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ArenaNet's Bill Freist Details Guild Wars 2's Optimization

ArenaNet's Bill Freist opens up on improving Guild Wars 2's performance as launch nears.


Guild Wars 2 is undeniably a feast for the eyes.

Delivering such scope and grandeur can be taxing on some machines and there have been various moments of chug for many players across the BWEs and stress tests.

QA man for all seasons Bill Freist took time in a blog post today to take a look at how GW2 is coming along in relation to a variety of hardware choices.

Some interesting information lies therein, including how drivers can make a big difference in current performance:


From the people I've spoken to, there was a noticeable improvement in FPS and quality in yesterday's stress test.

Did you get the same impression? Let us know below.

                                                                   Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor In Chief



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