The Secret World: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

The next update, titled Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple will be released November 15th.

The next update for The Secret World is coming November 15th. This update, Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple, is the largest update to date for the five month old MMO.

The biggest feature being added in the patch is the game's first raid set in New York City, hence the title of the issue. The 10-man raid has the team fighting through the subways and streets of New York before facing down the raid's final boss in the middle of Times Square.

The raid is only one part of the update. Players will also have access to:

  • The Chainsaw – The 2nd auxiliary weapon, this weapon is good for tanks due to its strong melee, hate generation, and defensive abilities.
  • The Albion Theatre – Players can rent the stage and perform shows using props and effects available from loot or the in-game store.
  • PvP Update – New PvP Reward Vendors and new Quests in Fusang Projects
  • A couple new Investigation and Action Mission
  • A new Lair Mission in all of the Lairs
  • Height Slider in Character Creation
  • Nine new starter decks
  • Reticule Combat – This optional new feature will target skills based on where the reticule is pointing. Move the mouse instead of the tab key to target enemies to attack or allies to heal.

The Preview Video for Issue #4 is out now showcasing all of these updates.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams



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