PST Episode 104

Lore answers more of your questions in this week's episode

While most of the US was either in a food coma or doing Christmas shopping last Friday, Lore was busy bringing us a new episode of PST, his weekly Q&A show. In this week's episode of PST, Lore covers topics ranging from teaching encounters to new raiders and LFR drop rates, to whether we'll see another tradable pet for sale on the Blizzard store.

Lore's notes for this week's video:

0:23 - Regarding SimCraft and this week's Weekly Marmot

6:33 - Why not add reputation to Scenarios?

12:50 - Will we ever see another tradeable Blizzard Store pet like the Guardian Cub?

15:15 - When should I consider extending a raid lockout?

19:05 - Should the Dungeon Journal give a minimum item level for dungeons/raids?

25:07 - Should item droprates in LFR be increased?

33:08 - What's a good way to teach newer raiders how an encounter works?

38:47 - Could LFR be used to let lower-level characters run old raids?


If you'd like to see more PST or any of Lore's other videos, head over to Tankspot or just follow Lore on Twitter.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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