$10,000 Smite Tournament To Be Held At PAX East!

Think your team has what it takes to win the $10,000 prize pool? Details on how to sign up inside.

Attention Smite fans! Does your team think it has what it takes to compete against some of the top Smite players around? How about for a chance to win a pretty hefty cash prize pool? Well it's time to gear up and show us what you're made of because your opportunity has just arrived. Coming to Pax East (March 22-24) the team at HI-REZ Studios that brought you Smite, will be hosting a $10,000 prize pool tournament.

The tournament is a 5v5 set up, that will consist of 8 teams, 7 of which have already been hand picked by the Smite devs themselves in order to compete. The 7 teams as listed are:

1.Root Gaming

2.My Revenge(EU)


4.Borderland Gaming(NA)

5.Reason Gaming


7.Vivacity E-Sports

While the 7 seed positions were picked directly, Hi-Rez is giving you, the players, a chance to compete for the 8th seed position by means of their "Wildcard Event" which will be held on March 10th. The Wildcard Event is a single-elimination, best of 1 match tournament, with the winning team going on to fill the 8th seed and a chance to compete in the $10,000 prize-pool Pax East tournament.


Wildcard Event
In order to be eligible for the Wildcard Event, all players that are a part of the competing teams must have an account that is "in good standing". Players with suspended accounts are ineligible and are not allowed to compete using smurf or alternate accounts. Any team that houses an ineligible player will forfeit the event. The winning team will earn the 8th seed position in the Pax East tournament, while the top 3 teams will be given gem packages as rewards. If your team is interested in signing up, then you can do so by following this link.

For all other information relating to the tournament and contact information, head over to their official tournament information page.

See you in game!




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