PST Episode 128


It's almost time for Josh "Lore" Allen to make his move to Irvine and join the community team at Blizzard. Somehow amidst getting ready to move to California and all of the other things he needs to wrap up before starting the new job, he's found time to record more shows.

As this week's episode of PST is Lore's last episode of the show, he's brought us a super-sized video with an hour's worth of questions.

PST Rapid Fire Ep. 19


Welcome back to another episode of PST Rapid Fire, the weekly World of Warcraft Q&A show hosted by the one and only Josh Allen aka Lore. Join him this week as he covers topics such as the future of small group content and scenarios, Warlock abilities, the possibility of raid-scaling and theories on level gain in the next WoW expansion pack.

Balancing Act

World of Warcraft fan? You're in luck -- we've got a double-dose of ZAM original video content for you!

PST Episode 111

ZAM's own Lore is back with 42 more gripping minutes of rapid-fire World of Warcraft Q&A!

PST - Episode 109

Lore is back with another round of his Q&A show, PST. This time around, he tackles tough topics such as faction-tagging of world bosses in patch 5.2, discussing if reforging still have a place, pondering if add-ons are required and more.

The Elder Scrolls Question Of The Week

It's a new week, so that means a new developer question!

The Weekly Marmot

ZAM's very own Lore threw down yet another great episode of The Weekly Marmot this week, where he discusses one of the biggest features of the recently released World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 Landfall - gear upgrades.

Gear upgrades, you ask? WoW is already the king of gear upgrades! Yes, but now you can upgrade your upgrades. By using all flavors of in-game currency points (Justice, Valor, Honor and Conquest) players can now upgrade existing like-pieces of gear up to two times, resulting in 8-16 new iLevels of goodness.

PST Episode 104

While most of the US was either in a food coma or doing Christmas shopping last Friday, Lore was busy bringing us a new episode of PST, his weekly Q&A show. In this week's episode of PST, Lore covers topics ranging from teaching encounters to new raiders and LFR drop rates, to whether we'll see another tradable pet for sale on the Blizzard store.