SMITE God Reveal: Osiris

Osiris comes back from the dead to rule the Afterlife in SMITE.

Hi-Rez Studios recently revealed their latest God in SMITE: Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife. His passive is to be fragmented, and each ability used will consume one of the fragments of his bodies until he walks through his enemies in spirit form. Osiris will cut down his opponents with a sickle and a flail. He'll also tether them in his mummy wraps and shed his fragments to leap at the lowest health god while ripping a fragment of its spirit.

Never has there been, nor shall there be a king more perfect than Osiris. Son of the Earth God, Geb, Osiris was divine royalty by birth, and all the land his birthright. Benevolence and prosperity were the hallmarks of his reign. Would that he had been left to shape the world, but the jealousy of his brother, Set, changed the course of fate.

Seeking to usurp the throne, Set deceived and murdered his brother, tearing his body to pieces and casting them across the land. Isis, Osiris’ wife, secretly fled while Set plunged the kingdom into darkness. For years she toiled to reassemble her husband while his spirit form, his Ba, endured. Yet for all her searching, she could not find every part of him, and Isis was forced to reanimate Osiris without. Though not strong enough to defy Set in this incomplete form, Osiris gave Isis a son that would topple the tyrant Set and restore balance to Egypt.

What remains of Osiris is a fragment of what he once was. Robbed of his crown over the earth, he now governs the realm of the dead with the same benevolence he ruled the living. But darkness looms again, and though broken, Osiris refuses to sit idly by. Mustering the last of his strength and spirit, Osiris seeks to change the course of fate, this time for the light over darkness.

A full list of Osiris' abilities, skins and related items is available on the official site.

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi

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