RIFT: Storm Legion - Tactician Soul Revealed!

Trion announces the new Rogue Soul - a flamethrower-wielding master of gadgets!

In front of a frenzied livestream audience, Trion pulled back the curtain on the eagerly anticipated new Storm Legion soul for the Rogue calling. And wow, does this one get all the toys. The Tactician is a master of area effect combat, using a flamethrower-like magical weapon to dispense Torrents of damage and, interestingly, healing. Alongside this arcane burninator is a mix of Cores that can be placed on the ground to give a mix of damage, healing, or buff effects.

Going on the rampage with your favorite new weapon isn’t just a case of squeezing the trigger and watching enemies melt in front of you. In order to get maximum damage, you’ll need to spend some effort pointing the cannon of fiery delights in the right direction, and making sure that whatever it is you don’t like is within range of that roasting jet. In better news, you can channel Torrents while moving, allowing you to spin and chase down any potential escapees while you have energy left.

All new souls in the Storm Legion expansion are based around the use of magical technology, and the Tactician is no exception. Cores are the collective term for the arsenal of gadgets the Tactician carries around, just waiting for the best situation to use them. A barrier remote might form a protective shield, while a curative remote placed near an enemy might heal allies that deal damage to it. By contrast, an engine placed on the ground might heal the Tactician when they take damage, or add a splash damage effect to their attacks. Either way, they’re sure to be carrying one bulging utility belt.

We’re told that the Tactician should synergize well with the Bard, Saboteur and Nightblade souls, with a collection of new Purposes, or premade builds, ready to get you started. The Flametrooper is a potent mix, combining the AoE damage from Tactician with the single target attacks of the Nightblade. The Medical Technician takes all the raid buffs from the Bard, and combines them with the healing from Tactician, to create a strong AoE group healer. Finally, the as-yet-unnamed Tactical Saboteur build caters to those who want all the destruction, all the time. With the Saboteur’s new 61-point Molotov Cocktail crowning the build, it’s sure to bring a warm glow to everyone’s hearts.

If you simply can’t wait and want to try this out for yourself, don’t fret! Put in a pre-purchase for any version of Storm Legion, and get swift access to this weekend’s Storm Legion Beta Event!


Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer, Staff Writer


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