Red Bull Battle Grounds: November 23 - 24

The competitors in this weekend’s Red Bull Battle Grounds will compete for a prize pool of $50,000. A definitive who’s who of the StarCraft II scene, the match-ups at this event guaranteed to be among the best of the year.

If you're not attending the event in person check out the livestream on November 23rd and 24th beginning at 1PM EST. Check out the full schedule below!

Red Bull Battle Grounds Roster Revealed

sOs, MC, Bomber, PartinG, HyuN, Scarlett, Snute and Golden.

These are the eight top-tier competitors in next weekend’s Red Bull Battle Grounds, vying over a hefty prize pool of $50,000. A definitive who’s who of the StarCraft II scene, the match-ups at this event guaranteed to be among the best of the year. One of the most notable attendees is sOs, the very recent winner of the World Championship Series.

BlizzCon 2013 Round-Up!

BlizzCon 2013 is over and this year’s event will be remembered for many reasons. Not only did Blizzard announce details of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, but information was also released on future plans for the immensely popular Hearthstone, due to go into open beta next month. 

World Championship Series Global Finals

The WCS World Finals of StarCraft II kicked off on Friday, November 8. After three seasons of regional qualifiers and world championships, the top 16 players of the year will face off in what is possibly the hardest StarCraft II tournament of all time. The finals are at BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment's massive annual convention. The winner will take home a grand prize of $100,000 and a huge trophy.

StarCraft II WCS Season 3 Finals

Blizzard Entertainment's strategy franchise StarCraft was the first video game series to support eSports. The trend continues this weekend in the World Championship Series Season 3 Finals of StarCraft II. In Toronto, Canada, 16 of the top players from the third and final season will compete for a $40,000 grand prize.

This is eSports - Episode 7

For the past few years Red Bull has been a huge proponent of eSports, particularly Blizzard Entertainment's award winning real time strategy game StarCraft 2. On November 23rd and 24th, eight of the best professional gamers, including the reigning StarCraft 2 World Champion Bomber, will duke it out for a $50,000 prize pool.

Red Bull Hosts StarCraft II Battle Grounds in NYC

Screaming fans. Larger-than-life personalities. Professional sports-sized prize purses. This is not simply a game – this is eSports; this is the Red Bull Battle Grounds.

Red Bull Battlegrounds New York Announced!

Following the disappointing news that StarCraft II would be missing from the next MLG event for the first time since its release, Red Bull jumped in to cheer up fans with a tease that something big was coming.

WCS Europe Round of 16: ESports Recap

Now that I am part of the working zombie populace I have considerably less time to consume eSports content, which is quite literally 24/7 these days. The chances are most readers are of the same world. But you're in luck, despite my better judgment I rarely get more than 4 hours sleep, sitting into the small hours of the morning watching, I’m here to help you keep up!

Let’s focus on WCS Europe (StarCraft II World Championship Series) because, as any eSports netizens will know, the American regionals are really just a stomping ground for South Koreans and that’s just not as interesting. 

MLG Summer Invite, all American tournament!

You may remember a short while ago, following a record breaking MLG Anaheim, MLG announced it was stepping up the pace with additional content. Well, it looks like MLG is already delivering.

Today the eSports company has announced the MLG Summer Invite, a 16-player $1,500 Invitational tournament with some of the best StarCraft II players in North America.