Armor is out, Coats are in for City of Steam NPCs

Guards get a wardrobe update in City of Steam's new Dev Journal

City of Steam, the upcoming browser based Unity engine MMO, has detailed a redesign of it's NPC guards since the last beta build. They've gone back to the drawing board with the guard design, which had previously looked like a typical fantasy, full-plate wearing character type. Now, however, they have been given Napoleonic-like coats and leather boots to go along with the game's steampunk style.


City of Steam


One character in particular has been given a hand-crafted look: Lieutenant Twyne, who was singled out as the "Most Talked to NPC" during a previous test. With a trimmed goatee and fancy epaulets (The dangly shoulder curtains!), he now looks the part of an officer.

Check out the full art Dev Journal for a full comparison between the old and new outfits.

You can vote to have the game on Steam through Greenlight here.


- Josh "Vazzaroth" Hagood




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