Riot Release Team MRN Cinderella Story Video

Season three of the League of Legends competitive season is upon us. The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) kicks-off today at 1PM PST, the two most popular North American teams go head-to-head, Team SoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming. 

To raise the hype levels even more – despite risk of world-shattering MRN chants – Riot have released their first story building video, something the eSports community has been demanding. This first video titled “Cinderella Story” focuses on the rise of the unlikely champions, Team MRN, who were the biggest story of the North American qualifiers and the talk of the community. 

DayZ Standalone Receives First Developer Video Log

The zombie news of the day is good news, that's because we are talking about DayZ and not another Z-game. Zombie overlord Rocket and Matt of the DayZ Standalone project have put on some pants and thrown together an impromptu video showing off what’s new with the DayZ Standalone. 

While Rocket does say at the start of the video that they have a lot of things disabled, that they are not ready to show, there are quite a few things to be excited about. A more user-friendly interface, new engine support for clothing, revised loot spawning mechanics and new areas on the map. 

Follow through as we checkout the video: 

Champs of the Week (With LoLKing Guides!)

Every week we take a look at a handful of the top champions in the League of Legends. These champions not only excel in competitive play but also in solo ranked games; they are favorites in the community. With each champion we will also take a guide from the wonderful community that demonstrates how to play the champion. It should be remembered that these guides are not law, but are to guide you in the right direction.