Red Bull Battle Grounds Adds More Qualifiers

The popular StarCraft II eSports tournament, Red Bull Battle Grounds, is drawing near and recently announced that three more open qualifier events have been added to its schedule: Red Bull Battle Grounds North America, Red Bull Battle Grounds Global, and Red Bull Battle Grounds Online.

Red Bull Battle Grounds 2014 Calendar Unveiled

Red Bull Media House announced yestesrday the 2014 Red Bull Battle Grounds tournament schedule! Making its way through three cities this year, the popular StarCraft II eSports tournament has some excitement in store.

StarCraft II 2014 Season 2 Kicks Off

Yesterday afternoon Blizzard announced that StarCraft II's second season has started! 2014 Season 1 milestones have be awarded while standings and bonus pools have been reset. New maps are now available for the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 map pools, which are detailed in this article.

StarCraft II Fight Night Kicks Off on ESGN Monday

The web-based eSports channel ESGNTV is bringing StarCraft II back to your screens this coming Monday, March 17th at 12:30pm PT / 3:30 pm ET. Unlike the first season of "Fight Night" - StarCraft II Edition, this season will feature eight pro-gaming stars as they try to make their way to the final on the official Arcade Edition of StarCraft II. This version of the game has modified game modes and custom maps to choose from, which require the pro-gamers to take entirely new approaches and promise an extra helping of fun for the eSportmen and spectators alike.

IEM World Championship in Poland

The Intel Extreme Masters tournament series kicks off an exciting, mass tournament for its Season 8 finale, with StarCraft II and League of Legends teams battling it out.

WCS Premium Subscription Tickets on Twitch

The premium subscription tickets for World Championship Series are currently available on Twitch! They will give fans of StarCraft II eSports access to the highest quality live stream, as well as subscriber-only chat (when available) and eight unique WCS emoticons. Low, Medium and High quality streams as well as VODs will always be free for all.

StarCraft II: Patch 2.1 Interview

A few weeks ago, StarCraft II received one of the most significant content patches to date in Patch 2.1. The beastly new patch included a great deal of content, including:

  • "Arcade" features are now free: The custom maps of StarCraft II are contained in a portion called the arcade. It is now free with the Starter edition of SC2, and available for download. If you are new to StarCraft, I recommend starting with the games "Raynor Party" and "Mafia", they are great fun. Along with the Arcade, free players will have access to custom games and the beginning of the campaign.
  • New extension mods feature: Players can now create custom games with zany modifiers, such as moving minerals and all units exploding on death. This feature allows for smaller mods to be more easily used by average players.
  • New level cap for online play: The level cap has been raised from 30-35 for each race, and new StarCraft themed portraits can be unlocked.
  • First win of the day bonus: The first win of the day in competitive ladder (only available to players who have purchased the full game) now grants 100,000 experience.
  • Classic Soundtrack: The StarCraft: Broodwar soundtracks have been mastered and are available for free in StarCraft II.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to check out the StarCraft II Starter Edition, the quantity and quality of content available for free is overwhelming. We recently had the opportunity to talk to SC2 Senior Game Producer Tony Hsu about some of the patch 2.1 content.

StarCraft II Proleague Begins Tonight

Proleague begins tonight at 7pm KST on December 28, in South Korea. The only remaining StarCraft II Korean team league, Proleague, has a huge prize pool of nearly $100,000, and eight fantastic teams competing. Tonight we see team MVP facing off against SK Telecom T1 and Incredible Miracle playing Prime. The matches are sure to be exciting, and we will likely see a slew of new Korean talent.  The event has the first three caster team, with professional player MoonGlade and former GSTL caster Wolf.

12 Days of Gaming: Five Million Swarms

It was 1998. The table I sat at in eigth grade math class was considered the "geek" table, and there was always one thing on our minds when we gathered 'round before class began: Starcraft. As a game that was considered a common late-night or weekend venture, none of us cared much for any activities indoors besides Blizzard's futuristic RTS game. Fast-forward fifteen years later and the one memorable line from Starcraft II's trailer that resonates in everyone's mind is "It's about time." Indeed it is about time, because who would have thought such an IP would have solidified itself for a decade and a half? Now nine months after the first expansion, Heart of the Swarm, there's no sign of this game stopping in terms of popularity.

StarCraft II WCS 2014 Changes Announced

StarCraft II's 2013 eSports season ended with a bang at BlizzCon, as the Protoss player sOs took a stunning victory. The event was one of the best in StarCraft II history, with over 120,000 viewers tuning in for the final match. Blizzard aims to address many of the problems that the community and professional players had with the WCS eSports format in the upcoming WCS 2014. StarCraft II is arguably the eSport with the highest skill cap, and provides a top tier experience for the viewer. Despite these facts, viewership is down slightly over previous SCII seasons. With the 2014 WCS season, Blizzard aims to put StarCraft II back on the eSports throne.

The 2013 WCS season was very convoluted: tournaments had overlapping schedules, there were periods of very little scheduled professional play and long running tournaments were quite condensed. WCS 2014 aims to fix this by instituting a linear schedule that is more consistent and to ensure more regular broadcasts, as well as making more time for dedicated third-party tournaments. Blizzard also promises more third-party partner tournaments that give dedicated WCS points.