Updated Bestiary: Verina TombAneuk Nyrt YmosaAneuk Rilst UskstIkaav Nysf LleivIxt Hsek SyatVrex Stonemaster HategVrex Stonemaster VesetVrex Stonemaster LorasaPixtt Llan Kvish pet (flaming sword)Pixtt Llan Kvish pet (ukun)a ra`tuk rabidfuryan enslaved destroyera mastruq battlebrutea noc bloodlusteran aneuk darkdivineran aneuk fleshthreaderan ukun deathfangan ikaav detaineran ikaav ruineran ikaav willbreakeran enthralled deathbringeran apprentice divineran apprentice firebrandan apprentice incantoran apprentice willbenderan ikaav bindera ravenous corpsefeederan ancient hynid scavengera fervid revenantEnraged Gorilla PatriarchBlackboneFearful SpecterBouncer Captain GrakSentinel QuilaztliThe LeaperExpedition Leader KruppVoracious FeederDonna the ExplorerVermillionMaliceFesterbackTanglewolf AlphaDiggory the TravellerHuetzin the BrutePatchesSableShaman IxchellTemilotzin the ZealotTerror UnleashedWatcher YaotlWhitepawXiucozcatl the Feared

Double XP Holiday Weekend

A double experience weekend is coming up!

Starting on Friday, August 29, 2014 at 12:01PM PDT* (NOON Pacific) and running until Monday, September 1, 2014 at 11:59PM PDT* we'll have double experience on all servers.

August 28, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Imperial Tower Shield OrnamentTwo Wood China CabinetPyronius' Damage Shield OrnamentStorybook PortalJade Egg with Gold FiligreeDecapitator OrnamentEagle Totem Shield Ornament

New Bestiary: a decaying corpsea cragbeast hatchling

New Quests: Txevu Raid Event: Ukun BloodfeasterTxevu Raid Event: Ancient Cragbeast MatriarchTxevu Raid Event: Ixt Kial IvesiTxevu Raid Event: Ixt Quall Nalnn

Updated Items: Rabbit HeadShroud of the ForgottenTitle Suffix Wand: the High DiverJagged Blade of IceMuramite Chest ArmorGem of PeaceMuramite Greaves ArmorDark Chain CircletSapphire of Capricious MagicHardened Scale VambracesLizard Skin WardrumsWand HarnessFlayed-Skin Spiked BootsGlobe of Dancing LightShroud of PandemoniumSilken Gloves of the ChaosHeadband of the Endless NightAzure Trinket of DespairUncut Quartz of DefenseSkullcap of ContemplationCloak of the PenumbraUkun-Hide Armplates of MortificationGolden Half Mask of ConvalescenceHardened Bone SpikeWoven Chain Boots of StrifeCarved Bone Gauntlets

Updated Recipes: Jumjum Spiced BeerJumjum Spiced BeerJumjum Spiced Beer

Updated Bestiary: Ancient Cragbeast MatriarchUkun Bloodfeasteran ukun maulera stonemite corpseburrowerIxt Kial IvesiIxt Quall NalnnBearer of AbsorptionBearer of IntensificationBearer of MendingBearer of ProjectionBearer of RageBearer of ShieldingBearer of AngerBearer of ResistanceBearer of ReflectionBearer of NascencyBearer of QuickeningBearer of HasteMastruq Beast Warden Inferno Vortex