StarCraft WCS America Regional Finals June 1-2

It is pretty hard to miss the StarCraft II World Championship Series if you ever visit Twitch.TV, but if you somehow did, now is the perfect time to tune in! The top players the world over have clicked it out and we're already down to the final 16. On Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, we will witness an epic; the top players will do battle live in-person at the MLG Studio in the American Regional Finals.

Evil Geniuses Kick pro-gamer Greg 'IdrA' Fields

Premier North American eSports team Evil Geniuses has dropped the biggest and most shocking headline in recent StarCraft history; it has released StarCraft veteran Greg “IdrA” Fields from its team.  

StarCraft WCS America begins Saturday!

The American StarCraft 2 WCS Season 1 ($1.6m World Championship Series) kicks off this weekend on MLG.

Join commentators Axeltoss and Axslav, along with other special guests, from 1pm ET on Saturday and 1.30pm ET on Sunday.

The action continues into next week when the WCS America competition will be broadcast at 8pm ET Monday-Thursday. 

MLG Details $100,000 WCS America Season 1

The first season of the $1.6 million StarCraft II WCS 2013 (World Championship Series) is kicking off soon and American partner MLG has announced fresh details of WCS America Season 1, which will include a $100,000 prize pool.

It will feature a 256 player Qualifying Tournament where the top eight players will earn a spot in the WCS America Season 1 Premier League. The other 24 places in the Premier League will be populated by invited players, including some of the best Koreans in the world; reason enough to upset the European and North American community who expected WCS to foster competition outside of Korea. 

Heart of the Swarm Launch Broadcast

Living up to the legacy of StarCraft: Brood War is an impossible task quite truthfully, and while the initial StarCraft IIWings of Liberty campaign has had its fair share of troubles, you cannot deny that the massive growth in eSports today can be accredited to its success. With the next expansion launching on March 12, Blizzard has kicked-off a 21 hour broadcast covering launch parties across the world, Korea, Australia, Europe and United States.

Vengeance Heart of the Swarm Trailer

Vengeance is coming. That is the buzzword that has been exciting the StarCraft community recently. Vengeance, a trailer for the new expansion Heart of the Swarm, is being premiered later today at 12PM PST on During this event, Blizzard developers will be talking about the making of Vengeance, followed by an exclusive Heart of the Swarm eSports showmatch casted by TotalBiscuit and dApollo, and finally, the world premiere of the Vengeance trailer for Heart of the Swarm

Razer StarCraft II Peripherals


With StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm out soon, you're going to need new gear. And Razer has your back, with a new keyboard, mouse, headset, and messenger bag all in the swanky purple-pink of the Zerg colors.

Heart of the Swarm Beta Ends in March

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is inching closer to release. And because of that, the public beta is shutting down, March 1st. That might sound unfair and even cruel, but the game's full release is going to land not even two weeks later. So I'm sure you can understand if this is little more than the official release process. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams

MLG Details StarCraft II Winter Season

With the release of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm coming on March 12, eSports organisations and players alike have started to make the switch from Wings of Liberty to the new expansion. Today eSports goliath Major League Gaming has finally detailed their plans for their Tenth Annual Winter Season, which will feature Heart of the Swarm

The Winter Season will conclude in Dallas at the MLG Winter Championships on March 15-17, and as we already know will not include open qualifiers, instead MLG has come up with a new format. The new format will see 56 of the best StarCraft II players play an invite-only best of 5 Winter Season Showdown match each, the winners will qualify for the Winter Championships. 

MLG Tournament Of Champions

Tonight SKT.Rain and KT.Flash, two of the most feared KeSPA players, will be facing each other for a spot in the finals of MajorLeagueGamings's Starcraft II Tournament of Champions each hoping to claim the $5,000 top prize or a guaranteed $2,000 for second place.