EQ Update #58

Back from the Mob Graveyard




In May 2016 Prathun replied to a forum posting on the official boards reversing the decision to remove several named from Siren's Grotto, calling it an oversight. Note that Siren's Grotto was revamped in 2003. This change applies to all servers!



EQ Update #57

EQ Update #56

EQ Update #55

Updated Items: Preserving Protector's Breastplate ;  Preserving Protector's Greaves ;  Preserving Protector's Vambraces ;  Preserving Protector's Helm ;  Preserving Protector's Boots ;  Preserving Protector's Gauntlets ;  Preserving Protector's Bracer ;   Murkglider Charm ;  Clay Powder Bomb ;  Potter Ceramic Clay ;  Planar Pearl Encrusted Stein ;  Spiritstone of Everfrost ;  Ice Ring of Chilling Depths ;  Bone Bracelet of Corruption ;  Jeweler Ceramic Clay ;  Cazicite Ruby Veil ;  Druzzil's Composite Treant Laminated Compound Bow ;  Fletcher Ceramic Clay ;  CLASS 7 Drakebone Discord Tip Arrow ;  Ice Tipped Acrylia Arrow ;  Chum ;  Prepared Weary Wrass ;  Prepared Green Gill ;  Prepared Thunder Salmon ;  Purple Trickster Circle Fly ;  Cazic's Blood ;  Drink of Timeless Energy ;  Brewer Ceramic Clay ;  Juice of Quellious ;  Extravagant Infused Glacial Great Axe ;  Bazu Breastplate of Flames ;  Smith Ceramic Clay ;  Large Gothic Steel Pauldrons ;  Livestone Chain Sleeves ;  Hero's Toxin II ;  Hero's Toxin I ;  Toxicologist Ceramic Clay ;  Concentrated Grade AA Larkspur Extract ;  Concentrated Grade A Caladium Extract ;  Exotic Fruit Bowl ;  Runny Chocolate Mint Golanda Ice Cream ;  Baker Ceramic Clay ;  Griffon Casserole ;  Golden Efreeti Chestplate 

New Quests: Raid Expedition: The Western Wastes ;  Poisoncrafting Supplies ;  Smithing Supplies 

Updated Quests: Key to Cobalt Scar ;  Baking Supplies ;  Brewing Supplies ;  Fishing Supplies ;  Fletching Supplies ;  Jewelcrafting Supplies ;  Pottery Supplies 

New Recipes: Griffon Casserole 

Bestiary Updates: Hiptal Frizzleboth ;  Guard Eldarn ;  Guard Degada ;  Despondo ;  Captain Nealith ;  Captain Keatar ;  Alex McDarnin ;  Barnal Flamehand ;  Lieutenant Feardeep ;  Scout Bladethorn ;  a shimmering green drake ;  an emerald sky defender ;  a glimmer drake ;  Lyndalin Delwadamain ;  Agent of Change (Western Wastes) ;  Agent of Change (Siren's Grotto) ;  Agent of Change (The Western Wastes) [To leave expedition] ;  the Hand of Veeshan ;  a frantic wolf ;  a distressed aviak ;  Beyar Liikedeh ;  Reaver Kildraz X`Tin ;  Lebounde ab Dolmen

New Zones: Raid Expedition: The Western Wastes 

Zone Updates: Raid Expedition: The Western Wastes

Everquest July Update Patch

July 6, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- Look to the marketplace this July for the Bird in a Cage. Each one contains a random adoptable bird familiar. Trade them to your friends or collect them all yourself, and keep an eye out for some rare and unique feathered familiars! 
- Lynea the pet collector in the Commonlands will purchase your excess adoptable pets for a unique currency. You can buy a random discontinued pet from her using this currency.

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EQ Update #54

Do you like to Hunt?



