City of Steam: Arkadia to Launch Early December

Developer Mechanist Games is making some huge changes to City of Steam and re-launching it as City of Steam: Arkadia. After much work to update several facets of the game, earlier today it was announced that the official release date is Wednesday, December 4 at 9am ET.

City Of Steam Beta Begins This Friday

Beginning this Friday many players will be able to take some of their first steps in the upcoming MMORPG, City Of Steam, uncovering the mysteries and dangers that await them on their journey through "The World Machine".

City of Steam Early Access Beta

The upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, City of Steam, is quickly approaching it's open beta phase. In order to set the stage for open beta, R2 Games is launching an early access beta which begins on May 10th.

City of Steam: Greenlit


Mechanist Games can crack open a celebratory bottle this morning as their Steam Geenlight campaign was officially deemed successful.

It isn't a surprise that City of Steam corralled enough support from the Steam community to move towards a release on the ubiquitous game platform.

The Beast(s) Within

Mechanist Games has released the latest in what promises to be a meaty series of dev blogs surrounding their steampunk MMORPG, City of Steam. This time around, we get a look at the bestiary.

City Of Steam Gains Publisher

Following a successful series of closed beta events, City of Steam was recently picked up by a publisher. In order to support the game’s English launch, Indie developer Mechanist Games has teamed up with Reality Squared (R2) Games to provide platform infrastructure, marketing and customer service.  We’ve explored the unique browser-based game previously in our own hands-on preview.

Announcing the deal, Mechanist CEO David Lindsay stated that “A partnership with R2Games gives us that extra boost needed to make City of Steam’s great release, an amazing one. We share a vision that this game can be the very best browser-based MMO out there.”

R2 Games has previously released English localizations of popular Chinese browser-based MMOs Crystal Saga and Wartune. Together with Arabic localizations of other games targeted at the Middle-East and African markets, the company has gained 10 million registered users. City of Steam will be the first Unity 3D-based game to launch on their platform.

Jared Psigoda, R2Games CEO said that “Mechanist Games’ approach to making a game is something we’re thrilled to be a part of. We want to make sure City of Steam gets the recognition it deserves for being the innovative game that it is.”

Armor is out, Coats are in for City of Steam NPCs

City of Steam, the upcoming browser based Unity engine MMO, has detailed a redesign of it's NPC guards since the last beta build. They've gone back to the drawing board with the guard design, which had previously looked like a typical fantasy, full-plate wearing character type. Now, however, they have been given Napoleonic-like coats and leather boots to go along with the game's steampunk style.


City of Steam


One character in particular has been given a hand-crafted look: Lieutenant Twyne, who was singled out as the "Most Talked to NPC" during a previous test. With a trimmed goatee and fancy epaulets (The dangly shoulder curtains!), he now looks the part of an officer.

Check out the full art Dev Journal for a full comparison between the old and new outfits.

You can vote to have the game on Steam through Greenlight here.


- Josh "Vazzaroth" Hagood



City of Steam: Closed Beta Trailer

The City of Steam closed beta starts in just two days, but Mechanist Games is celebrating that milestone today with the launch of a brand-new closed beta trailer. 

The 4+ minute "newspaper" video gives a pretty solid overview of what to expect in the game, and gives a great look at combat as well as some amazing visuals. Crank it up! Get it? Crank? Ahem.

City of Steam Dev Diary

There's only about three days left before City of Steam goes into its next phase of closed beta. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, the developers at Mechanist rolled out a big ol' overhaul to the game's UI.

Cranking Into City of Steam

I’m honestly surprised. I’ve seen Google Chrome pull clever stunts, like music videos rendered in 3D using HTML5, or multi-player Facebook games powered with Flash; but a full-fledged MMO? I’d argue that it couldn’t be done.

It’s taken Mechanist Games to prove me wrong. Their current endeavor, City of Steam, looks and behaves just like any other MMORPG I’ve played. Sure, the character models are a little simplistic and the color palette is a little brown, but it works. The beauty is in accessibility; I can be logged in and exploring this industrial-era fantasy world in under ten seconds.

As the introductory cinematic explained how the World Machine is built from continent-sized cogs and gears, Communications Manager Gabriel Laforge agreed to guide me through the first few stages of City of Steam’s Closed Beta.