Transfers open for Progression Servers

Yesterday, DBG announced that they are opening up the Account-to-Account transfer service to their progression servers, Ragefire, Lockjaw and Phinigel!

From the EQ Website: "Account-to-Account transfers are a way that players can manage their characters. This service allows people to move characters from a single to multiple accounts so those characters can play together at the same time, or move characters spread across multiple accounts into one account to help save on membership dollars each month.

BEFORE you transfer a character from one account to another, remember that you need to contact our Customer Support team! For more information about this, see the knowledge base article here."


More news about upcoming server downtime is below...

EQ Update #8 of 2016

We Could Be Heroes



Just For One Day



Will Lucan D'Lere ever get to prove his faith in his god? (Cross game lore suggests he is still a Paladin, despite doing "evil" things. Maybe it's time for a Seige of Freeport and Lucan to stand tall... Erollisi Marr would certainly take notice of someone that loved his people, his city above all else  --maybe she'd even tolerate some harmtouching and skelly petting to go along with some hand laying-on, after all love is blind.)


Updates continue...


New Items: Mockery of Remorse

Updated Items: Woven Skull CapWhitened Treant FistsElectrified Scythe of the Whipping WindSylvan Cloth Robe OrnamentRuned Belt of BoromasDamsel of Decay Chain Feet OrnamentDamsel of Decay Plate Legs OrnamentRaw Deathseeker's HelmetRaw Deathseeker's BootsNeglection FlayerEmblem of the CrystalwingLesser Essence of DecayGreater Essence of DecayDarkbrood Mask

New Quests: King Me!Raid Expedition: Wither and DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Damsel of DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

Updated Quests: The TraitorTalym Shoontar's HeadGoing Postal (West Karana to Qeynos)Damp Paws (Second Trial)Postmaster's ChallengeBane of DecayLxavnom Labors

Bestiary Updates: Sir Lucan D`LereChou WhinstoneWylin DodmilLord of Loathing [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Vessel DrozlinKeeper of SoulsAnimist SimolTorin Krentara shrine bruiserTaruun GalorgSir Lucan D`Lere (undead)Jimmic AdleKhala Dun Erelka dream devourera decrepit confectionera dutiful defenderan ornate guarda serpenta forest guardiana rabbita hoofed protectora distracting daydreama vivid daydreama forest watcherThe Monstrous MinnowHigh Priest M'kari [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Kerath PunoxGrandmaster R'tal [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Master of Spite [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Mistress of Scorn [Plane of Hate: Revisited]High Bokon BoromasAnashti Sul, Damsel of Decaya blighted chesta bokon believera viscous pile of rota gangrenous grabberThe Maestro's Trove

EQ Shadowrest Conspiracy

A dormant feature for almost 5 years, Roshen announced today that EQ devs are about to "clean house" on the Shadowrest zone.

Why is this happening now, as in what is the point of it?



Conspiracy theorists suggest this is the first sign of the coming apocalypse  ...err... server mergers, could this be true?


Maybe Shadowrest is being recycled into a new end-game raid zone? Hardcore heritage? New monster mission based on putting flowers on graves?


Anyways, here's some potentially true and helpful info taken from Roshen's actual post on the official boards:


"We’re going to start clearing out old Shadowrest corpses on February 10th, 2016. Please travel to Shadowrest and loot your items from your corpses before then.

We’re talking about VERY old corpses from back when corpses still had items left on them (over FIVE years ago), we recommend you take a moment to clean up your Shadowrest corpses if you think that there’s any chance that there are items still out there waiting to be looted.

When this happens, we’ll be parcel mailing to your characters any items that are still on a corpse, before we get rid of those corpses forever. This has the possibility of filling up your parcel boxes. If your parcel box fills up,you’ll lose items that are over the cap.

Instructions on How to Clean Your Shadowrest Corpses:

If you get a message saying "You currently have a corpse present in Shadowrest" when you log in, you probably want to pay Shadowrest a visit!

Once in Shadowrest, hail Keeper of Lost Things. Say [bodies] to the Keeper to get the number of corpses that the Keeper has stored and to get the instructions on how to retrieve your corpses. Once you have summoned your corpses, right click on the corpses and loot all of your items. You may need to use the command /corpsedrag if your corpses are stacked in a location that you cannot target.

