Avatar Upgrade

MindArk's space-world gets a brand new optimized avatar system

Online space-world Entropia Universe is having a party, and the guest of honor is an all-new player avatar system!

Developer MindArk claims "the new avatars are significantly enhanced with over twice as many polygons as their predecessors for surprising fidelity.  All character textures have been heightened as well, with faces becoming four times more detailed."

But it isn't all just about looks. The new avatars allow for better performance on a wide range of machines -- an important factor in online gaming, to be sure. 

The good news for players with existing characters is that they'll be able to reset them one time for free within this new system.

Entropia Universe is free-to-play and uses and interesting real-cash economy model, different from the usual free-to-play setup. As a matter of fact, the developer lovingly calls it an MMORCE -- massively multiplayer online real cash economy.

You can give it a whirl right here.


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