This mission is easiest for those with tracking ability... we need some TBM zones tracked in the sense of giving us a list of the NPC you see on track. If you can approximate the NPC level by comparing the /con colour to your own level that helps too. Even just the tracking list from the zone in can help a lot. Some of this was done by user Drewinette a while back, but there are gaps. Here's the current status of our TBM bestiary knowledge:


Crypt of Decay [Broken Mirror Version] --only 12 NPC currenly entered

Crypt of Sul --only 24 NPC currently entered

Crypt of Sul: Into the Temple (b) -- only 7 NPC currently entered {Tarvas has told us this is all there is, thanks!}

Crypt of Sul: The Bokon High Council --only 1 NPC

Crypt of Sul: Head of the Snake --only 1 NPC

Crypt of Sul: To the Brave Go the Spoils --only 2 NPC

Plane of Fear: Revisited [The Broken Mirror Version] --12 NPC currently entered

Plane of Hate: Revisited [The Broken Mirror Version] --has 45 NPC listed. It also has a ton of posts the volunteer admn need to go back over... and the zone description is a bit of a mess.

Plane of Health --44 NPC known, may be a couple of posts for the volunteer admn to check over.

Plane of Health: Bane of Decay --46 NPC known.

Plane of Health: In Defense of Health --42 NPC known, one post to double-check.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay --108 NPC known.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay: Undead Underground --62 NPC known

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life --59 NPC known

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life: Under the Robe --1 NPC known.


Is this all the zones of TBM?


Volunteer ADMN: if you are handy with pics... several of these zones have a pile of bestiary pics uploaded directly to them. Likely because the bestiary entry didn't exist when the pic was uploaded (so we need to move the pics to the correct spots).


And a site update:


Updated Items: Preserving Sponsor's RobeGlowing Essence of DecayGreater Essence of DecayLesser Essence of DecayMedian Essence of DecayMinor Essence of DecayLesser Essence of LifeGreater Essence of LifeGlowing Essence of LifeMedian Essence of LifeMinor Essence of LifeScroll: Dichotomic FuryScroll: Dichotomic FusilladeScroll: Dichotomic ParoxysmScroll: Dichotomic ReinforcementScroll: Dichotomic WeaponsScroll: Dichotomic WindsScroll: Echo of DissolutionScroll: Gravity TwistScroll: Hemocoraxius' PandemicScroll: Ilsaria's Swift DecayScroll: Meteoric BoltScroll: Mystical WaysScroll: Night's Endless TerrorScroll: Roar of the LionScroll: Self-CombustionScroll: Shocking VortexScroll: Spiritual SwellScroll: Sporali StormScroll: Summon Coronal OrbScroll: Undying LifeSong: Dichotomic PsalmSong: Plague of the PiperSong: Requiem for the DeadTome: Curse of the Thirteen FingersTome: Devout PenitenceTome: Dichotomic FormTome: Dichotomic RageTome: Dichotomic ShieldTome: Impudent InfluenceTome: Pain Doesn't HurtTome: Savage RancorTome: Shrouding Speed DisciplineScroll: Dichotomic ForceScroll: Dichotomic FireScroll: Dichotomic FangScroll: Dichotomic CompanionScroll: Copsestalker's EnrichmentScroll: Blood of the VicarumScroll: Auspice of EternityScroll: Anticipated IntercessionTome: Arcslice

Bestiary Updates: a goblin aggressora goblin battlemastera goblin soothsayera goblin bloodtracera goblin scouta goblin skirmishera goblin witchdoctorGrachnist the Destroyera goblin pit fightera goblin warriora grass snakeExterminator VIIIa brown myotis batGargha clockwork merchant (1075, -1040) [Magician Supplies]Dusty MummyHead Golem UsherZannsin ResdinetLendel Deeppocketsa spirit callera spirit speakera spirit healera spirit guardEntalona skeletal cook



Quarm Server Update

From: https://www.everquest.com/news/quarm-event-server-coming-july-2016


The EverQuest team will be launching Quarm, a special event server, in July! This server is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at noon PDT.

We’ll have a beta test for Quarm that will open up to players THIS WEEK on (or around) Thursday, June 16, 2016.