Note: You still may have items on corpses in Shadowrest even if you don't get this message when you log in.

We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to go through their old corpses before February!"



And will give O-board poster Fanra (yep, that Fanra!) props for posting something more helpful:


"This post has everything except for how to get to Shadowrest. For those wondering, in Plane of Knowledge speak to Devin Traical. The location of Devin Traical is approx. -13.29
483.51,-90.64 in PoK. I'm not sure if she appears in the Find window.

Tell her "Travel" to go to Shadowrest."


EQ Update #7 of 2016

Forget about incomplete itemization, funny aug slots, named not spawning and so on. The O-boards are missing the point... The greatest issue with The Broken Mirror remains:


He Needs His Moustache!





*Don't forget to look up his fellow Easter egg NPC Higgins


New Items: Scroll: Copsestalker's Enrichment Rk. II

Updated Items: Spell: Markar's RelocationSpell: Tishan`s RelocationPhased Distillate of IntoleranceNatural SpicesRaw HideHill Giant Toes

Updated Quests: Curscale ShieldMarauder Armor

Bestiary Updates: Avatar of Abhorrence [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Selien Nartoisea mountain giant hillockRaffel Minnmornunkempt messengerunkempt preservera skeletonKaglariSir Elmonious Falmonta chest (Sir Elmonious Falmont)Overlord Mata MuramFellmoor PowellRelinin Skyrunneran elder flame protectorSeller of Salvaged SoulsSornita ElternAgent of Change



Good news! There's a "new item" which suggests the item collector is functioning again. (Let's hope so...)

EQ Update #6 of 2016

EQ Update #5 of 2016

Holiday's Have you Feeling Spent?





Several of the requests from the past few updates remain pending. Tarl Punox clarity of information is holding up updating several quests/zones/items for example.


Big thanks to those that are reposting info under the new NPC, quest and item entries... The Broken Mirror is starting to take proper shape. You are the heart of Zam!


Here are some site updates:


Updated Items: SoulFire OrnamentationLesser Crypt SpiritSealed Letter

Updated Quests: Illusion: IksarCrypt CrimesLost or FoundForce the Forceful

Bestiary Updates: Shintl LowbrewHollish TnoopsMaugarimgoblin adeptEvay SmitLord of Ire [Plane of Hate: Revisited]The SleepbringerOverlord Mata Muram

EQ Update #4 of 2016

The Many Styles of Thurgen Thunderhead, Barbarian Fashionista


Great classic look pic, for his level 30 North Karana entry


...for his level 35 West Karana entry we see the crisp, modern look (call me young Arias).


The level 35 version appears to be newer, but is listed as being in plain old West Karana. Is this something to do with the dragon with the sheet over her face --err we mean Call of the Forsaken (Ethernere Tainted West Karana) ?


If we need to correct either entry, please let us know.



New Items: Tome: Surprise Attack Rk. III

Updated Items: Grimy PapyrusFractured Mirror FragmentAshen Grave MarkerDusky Grave MarkerDrab Grave MarkerDissenting HackbladeRemnant of Tranquility

Updated Quests: Zimel's Blades (Quest for SoulFire)Into the MuckTDS Rank III Level 102 Spells: Lesser Essence of the CitadelFate Rewards the BoldA Note of Hope

Bestiary Updates: Hierophant Prime Grekalan elemental warrioran elemental crusadera retired merchantWilcher RifunuseLyndalin Delwadamaina bokon priestessAgent of ChangeInnoruuk, the Prince of Hate ; Kaglaria froglok tada skeleton


EQ Update #3 of 2016

Heroic Adventures...



Let's use our new friend Tarl Punox as an example: He gives HA in how many different zones? How many different versions of him are there? How many of The Broken Mirror HA instances are we needing to add to the database?

New Items: Feral Tatters

Updated Quests: Light of LifeAccess to the Ancient Ruins (Inner Vergalid)The Search for the Ultimate Story (Meldrath Mansion Access)  Shadowknight Test of DisempowermentShadowknight Test of EnvenomingShadowknight Test of Raising the DeadShadowknight Test of NecropotenceFate Rewards the BoldApathy of DecayDecay DecreasedGrannus of the Cleansing Steam

EQ Update #2 of 2016

Who Are You Working For?




