The Free Agent: Episode 10 - PAX Prime Edition

The Free Agent returns from PAX Prime with his top 3 F2P picks from the show floor

Hello and welcome to the 10th episode of the Free Agent. To celebrate we have a special PAX Prime Edition in store for you today. The Free Agent spent the long weekend scouring show floor for free-to-play games. From the blazing lights and soaring banners of the Wargaming booth to shadowy corners full of Indie games, the Free Agent asked the question, "Can gaming REALLY be free?"

With only ten episodes under our belt it's too early to truly answer that question, but I'm happy to report that there are some very promising prospects in store for us. So read on as and the Free Agent bring you our Top 3 Most Anticipated Free-to-Play games from PAX Prime 2013.

Before we get into it, I should confess that at first all those pretty lights and expensive displays were very distracting. In a tumultuous sea of free-to-play titles all vying for my attention, I did what any mere mortal would do; I went straight to the Oculus Rift booth and tried out their VR headset peripheral to escape from the craziness of the show floor.

During the demo, which was not nearly long enough, I plummeted off the side of a building in an armored mech and nearly lost my lunch from the experience. I'd never been so uncontrollably blissful and nauseous at the same time. As my mind surrendered my stomach to this virtual reality, I couldn't help but see a whole new world of gaming on the horizon.

With thoughts of what could be running through my head, I steeled my resolve and returned to the roaring reality of the crowded PAX show floor, more determined than ever to see past the blinding lights and find authentic gaming experiences to share with my readers.

In short I have done my very best to not just bring you a boat load of hype and PR jargon, but rather share with you the free-to-play titles that I am truly excited to experience in the weeks and months ahead.

So here it is, the Free Agent's most anticipated free-to-play titles of PAX Prime 2013:

First Place: Dawngate (more on page2)

Second Place: Infinite Crisis (more on page3)

Third Place: EverQuest Next Landmark (more on page4)

Some Honorable Mentions (more page5)

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# Sep 05 2013 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
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As an avid MOBA player I've tried just about every MOBA game I can get my hands on, literally I don't think there is a MOBA current in beta I haven't played. But honestly, the majority of them just aren't fun, the controls and gameplay just don't feel tactile, Dawngate is different.

When I first heard that Dawngate was being developed by a small EA team my initial thoughts were "Oh great they're going to milk it", but much to my surprise one of the developers of the small passion project passed me a beta key so I could try it and then tell him what I thought, so I did. The game is a ton of fun to play, it plays much the same as other MOBA games, but the four gold shrines on the map bring back a bit more of Warcraft and add another objective to the map.

What it always comes down to for me is the attitude of the developer towards the game and its community, and I'm happy to report that Waystone games are very passionate about this. The developers do a livestream on TwitchTV (which was an instant success) and give away beta keys en mass to viewers. They even hired an ex-League of Legends pro-player to help them with game balance.

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