TSW Adds End of the World Content

Three days...three days...

The Secret World's alternate reality game is surging in content. Not above poking fun at themselves, this video went up yesterday, where a Funcom employee goes berserk about the end of the world, then runs into the meeting room where others are planning content for TSW, and he yells, "You're making money off the end of the world?!"

More mysteries are coming up with the impending end of all things - more puzzles, mysteries, and investigations to be done in the ARG. The undead and gaint monsters called harbingers will be arriving all over the in-game world.


Joel Bylos, recently taking over TSW, will be updating a video series about the end of the world. If you haven't checked out TSW's ARG recently, now is a good time. 


Can you work it all out before it's too late?

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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