New Items: Crypt-Hunter's Souslayer Wristguard

Updated Items: AvariceSpell: Sothgar's Flame Rk. IIGoblin Ice NecklaceForlorn Totem of Rolfron ZekThalium OreRationLarge Raw-hide BeltSludge FlingerSpell: Zephyr: KaranaSilver AmuletRusty Short SwordRusty Broad SwordHunting BowGrade E Choresine SampleSteel IngotSimple Defiant Cloth WristwrapArrowBronze KnucklesSimple Defiant Wooden ShieldOrnate Defiant SkullstaffPetrified WoodPetrified WoodEnameled BoxGold Painted RuneStylet of Sacrificed DesiresBroadsword of the StrangerShadowthornLesser Essence of LifePeacock's CloakSlippers of LeisureSanctimonious VeneerDeadman's DrumsBlackened Alloy Bastard Sword

Updated Quests: Rogue Test of SilenceRogue Test of TrickeryRogue Test of DeceptionRogue Test of StealthRogue Test of ThieveryShadowknight Test of BashShadowknight Test of SmashShaman Test of the SnakeShaman Test of ShrinkShaman Test of the Witch DoctorShaman Test of MightShaman Test of HealthShaman Test of SightBard ReportsForce the Forceful

Bestiary Updates: ice goblin diverIcebergTundra Jacka griffennea goblin evokercentaur sheltieaviak rookcentaur courserMartyn FirechaserLord of Loathing [Plane of Hate: Revisited]a rotting Krithgor soldierThalik Silenthandan essence carrierGerot KastaneThe Silver GriffonKurrpok Splitpawa soul tamerRayneKendrickGragrotGina MacStarganOogaa Pickclaw veterana koboldAristan CorgeldMayor Salvador Westa citizenInnoruuk, the Prince of Hate [Plane of Hate: RevisMaster of Spite [Plane of Hate: Revisited]a bokona disintegrated functionarya dissolved citizena dutiful sentinel a foul rotdoga functionarya kennel keepera talentless hackan adventurer Lonyen DrelliadMayor Soltiman WexHigh Boken Cleretchest (Under the Robe Task)a bokona bokon priesta bokon priestessa devout adherenta nascent supplicanta servant of Sul an awakened citizenan avatar of Tranquilitya bubonian couriera bubonian invadera bubonian shamana bubonian warmonger a corrupted defendera corrupted fragmenta corrupted presencea corrupted scouta fragment of lifea gleaming guardiana gleaming lifegivera grand overseera leperous invader a leperous templar a leperous wraitha lucent presencea lustrous scouta pestilent invadera pestilent warriora radiant guardiana radiant lifegivera shining guardiana shining lifegiver a shining stridera winged defender Aristan Corgeld Brinda WindstriderBhaly AdanClara overtonDarwol AdanGabriel CorvalisHiggins HillermanKieran SunweaverLashun NovashineMagnus SelleckMance RandersonNeelo Leafwind Sara EggersSinia WistsongSyrina PureheartTindle VallerenTrenna Marklantotem baseTotem of Decaya lost pustulanta bubonian commandera bubonian courier a bubonian invadera fragment of lifea gleaming guardiana gleaming lifegivera grand overseera leperous archona leperous commandera leperous evokera leperous heretica leperous invader a leperous templara leperous wraith a lucent presencea lustrous scouta pestilent commandera pestilent invadera pestilent warriora radiant guardiana radiant lifegivera shining guardiana shining lifegivera shining stridera winged defenderAristan CorgeldBrinda Windstrider Clara OvertonGabriel CorvalisHiggins HillermanKieran SunweaverLashun NovashineMagnus SelleckMance RandersonNeelo LeafwindSara EggersSinia WistsongSyrina PureheartTindle Valleren Trenna Marklan a bar patrona beleaguered functionarya bloodthirsty butchera bloodthirsty citizen a bokona dealera disintegrated functionarya dutiful sentinel a forgotten guktan a functionarya gangrenous gardenera gaunt followera gruesome guktana kennel keepera leery dealera leery followera leery merchanta leery officiala leery servanta mulch monstera murdered merchanta neglected citizena pile of caustic flesha pile of decomposed flesha pious bokona quartermastera raging monstrositya rampaging monstrosity a rampant monstrositya ravenous citizena reckless monstrositya rooftop revelera skeletal sentinela slow-witted servanta sodden servanta spiritualista squeaking sneaka stealthy residenta stitched monstrositya terror sentinela thuga tsetse bilesuckera tsetse devourera tsetse feedera tsetse swarmera vendora venerated sentinela vigilant sentinela watchful bokonan elected officialan exhausted bokonan inebriated patronan overworked functionaryancient remainsGora FetidmawGramz GrogswillKarth PunoxMayor Soltiman Wexrotted remainsSeller of Salvaged Soulsa wandering officialTarris Ellarina chest (In Defense of Health)a chest (Fate Rewards the Bold)Akkapan AdanAgent of Change

