Titan Leaks?

A mysterious inside informant may have leaked information on Blizzard's new game.

An inside informant has apparently leaked to TitanFocus some juicy tidbits of the upcoming Blizzard game known only as Project Titan. While the informant's details must be kept hidden (and as we can't confirm them, take it all with a gargantuan pinch of salt), the reporter states that the information has been validated to have a 95% chance to be true. As with anything in development, everything could possibly change between now and launch (if it is even actually in development as described).


So what are the supposed leaks? Some information about the game's universe, the game-play and some other miscellaneous information about Titan and team behind it.

Game Universe:

  • Based on Earth's history, but with a high amount of fiction.
  • Will include many elements from Warcraft. Most will be easter eggs but can extend as far as character ported into the new game "one way or another".
  • Lots of Time Travel.
  • For weapons players will have everything from magic to guns.
  • Heavy use of Greek, Roman, and Viking myths.
  • Established writers have been invited to help with the storyline. 


  • MMORPG with 3rd person view, but with first person view during "events".
  • TAB targeting
  • Completely new game engine
  • Graphics in the established "Blizzard style"
  • PC game, but next-gen consoles still being considered for post-launch release (a la Diablo 3).
  • Expected 12+ PEGI review (or T for Teen stateside.)
  • Designed with eSports in mind.
  • There will be clan housing. No details on player-housing.
  • The game will have an Auction House and possibly a Real-Money Auction House.


  • The team now has 150 developers. About to bring in Community Managers and testers to join the team.
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish localizations now. More to come during beta.
  • Easy in-game recording considered, but its current state is unknown.
  • Each zone will have its own song on the soundtrack and will vary vastly in type/rhythm from each other.
  • Titan Teaser at BLIZZCON 2013 as well as details on expansions for Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and World of Warcraft.
  • Family & Friends Testing to start Q1 2014.

BLIZZCON 2013 is scheduled for November, so it may be some time still before hard information comes out. If the con will only have a teaser!

Matt "Mattsta" Adams

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Looking forward to the game, but not to the Launch Day Blues
# Apr 03 2013 at 8:33 AM Rating: Decent
6 posts
Blizzard, why are you setting me up for another launch-day disappointment when I won't be able to play because the servers will be down?

In other words, this game sounds AWESOME!
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