The Weekly Marmot

Lore discusses the awesome that is gear upgrades in patch 5.1

ZAM's very own Lore threw down yet another great episode of The Weekly Marmot this week, where he discusses one of the biggest features of the recently released World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 Landfall - gear upgrades.

Gear upgrades, you ask? WoW is already the king of gear upgrades! Yes, but now you can upgrade your upgrades. By using all flavors of in-game currency points (Justice, Valor, Honor and Conquest) players can now upgrade existing like-pieces of gear up to two times, resulting in 8-16 new iLevels of goodness.

From Lore's perspective, this is a welcome addition that does nothing short of saving the raid game. Now, you'll never be forced to waste points on something you don't want. 

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