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Though not nearly as diverse as Warlock Pets, Hunter Pets have a variety of skills available to them primarily for dealing damage and for tanking for the hunter. Pets acquire most of their skills from their respective talent trees, however every pet comes with one specific family ability and a few all-purpose abilities. Additionally, the hunter has several skills that activate that operate through the pet.

Hunter pet abilities cost Focus, an Energy-like resource that regenerates quickly on its own.

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Basic Pet Abilities

These abilities are available to all pets:

  • Growl - used for generating threat. Deals no damage.
  • Cower - used to reduce threat. Deals no damage.
  • Dash - increases the pet's pursuit speed by 80% for 16 seconds. This ability is learned from the pet talent tree, but is available to all pets. Flying pets learn Dive instead.
  • Bite/Claw/Smack - every pet will have one of these three identical abilities. Often termed a "focus dump," the point of these abilities is to convert remaining focus into damage.

Talent Tree-Specific Abilities


  • Charge - Charges an enemy and immobilizes it for 1 second.
  • Heart of the Phoenix - Causes the pet to revive itself after it falls.
  • Rabid - Increases pet attack power by increasing amounts over 30 seconds.
  • Lick Your Wounds - Helps pet recover health as though they were bandaging themselves.
  • Call of the Wild - Increases party attack power by 10% for 20 seconds.



  • Intervene - Like the warrior ability, the pet will rush to a target and take the next hit for it.
  • Last Stand - Pet gains extra 30% health briefly.
  • Taunt - Forces a target to attack the pet for 3 seconds.
  • Roar of Sacrifice - Pet absorbs half of a target's damage for 12 seconds.

Familiy Abilities

Every pet family comes with a unique ability. These abilities are not supposed to be game-defining, but rather just to make some small differences between pet types. See Pet Families for the complete list.

Hunter-Pet Abilities

Certain abilities are technically hunter skills, but are activated through the pet, especially the Beast Mastery talents.

  • Intimidate - Makes the pet stun their target for 3 seconds.
  • Bestial Wrath - Enrages the pet, sending it to an unstoppable frenzy.
  • Kill Command - Orders the pet to attack the target more fiercely. Can only be activated after a hunter crit.

Before Lich King

Prior to Lich King, the pet system was very different. Pets gained training points, which the hunter used to train the pet with various skills. The hunter had to know the ability to train the pet, and learned these abilities either from a Pet Trainer or from taming wild beasts and observing the abilities from them. This system was rather cumbersome, as only a small group of beasts actually had the abilities that the hunter would be looking for, and gaining loyalty to level 6 for maximum training points could take quite some time.

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