Pet Families  

All hunter pets are beasts, however they can be divided up into distinct families of animals. For example, the owls in Teldrassil, the ravens in Blade's Edge Mountains, and the eagles in the Howling Fjord are all counted as "birds of prey."

Beasts of a particular family share several traits in common. First, they all have the same diet. Second, it determines which talent tree the pet has and which attribute bonuses it receives. Finally, each member of that family has access to a unique ability that no other pets can acquire. Although there may be many different skins and models that are used within a particular family, all members of that family are functionally identical. Any cat you tame will perform the same as any other cat.

Note that in addition to assigning a particular talent tree, the talent type also indicates attribute bonuses.

  • Ferocity pets have +10% damage, +10% armor, and +5% health
  • Cunning pets have +5% armor and +5% health[1]
  • Tenacity pets have +15% armor and +10% health

Pet family Diet Talent Type Family Ability
Bat Meat, Fungus, Fruit Cunning Sonic Blast
Bear All Food Tenacity Swipe
Bird of Prey Meat, Fish Cunning Snatch
Boar All Food Tenacity Gore
Carrion Bird Meat, Fish Ferocity Demoralizing Screech
Cat Meat, Fish Ferocity Prowl
Crab Fish, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Tenacity Pin
Crocolisk Meat, Fish Tenacity Bad Attitude
Dragonhawk Meat, Fish, Fruit Cunning Fire Breath
Gorilla Bread, Fungus, Fruit Tenacity Thunderstomp
Hyena Meat Ferocity Tendon Rip
Moth Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Ferocity Serenity Dust
Nether Ray Meat, Fungus Cunning Nether Shock
Raptor Meat Ferocity Savage Rend
Ravager Meat Cunning Ravage
Scorpid Meat Tenacity Scorpid Poison
Serpent Meat Cunning Poison Spit
Spider Meat Cunning Web
Sporebat Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Cunning Spore Cloud
Tallstrider Cheese, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Ferocity Dust Cloud
Turtle Fish, Bread, Fungus, Fruit Tenacity Shell Shield
Warp Stalker Fish, Fruit Tenacity Warp
Wind Serpent Fish, Cheese, Bread Cunning Lightning Breath
Wolf Meat Ferocity Furious Howl

Exotic Pets

Certain pets are only available to hunters with the talent Beast Mastery.

Pet family Diet Talent Type Family Ability
Chimera Meat Cunning Froststorm Breath
Devilsaur Meat Ferocity Monstrous Bite
Silithid Meat, Fungus Cunning Venom Web Spray
Worm Cheese, Bread, Fungus Tenacity Acid Spit

  1. ^ These values are likely to change since they put cunning at such a distinct disadvantage.

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