Film Friday: Nine New Trailers

Nine New Trailers

That week just flew by! Today we've collected nine videos from a variety of games including Final Fantasy Type-0 HD/FFXV, Archlord 2, 0rbitalis, RIFT, the just-announced Victor Vran, Gigantic, Guild Wars 2, Cities XXL and H1Z1.

RIFT 3.1: Storm at Sea to Launch Wednesday

On Wednesday, January 28, RIFT players will embark to the isle of Tyrant's Throne, a disc of earth and iron found within the Dreaming Sea. Patch 3.1: Storm at Sea introduces a new 20-player raid, chronicle, raid rift and more.

Trion Worlds: News on RIFT and ArcheAge

Trion Worlds is dutifully hard at work on all its various projects. What are they up to lately?

First up is a short Producer Letter from Bill Fisher, Execute Producer on RIFT. The upcoming Nightmare Tide expansion was meant to launch this Wednesday. Instead, they've extended the beta and delayed the launch:

RIFT: New Mini-Game with Minions

Neophobics beware! Trion Worlds is mixing it up in RIFT. To make resource-gathering a little more fun, they're introducing the system of Minions! (Coming October 8th with Nightmare Tide)

In the form of trading cards, pair your Minion cards with adventure cards for them to do. After waiting a while, voila – adventure complete! Your minion gains XP and – if you're lucky – lots of gear:

Trion Drops a Load of Announcements at PAX

Trion Worlds has announced a myriad of timelines, expansions and launch dates for their four titles: ArcheAge, Defiance, RIFT and Trove.

Trion Launches RIFT 2.8 & Defiance: Silicon Valley

Trion Worlds is one of the most active studios around, currently juggling four titles under their name. Among them are RIFT and Defiance, two MMOs still fresh in their meaty lifespan. They've both very recently had significant updates, so let's take a look!

RIFT's Patron Benefits Get "Supercharged"

Trion Worlds has decided to reward its RIFT subscribers by enhancing the current Patron benefits! All previous existing benefits such as additional currency, boosted mount speed, discounts in the RIFT store will remain while even more is added. New benefits include:

Summerfest Has Returned to Telara!

The season of sun and fun has made its way back to RIFT! Summerfest kicked off on July 3rd, and through the 23rd all players can enjoy the returning Scavenger Hunt quests, new companions and items, a new zone event and dimension, and more!

RIFT Announces Nightmare Tide Expansion

Earlier today, Trion Worlds revealed RIFT's second expansion, titled Nightmare Tide. Slated to release later in 2014, players will be able to adventure beyond Telara and enter the Plane of Water itself. New story quests, five addition levels (taking the cap to 65), more artifacts to collect, new inventory slots and more will be waiting in these abyssal depths.

Eorzea Examiner #16: Inspiration From Nexus, Pt. 1

Hello and welcome to the sixteenth edition of the Eorzea Examiner, ZAMs column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For this weeks column, we're going to take a look at the recently released MMO from Carbine Studios, WildStar. This one's going to be different than when we looked at The Elder Scrolls Online earlier this year; I won't be trying to help anyone choose between the two. Instead, we're going to look at WildStar as inspiration for changes in FFXIV. While the games themselves are quite different, some systems could still be used or modified to improve things for everyone here in Eorzea.