Fractals of the Mists Preview

ArenaNet teases the upcoming Lost Shores dungeon in new video

Don't look now, but the Mists are upon us! No, not *those* Mists. THESE Mists!

ArenaNet took another opportunity today to do a bit of teasing for their upcoming content patch for Guild Wars 2, The Lost Shores. One of the major features of this patch is a new series of dungeons called Fractals of the Mists. Developer Leah Rivera describes the Fractals as "an array of mini-dungeons" that are unlike anything you've seen in Guild Wars 2 before.

The Fractals seem to play out a bit like World of Warcraft's Caverns of Time, where players can visit various "time pockets" and participate in important historical events of the past you might be familiar with.

Interestingly, the new dungeon uses a WvWvW-style upranking mechanism, which mean all characters are scaled up to the appropriate level. Rivera is quick to point out however that the goal is to make it challenging for level 80 players, so it will still help to have a full array of gear, skills and traits with you.

But don't take our word for it - check out this beautiful, ethereal video depicting just some of what we'll see in Fractals of the Mists!

The Lost Shores kicks off with a special event starting November 16th, and will eventually offer content that will "change the face of Tyria forever." Check Leah's official dev blog for more!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard



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