EQ Update #88

Updated Items:Mask of Oseka's Servant ;  Polymorph Wand: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Relife ;  Shroud of Relife ;  Shroud of the Bokon ;  Sarnak Seneschal Mask ;  Spell: Illusion: Hadal ;  Spell: Illusion: Silver Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Ancient Sarnak Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Bokon ;  Deadly Venom Sac ;  Eron's Jewelry ;  Worn Boots ;  Dissenting Hackblade ;  Blackened Heart ;  Massive Jaw Bone ;  Remnant of Brain Matter ;  Patch of Matted Hair ; Bony Hand ;  Severed Tendon ;  Eye of a Fiend ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Relife Adornment ;  Gnawed Foot ;  Scroll: Gravity Twist Rk. III ;  Tryst ;  Snow Blossom Kimono ;  Robe of Elemental Earth ; Wanderer's Sandals ;  Comfy Shoes ;  Soggy Sandals ;  Worn Boots ;  Boots of the Muckraker ;  Greater Essence of Decay ;  Median Essence of Decay ;  Lesser Essence of Decay ;  Minor Essence of Decay ;  Glowing Essence of Decay ;  Tome: Surprise Attack Rk. III ;  Robe of Elemental Air 

New Quests: TBM Rank III Level 101 Spells: Minor Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 102 Spells: Lesser Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 103 Spells: Median Essence of Decay ;  TBM Rank III Level 104 Spells: Greater Essence of Decay ; TBM Rank III Level 105 Spells: Glowing Essence of Decay ;  Collection: An Ounce of Fetid Flesh (Crypt of Sul) 

Updated Quests: Achievement: Fallen Footwear (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay) ;  Achievement: Challenger of The Broken Mirror ;  TBM Rank II Level 101 Spells: Minor Essence of Life ;  TBM Rank II Level 102 Spells: Lesser Essence of Life ;  TBM Rank II Level 104 Spells: Greater Essence of Life 

Updated Recipes: Tempered Breastplate 

Bestiary Updates: Lissa T`Born ;  Brood Drone ;  an elder lavaspinner ;  a tsetse eater ;  a tsetse swarmborn ;  a nascent supplicant ;  an impatient wanderer ;  a bokon ;  a skeletal sentinel ;  an awakened mystic ;  an awakened watcher ;  a rotting follower ;  a ravenous fiend ;  a voracious fiend ;  a relifed hulk ;  a faithblind hulk

Prepare for a Rewarding Weekend, August 12 - 15!


It’s looking to be an exciting weekend in Norrath! Is there a certain elusive foe you’ve been hoping to tackle? Try your hand at taking them on this weekend and watch that XP bar fill up faster than ever!

From 12 PM PT on Friday August 12, 2016 until 12PM PT on Monday, August 15, 2016, players will be granted 150% Bonus XP and Double Rare Spawns!

Happy adventuring, Norrathians!

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Please note that Double Rare Spawns will not be available on Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Phinigel.

EQ Update #87

EQ Update #86

Updated Items: Plate Scraps of Wither and Decay ;  Leather Scraps of Wither and Decay ;  Chain Scraps of Wither and Decay ;  Cloth Scraps of Wither and Decay ;  Voracity ;  Sickly Distended Horseshoe ;  Rummager's Bauble ;  Hypocricy ;  Glistening Oil;  Avarice ;  Condensed Desiccated Bile ;  Inspector's Trinket ;  Gutter-runner's Cape ;  Footman's Trinket ;  Delegator's Trinket ;  Abettor's Earring ;  Raw Crypt-Hunter's Chestpiece 

Bestiary Updates: a shining strider ;  a radiant guardian ;  a gleaming lifegiver ;  a fragment of life ;  Vizier Albert ;  Guardian Jenat ;  Glorious Cistina ;  Exalted Dromond ;  an honored citizen ;  an exalted citizen ;  a gleeful citizen ;  a favored functionary ; Erthwin Firgrove ;  Wilcher Rifunuse ;  Lyndalin Delwadamain ;  Nelirid Wittma ;  a squeaking sneak ;  a bar patron ;  a beleaguered functionary ;  a bloodthirsty citizen ;  a bokon ;  a dealer ;  a disintegrated functionary ;  a dissolved citizen ;  a forgotten guktan;  a functionary ;  a gaunt follower ;  a gruesome guktan ;  a mournful peasant ;  a mulch monster ;  a neglected citizen ;  a pile of caustic flesh ;  a pile of decomposed flesh ;  a quartermaster ;  a rampaging monstrosity ;  a ravenous citizen ;  a retired salesperson ;  a rooftop reveler ;  a spiritualist ;  a stitched monstrosity ;  a terror sentinel ;  a thug ;  a tireless sentinel ;  a tsetse devourer ;  a tsetse eater ;  a tsetse feeder ;  a waiting rotter ;  a watchful bokon ;  an assistant to Darkseer ;  an elected official ; an impatient wanderer ;  an overworked functionary ;  ancient remains ;  Rotbother ;  The Curator ;  a bokon ;  a skeletal sentinel ;  a withered servant ;  a rotting follower ;  a ravenous fiend ;  Devourer of All ;  a leery merchant ;  a leery official ;  a leery servant ;  The Remnants of The Darkseer ;  Akkapan Adan ;  a pestilence elder ;  a grumling ;  a rot eater ;  an unpleasant bureaucrat ;  Eunice, Well-Wisher ;  a voracious fiend ;  a cavalier ;  a wellspring ;  a healer ;  Emma, a True Believer ;  Master of the House ;  Svea Haire ;  The Remnants of the Overseer ;  a corruptor knight ;  a dangerous thief ;  a wary unicorn ;  a deathbone magus ;  a foulest pusling ;  a corrupted lord ;  a bubonian mystic ;  a bubonian war rat ;  a liquefied test subject ;  a leery merchant;  a leery butcher ;  a leery dealer ;  a leery servant

EQ Update #85

EQ Update #84

INC Extended Downtimes: Povar, Vox and Luclin


We'll be doing extended maintenance on Povar, Vox, and Luclin servers. During this week we'll be doing one of these a day, and during this maintenance it's estimated that each server will be unavailable for up to 24 hours.

These are scheduled for:
Povar - Down Tuesday, August 9, 2016, starting at 10AM PDT*
Vox - Down Wednesday, August 10, 2016, starting at 10AM PDT*
Luclin - Down Thursday, August 11, 2016, starting at 10AM PDT*

Keep an eye on the EverQuest forums and social media for status updates and for news if additional downtime is needed.

EQ Update #83

EQ Update #82

EQ Update #81