Each period of time the Quarm event server is open will be called an “Event,” followed by the Roman numeral for which Event it is (for example, “Event I”). Each Event on Quarm will have different goals for players to accomplish. Players can earn special rewards by completing Quarm server goals before the end of each Event. An All Access Membership will be required to participate in the events on the Quarm server.

Why name an event server Quarm? Just like how Druzzil Ro preserves the timeline after Quarm is defeated, such is the case with the Quarm server. Once Event I on the Quarm server has run its course, characters will be moved off of the server. Our plan is for new events to be a fresh start on Quarm.

Players that earn rewards from goals during an Event will be able to claim these unique rewards on ANY server (yes, even progression servers)!

Do you and your friends have what it takes to be the FIRST raid to defeat Overlord Mata Muram? If so, you’ll earn a unique title! Even if you aren’t the first people to defeat Mata Muram, additional titles are available for completing the group progression and completing the raid progression on the Quarm server.

How Will the Quarm Server Work?

In case you missed the May 2016 Producer’s Letter, the details for Event I on the Quarm server are:

  • New characters start at Level 51 with 50 AA points, wearing a full set of level-appropriate Defiant gear.
  • Experience rate on Quarm is set to the same rates as other live servers. 
  • All expansions up to and including Omens of War are unlocked. Race / class combinations that are available in Omens of War will be available on Quarm.
  • There will be no expansion unlocks past Omens of War during Event I.
  • Most items are tradable, using the same tradability restrictions as the Firiona Vie server.
  • True box rules apply. Multiple accounts cannot be played on the same hardware.
  • The Recruit-a-Friend experience bonus is disabled to maintain a fair competitive environment.
  • The server will have a finite time limit. At a minimum, it will run for 3 months, but this could be extended.
  • Once the Event has ended, and all characters on Quarm will be moved to a new server. The new server will follow the standard server ruleset. There are no plans to allow transfers off of this new server.

What Are My Goals on the Quarm Server?

To earn rewards, you need to complete either the group or the raid content in Omens of War before the end of the Event.

The group goal is satisfied by completing all six small-scale trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds. The raid goal is satisfied by defeating Overlord Mata Muram in Anguish.

The group trials are offered by each of the six projections in the Muramite Proving Grounds. Each trial tests the participants' mastery of an aspect of domination and warfare that the Muramites value. Up to six players can tackle a small-scale trial together. While fewer than six is possible, it is not recommended, as these trials are challenging and require specific skills and tactics that are not often called upon in battle!

These trials are:

  • The Mastery of Destruction
  • The Mastery of Efficiency
  • The Mastery of Fear
  • The Mastery of Ingenuity
  • The Mastery of Subversion
  • The Mastery of Weaponry 


Defeating Overlord Mata Muram may sound simple, but as those who have fought him in the past can attest, getting to him is half the battle. To challenge Mata Muram, each adventurer must individually complete Taromani's signet-seeking quest, and the raid force must collectively complete all six large-scale trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds, and then they must defeat every other target in Anguish.



EQ Update #53

Count Your Snakes




We seem to be missing some snake entries in the bestiary. Oddly, it is low-level newbie zone snakes "a grass snake" for example that seem to be lacking.


If you're in a newbie area, please post under that zone (if the snake isn't correctly in the database already) the name of the snake and any pertinent info you get (drops, level, etc.). More pics of snakes wouldn't hurt either. Just be careful, sometimes they KICK.


