DayZ Standalone Receives First Developer Video Log

DayZ team talk new loot spawn system, clothes, UI improvements and more!

The zombie news of the day is good news, that's because we are talking about DayZ and not another Z-game. Zombie overlord Rocket and Matt of the DayZ Standalone project have put on some pants and thrown together an impromptu video showing off what’s new with the DayZ Standalone. 

While Rocket does say at the start of the video that they have a lot of things disabled, that they are not ready to show, there are quite a few things to be excited about. A more user-friendly interface, new engine support for clothing, revised loot spawning mechanics and new areas on the map. 

Follow through as we checkout the video: 

On the blog post that accompanies this video, Rocket talks about whats next:

“We’re working very hard on the inventory system even more, and it looks like the crafting system is close in next in our development. It would be fair to say that inventory and crafting are the key development objective currently, second only to the client/server architecture (makes DayZ more like an MMO), and new zombie AI mechanics (an ongoing task).

We look forward to giving even more information, new exciting areas, features, functions, and updates in the coming blogs! We’re all confident it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to join in the development yourself.”

If you own a copy of ARMA 2 you can play the DayZ mod today, or for more infromation on the standalone visit the official website. Let the quest for beans begin! 


Chris Rainey, Columnist 


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