New Class Announced for Drakensang Online

A new class is introduced for Drakensang Online, the Dwarven Steam Mechanicus.

Drakensang Online, a Diablo-esque browser based action RPG by Bigpoint, has announced plans for a new class. Joining the Spellweaver, Dragonknight and Ranger, players will now have the option to play as the dwarven Steam Mechanicus. Players will now be able to fight the evil hoards plaguing Draconica as a new class with new abilities and features. 

The new Steam Mechanicus class is similar to engineer roles in other MMOs. The Steam Mechanicus is a ranged class, featuring massive projectiles, steam jet packs, rocket jumping, grenades, iron armour and artillery. A ridiculous Steampunk dwarf wielding a cannon is a welcome addition to any game, and will fill a support role in Drakensang Online. True to most Steampunk fiction, pipes and screws protrude from the dwarven engineer. Their weapons are powered by steam, which is harnessed from deep within the earth. I must admit, this strange fusion of dwarf fiction and Steampunk is rather charming, and has a pleasant humorous vibe.

If you are interested in playing or reading up on Drakensang Online, you can do so at the official website. The game is browser based and requires no download or client installation. I must say, if a Steampunk Dwarf Grenadier isn't reason enough to play a game, then nothing is.

 Aidan Pucchio 

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