February 18, 2015

February 17, 2015

EverQuest & EverQuest II Producer's Letters

UPDATE - Saturday February 14:

  • Daybreak had connection issues overnight; forums are back up, but login may not be completely stable yet. It is being worked on.
  • 12:30pm ET: Smed, Holly and Emily (Domino) have all confirmed that there are DDOS attacks going on. They're doing what they can, but expect things to be unstable until it's mitigated.
  • 3:30pm ET: Everything should be back online now!
  • Holly posted a bit more this morning on the EQ2 forums, and twice on the EQ forums, both of which we've included after the jump.
  • If you're unfamiliar with Holly, read this comment.

Holly "Windstalker" Longdale, now the Executive Producer for both EverQuest & EverQuest II, has posted letters on the EverQuest and EverQuest II forums. She introduces herself to EverQuest players, and offers reassurances that both games will continue development.

You can read and comment on both letters (linked above) on the official game forums. The main point seems to be to invite everyone to livestreams. Here's the info:

EverQuest Livestream:

EverQuest II Livestream:

February 13, 2015

Some updates for you on the tail end of what's been a rather long week in our gaming community:

New Quest: Dark Reign: Animated Statue Plans

New Zones: Stillmoon Temple: Tracking the KirinAccursed Nest: Scrap Metal

Layoffs Begin at Daybreak Games

UPDATE, Feb 12th: Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us regarding this news. I doubt we'll get an exhaustive list, but it's obvious that the community team, producers and developers were all hit pretty hard. You can contact us at news@zam.com or directly to @Cyliena on Twitter if you have more information.

One year ago I took the above picture of a smiling Linda "Brasse" Carlson, the Director of Community Relations, in her expertly handmade dwarven regalia, on the Sony Online Entertainment campus.

About an hour ago the first confirmed layoff from the transition to Daybreak Games hit, with Linda posting on Facebook that "I have been released from the best and most challenging job I have ever had. I thank you all for being part of that incredible experience. Too many people to thank personally, but know that I am extraordinarily grateful and very curious where life takes me now."

Linda isn't the only one affected. EverQuest franchise Director of Development Dave "Smokejumper" Georgeson has confirmed now on Twitter that he was laid off. EverQuest II artist Aaron "Gnobrin" Bisnett has also confirmed that he is gone, and we've been told that Systems Designer Akil "Lyndro" Hooper (confirmed now) from EQ/EQ2 has been let go as well.

Also confirmed are Adam "Ngreth" Bell (EQ dev) (x), Tiffany "Amnerys" Spence (Community) (x), Racheal "Afista" McKenny (EQ2 Community) (x), Endymion (EQ2 dev) (x), Eric "Felgon" Smith (Landmark/EQNext producer) (x), Noah Watkins (H1Z1 artist) (x), Steve "Moorgard" Danuser (EQNext Lead Content/Story Designer) (x), Kelduum Revaan (H1Z1 Technical Designer) (x), Aimee "Ashlanne" Rekoske (Community) (x), David Carey (PS2 producer) (x), Jeffrey Bard (EQ2 dev) (x) and Michael "Xelgad" Ganz (EQ2 dev) (x). There are likely many more, but these are the only ones we publicly know of at this time; a list on Reddit has a few more names not mentioned here.

On Thursday, February 12th, both H1Z1 developer Ryan Elam (x) and PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby announced their voluntary resignations.

Colette "Dexella" Murphey posted the company's official statement; here are the key points:

Last week we announced that we were acquired and are now operating independently as Daybreak Game Company.

Unfortunately, this realignment means adjusting staffing as well. We announced today that we will eliminate positions in our San Diego and Austin studios.

These reductions will not affect the operation of our current games and as mentioned above, will help better position our company for future success.

Daybreak's full statement is found after the jump. Tiffany "Amnerys" Spence has discussed turning over a new leaf on her blog, while former PlanetSide 2 producer David Carey posted an insightful public note to the community regarding the layoffs over on Reddit.

We wish the best to everyone involved.