Updated Items: Choker of BattlesSlippers of LeisureRaw Crypt-Hunter's BootsFlame of HopeGrave WormGlowormBloodwormOrnate ScrollTattered ScrollAged ScrollOpened ScrollRolled-Up ScrollPlain-Looking ScrollGrandiose Armwraps of AlraTriumvirate Blood StoneGrim MomentoComfy ShoesMidnight Crawler

New Quests: The Other SideAchievement: Night Crawlers (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)Hunter of the Sul Vius: Demiplane of DecayFallen Footwear (Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay)

Bestiary Updates: Feig AdanVergalakThe Ut`len DepthkeeperHigh Bokon Boromasa retired salespersona bokona bokon (warrior)a high bokon (warrior)a high bokon (cleric)Bokon Revel the Rebornan unpleasant bureaucrat Ilsa GrangerEunice, Well-Wishera grass snake

EQ Update #52

EQ Update #51 Part 2

Updated Items: Potion of Mystical Aptitude ;  Greater Mystical Infusion ;  Elixir of Divine Endurance ;  Mystical Infusion ;  Essence of Froglok ;  Hawks Eye Tonic ;  Titan Potion ;  Gate Potion ;  Potion of Shadeweaver ;  Potion of the Frost ;  Potion of the Bone Field ;  Potion of the Swamp ;  Adrenaline Tap ;  Greater Potion of Heat ;  Greater Potion of Purity ;  Greater Potion of Antibody ;  Greater Potion of Cold ;  Potion of Graveyard Dust ;  Potion of Stinging Wort ;  Greater Potion of Cohesion ;  Kilva's Skin of Flame;  Potion of Dulsehound ;  Greater Potion of Negation ;  Spirit Shift ;  Vial of Tamed Mercury ;  Ant's Potion ;  Kithar's Disease Treatment ;  Ethira's Poison Antidote ;  Kilva's Blistering Flesh ;  Potion of Antiweight ;  Potion of Aquatic Haunt ;  Potion of Negation ; Potion of Unlife Awareness ;  Benefit Awareness IV ;  Benefit Awareness III ;  Benefit Awareness II ;  Benefit Awareness I ;  Disease Awareness IV ;  Disease Awareness III ;  Disease Awareness II ;  Disease Awareness I ;  Poison Awareness IV ;  Poison Awareness III ;  Poison Awareness II ;  Poison Awareness I ;  Cold Awareness IV ;  Cold Awareness III ;  Cold Awareness II ;  Cold Awareness I ;  Heat Awareness IV ;  Heat Awareness II ;  Scuffed Weapon Crate of the Mercenary ;  Magic Awareness IV ; Magic Awareness II ;  Magic Awareness III ;  Magic Awareness I ;  Elixir of Greater Concentration 

New Recipes: Heat Awareness II ;  Heat Awareness IV ;  Cold Awareness I ;  Cold Awareness II ;  Cold Awareness III ;  Cold Awareness IV ;  Poison Awareness I ;  Poison Awareness II ;  Poison Awareness III ;  Poison Awareness IV ;  Disease Awareness I ;  Disease Awareness II ;  Disease Awareness III ;  Disease Awareness IV ;  Benefit Awareness I ;  Benefit Awareness II ;  Benefit Awareness III ;  Benefit Awareness IV ;  Potion of Unlife Awareness ;  Potion of Negation ;  Potion of Aquatic Haunt ;  Potion of Antiweight ;  Kilva's Blistering Flesh ;  Ethira's Poison Antidote ;  Kithar's Disease Treatment ;  Ant's Potion ; Vial of Tamed Mercury ;  Spirit Shift ;  Greater Potion of Negation ;  Potion of Dulsehound ;  Kilva's Skin of Flame ;  Greater Potion of Cohesion ;  Potion of Stinging Wort ;  Potion of Graveyard Dust ;  Greater Potion of Cold ;  Greater Potion of Antibody ; Greater Potion of Purity ;  Greater Potion of Heat ;  Adrenaline Tap ;  Potion of the Swamp ;  Potion of the Bone Field ;  Potion of the Frost ;  Potion of Shadeweaver ;  Gate Potion ;  Titan Potion ;  Hawks Eye Tonic ;  Essence of Froglok ;  Mystical Infusion ; Elixir of Divine Endurance ;  Greater Mystical Infusion ;  Potion of Mystical Aptitude 

Bestiary Updates:  a sporali foodling ;  Strangacul


Thanks to Kanamori on Phinigel for the Alchemy updated information!