The Lost Shores coming to Tyria in November

ArenaNet posts teaser for the upcoming November content update.

Mad King Thorn had barely packed his bags, and already whispers of yet another new content patch are emerging.  Well, not so much whispers as a shout from the rooftops of Lion's Arch! 

ArenaNet has announced The Lost Shores, an all-new content patch schedule for this month, November 2012. What's more, it looks like little in-game hints and teasers have already been cropping up! Read on, adventurers…

Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…

Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores,

a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!

So reads the teaser on the new content page for The Lost Shores. While the details are sparse, there is already much speculation on what this might mean. Is it a new zone? A complete revamp of an existing zone caused by an in-game event? Could this even possibly be the revelation of the elder (currently nameless) deep sea dragon?

But wait, there's more!

After Community Leader Martin Kerstein dropped a not-so-subtle hint on the forums, it seems that some players are noticing changes in game world, perhaps as a prelude to the coming event. New ships in Lion's Arch, new crests, new posters and more. There's even talk of a new dungeon. Dulfy has been compiling some of this, and it's quite intriguing!

It looks like ArenaNet is doing their best to live up to their promise of creating a living, breathing game world for players to explore and experience. I'd have to say they are on the right track!

Head on over to The Lost Shores preview page to check it out. Oh, and, by the looks of the scolly-widget-thingy on the top of that page, we also have something to look forward to in December. Wintersday, anyone?

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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