February 11, 2015

Here are some midweek updates for you:

New Quest: Dark Reign: Diving for Lavarocks

New Zone: Lavaspinner's Lair: Diving for Lavarocks

New Recipe: Scroll: Silver Frost Rk. II

February 10, 2015

Here are today's updates:

New Quests: Dark Reign Raid: Reflections of SilverDark Reign Raid: Fanning the Flames

New Zones: Tirranun's Delve: Fanning the FlamesLavaspinner's Lair: Grounding the Drakes

New Bestiary: a chest (Fanning the Flames)TirranunTirranun`s ashen formTirranun`s Blazing Bodywhorl of searing ashesa Delve drakea Delve evokera Delve spellbindera drake egg

Updated Zones: The Ascent: Kessdona's PerchThe Ascent: Reflections of SilverLavaspinner's Lair: Lavaspinner's Locals

Updated Items: Drake FangSmoldering Claw of TirranunScorched Green Metal VisorRusset Rockscale ArmguardsHands of FlameGlimmering Fire Opal BandBrimstone SpauldersBlackened SandalsAshen Blade of the SlayerPerfectly Cut Diamond

Updated Quests: Norrath's Keepers: Lavaspinner's LocalsNorrath's Keepers: Grounding the DrakesNorrath's Keepers Raid: Fanning the FlamesNorrath's Keepers Raid: Kessdona's PerchNorrath's Keepers Raid: Reflections of SilverDark Reign Raid: Kessdona's PerchDark Reign: Grounding the DrakesDark Reign: Lavaspinner's LocalsTDS Progression #0: An OverviewTDS Progression #4a: The Pellarus Satum

Updated Bestiary: Rikkukin the DefenderTirranun the Ancient ProtectorKessdona the EnlightenedGeneral Lereh DirrCaptain Areha BurinaArtisan Garth Okkenactive manashard guardiandepleted manashard guardianinactive manashard guardiana chest (Reflections of Silver)a chest (Kessdona's Perch)

February 9, 2015

February 6, 2015

Here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your weekend!

New Items: Brasse's Bitter BrewJagged Iridescent SwordJagged Iridescent DaggerPrivateer's Kraken RingTrue Heart Robe OrnamentChair of Love OrnamentRobe of Lovers Embrace OrnamentInnoruuk's Spiked Heart OrnamentStool of Love OrnamentRobe of Lovers Past OrnamentRaiment of Roses Ornament

New Recipe: Scroll: Zealous Light Rk. II

New Zone: Tirranun's Delve: Calling Emoush

New Bestiary: a Stillmoon charmera Stillmoon dirt tendera Stillmoon forest wardena Stillmoon granite keepera Stillmoon gravel wardena Stillmoon harmonya Stillmoon instigatora Stillmoon laborera Stillmoon loremastera Stillmoon novicea Stillmoon seera Stillmoon stone castera Stillmoon stone winga Stillmoon teachera Stillmoon wakemakera Stillmoon watchera Stillmoon water magea Stillmoon water servanta Stillmoon waverushera Stillmoon witchdoctora Delve championNethran peta Delve clerica Delve drakea Delve evokera Delve shamana Delve sneakunconscious mystica cave poisonera crevice weavera granite bishopa granite defendera granite sorcerera kirin way keepera Snowfoot antagonizera Snowfoot heathena Snowfoot shadowan ascent cliff casteran ascent conjureran ascent divineran ascent ice priestan ascent ice wingan ascent rock healeran iron watcher

Updated Zones: Lavaspinner's LairTirranun's DelveThe Ascent: Drake EggsStillmoon Temple: Sickness of the Spirit

Updated Items: Wretched Skull RingBasilisk StewPristine Kirin BrainImpure Goblin BloodPolished AnthraciteSilverwing Emblem

Updated Quests: Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's CurseBeginner Researcher TestNorrath's Keepers Tier 2a: Defend the Kirin ContactNorrath's Keepers Tier 2a: Recover the Lost MapNorrath's Keepers Tier 2a: Turn the Tides of the SandNorrath's Keepers Tier 2b: Sickness of the SpiritNorrath's Keepers Tier 2c: Calling EmoushDark Reign Tier 2a: Army of StoneDark Reign Tier 2a: Blood from SandDark Reign Tier 2a: Reap the Kirin MindDark Reign Tier 2b: Drake EggsDark Reign Tier 2c: Calling EmoushTDS Progression #2: Gathering Clouds

Updated Bestiary: Joren NobleheartBronto ThudfootGrachnist the DestroyerEmoush the DestroyerMystic ShiflorMystic GriknokMystic BraggleGoblin CookGoblin ServantGoblin KingHigglin DiggerchopStillmoon Forest KeeperWong Lia drakeStormwheel

February 5, 2015