Champs of the Week (With LoLKing Guides!)

Some of the most powerful champions with guides to suit!

Every week we take a look at a handful of the top champions in the League of Legends. These champions not only excel in competitive play but also in solo ranked games; they are favorites in the community. With each champion we will also take a guide from the wonderful community that demonstrates how to play the champion. It should be remembered that these guides are not law, but are to guide you in the right direction. 

Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem 

Today we will start with one of the most annoying champions in the game, Blitzcrank. A good Blitzcrank player who positions him/herself well can terrorize the enemy bottom-lane with Rocket Grab, good for zoning people out and denying those precious minion kills.

Combined with his potentially massive Mana Barrier, burst damage and silence from his ultimate, he is a great pairing with other high burst-damage carries such as Graves, Vayne or Corki.

Steam-golem engineer Santhean is at hand with an extensive Blitzcrank guide that covers everything you could ever need to know. Santhean explains all the decision making of this guide thoroughly and goes in-depth on each of the pillars of the build – runes, masteries, abilities, items and laning. 

Blitzcrank has no real weaknesses, though he can be easily countered by smart players. The best Blitzcrank player is a smart one – get creative. 

Taric, the Gem Knight

The dazzle prince is the most popular support this month on LoLKing's charts and is also the support with the highest win rate this month – he has been picked in 46% of this month’s ranked LoL games and has won 55% of them – the numbers speak for themselves. 

To tell us why he is one of the best support champions, we have Spellsy of the former Absolute Legends NA squad (which closed down unfortunately) with his Taric guide. This guide is built around early-game aggression, being tanky enough to win those engagements and come out ahead. It is to the point and exact. If you are going to take anybody's advice it should be that of a professional player. 

Taric is a pure support character with the potential to build tank if need-be, this means he has low damage output, he is slow and has a limited stun so if you get caught alone you will die. 

 Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter 

With her twin pistols, Shock and Awe, she struts the battlefield poking in and out of battle. That's what she is good at, sitting at the edge of the battle poking damage with her high damage per second (DPS) kit. With a good crowd-control team, Miss Fortune's high DPS ultimate – Bullet Time – can decimate an enemy team in its entirety. 

The Miss Fortune's Manual is a guide by Middelhuis which covers each aspect of playing the endearing bounty hunter, including videos that demonstrate the early-game damage of Miss Fortune. 

The biggest let-down of Miss Fortune is how easy she is for an enemy team to focus on. Once you get hit you lose your increased movement speed from Strut, making it all the more important to bring Flash. 

Twisted Fate, the Card Master

The Gambit of the Fields of Justice has the most powerful ganking ultimate in the game, not only does Destiny unveil all enemies on the map it also allows him to get the jump on his enemy. Add in that he has potentially unlimited supplies of Mana through his blue card, a stun card and large amounts of AoE damage he is the perfect middle-lane champion.

The puppeteer of the Card Master Hexadecimal brings us his Twisted Fate guide, “It's all in the cards.” Another highly popular featured guide with its well-planned sections bullet pointing the reasoning behind this excellent build. 

Some things to look out for when picking Twisted Fate: he is great at farming in middle-lane but is also very squishy which leaves him open to ganks. Late game he falls behind quite a bit when compared to other champions.

Shen, Eye of the Twilight

Defying typical conventions of the ninja, Shen is the agile tank top-lane bruiser who is not afraid to take fights head-on. Like Twisted Fate, Shen's ultimate allows him to traverse the map to assist allies, suddenly turning the odds of the battle. 

The “Well Balanced Shen Guide by m00jo” tells us why we should play one of the most banned/picked champions in League of Legends. This guide is useful for those looking to pick-up Shen for the first time, M00jo bullet-points the usage of each ability, which items you should be going for and why. 

Shen's ultimate makes him one of the best split pushing champions in the game. During the late game you should be pushing towers while your team-mates take another objective. When you need to get back to your team you can use your ultimate. 

 Nunu, the Yeti Rider

The Yeti rider is in hot pursuit of that first place crown of most popular support champion, the crown that Taric currently holds. With the ability to boost the speed of allies and slow down enemies Nunu is an extremely potent support. Absolute Zero, Nunu's ultimate limits the enemy’s ability to run while unleashing mayhem on the Fields of Justice.

It is fitting that PositiveRealist names his Nunu guide “I speed things up and I slow things down”. This guide gives us a detailed breakdown of how to play Nunu, with closing tips for gameplay and team fights. 

In solo-queue it isn't uncommon to get a carry that doesn't quite know what it’s doing, with Nunu being unable to heal others or stun enemies this could cause issues. Fingers-crossed it's a good carry. 

These are just a few of the many great champions in League of Legends. Honestly, the majority of champions are viable and all it takes is a good summoner to realize their full potential. With the competitive League of Legends scene in full-swing the meta will be constantly shifting as teams look for creative new ways to beat one-another. 

Be sure to visit for more great guides like those shown today. We will be back next week to look at a fresh set of champions. 


Chris Rainey, Columnist


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