Aion: Ascension Launching April 11

C.U.B.E. will be the death of my wallet.

We reported last month that Aion would be going "Truly Free" in North America, and it looks like April 11, 2012 will be when that happens. While there are no concrete details about what NCsoft plans to sell in the Aion microtransaction store, they are introducing a brand new microtransaction feature they call the "Customizable User Bundling Experience" (C.U.B.E.), which allows players to build their own bundle with microtransaction purchases. With multiple C.U.B.E. sizes available and purchase bonuses depending on what C.U.B.E. size is picked up, these DIY bundles will give players a build-a-bear level of microtransaction customization but with perfectly tailored in-game packages. rather than hideous bears with terrifying self-recorded voice boxes, as the final product.

The Atreian Atlas, an in-game guide to leveling, lore, and questing, will also be making its debut with Ascension, so for anyone who feels daunted by the sheer amount of new content already in the game and being introduced with Ascension, just turn to the Atlas and hope it can guide you home.

Ascension will also be bringing a new level cap of 60 with more than 600 new quests being added in, as well as two new zones, Sarpan and Tiamaranta, six new instances, player housing, and mounts. If you're keen to hear more, be sure to check out the Aion: Ascension trailer below, or head over to the Aion Online 3.0 Feature Guide to Ascension.

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