New Zones: Crypt of Sul: Into the Temple (b)

Zone Updates: Plane of Hate: Revisited [The Broken Mirror Version]Crypt of Sul: Into the Temple (b)

EQ Update #1 of 2016

/salute to Tarvas for helping big-time with The Broken Mirror (there are a lot of NPC entries to catch up, but Tarvas has given several big lists to work from in the comment section of the December 30th Update).


I've had a chat with Cyliena, and unfortunately we're not going to be getting any more volunteer admn at this time. Several of you had offered to help, and believe me that is/was wanted. There are some key ways to help without the admn status though:


Edit: Clarification: doing #1-4 below can really help if you sort the information where it needs to go by posting the pieces of information as directly under the correct NPC/Item/Quest as possible. If all of those are missing, then default to posting under the zone... if the top post in the forum thread for a zone summarizes all the "needs created information" from the thread it will be a lot faster for the few of us with the admn access to do that part. I'll say it another way... anything that anyone wants to do that puts the information closest to where it needs to be in a cut-and-paste ready wording really helps.


1. Pick a The Broken Mirror zone, look over the posts and summarize it all in a "this isn't entered yet" kind of post. If you do this you will find that some posts in a thread may be entered already (with me replying to them) and other posts will be redundant as the info was entered via another thread  --but some stuff has been missed. Remember that quests/zones/NPC were missing when some of our users posted info under the zones (and some are still missing).


2. Help make sure The Broken Mirror quests/tasks are written up in a readable way. Identify missing details such as starting NPC (many of them have to be reflagged as quest NPC before the quest can be connected to them).


3. Item collector has snagged a lot of items now for The Broken Mirror. Post under the items what they drop from (as the NPC may not exist in the bestiary yet).


4. We need screenshots of most TBM NPCs.


Here are some updates:


Updated Items: Crude Binding PowderCloth VeilSkullstone of Last BreathBulging Bloody StoneBlightforgerSoulcatcher EarhoopRaw Deathseeker's LeggingsRaw Deathseeker's GlovesPoignant PestulatorGreater Essence of DecayGlowing Essence of DecayEternal SpiritBloodclot CharmLumber PlankBlue DiamondDiamondRemnant of TranquilityGiant Scarab EyePrayer BeadsRough SilkOrder of ThunderHuman Blood

New Quests: Lxavnom Labors EQ Task of Trust: Culling the Unreasonable

Updated Quests: Key to Jaled Dar's Lair (Zlandicar)Udumbara, the flower of legendTDS Progression #4a: The Pellarus SatumA Task of Trust: Problematic PriestA Task of Trust: Culling the UnworthyFaith in RelifeIn Defense of Health

Bestiary Updates: orc pawnTolony MarleEinhorst McMannusGuard TyrakMadame SerenaKobot DellinQuegin HadderGomo LimerinKyle RinlinParcil Vindera giant scaraba lustrous scoutKerath PunoxDiseased Supply CacheBhaly Adana goblin whelpa lustrous scoutRiches of AkkapanWithering MurkgliderClockwork Merchant (1120, -1035) [Enchanter Spells]Sara Eggers

New Zones: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay: Undead UndergroundPlane of Health: In Defense of HealthPlane of Health: Bane of Decay

Zone Updates: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay: Undead UndergroundPlane of Health: In Defense of HealthPlane of Health: Bane of Decay