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Soul Reaper Familiar Soul Reaper Familiar cricket182 EQ Item Jul 27 11:39pm
Enchanter Epic 1.5: Oculus of Persuasion chest Amio EQ Quest Jul 27 10:28pm
Paladin Epic 1.5: Redemption "Start Your Noble Quest" FiLiFLiP EQ Quest Jul 27 4:57pm
Brunar Rankin pally epic FiLiFLiP EQ Monster Jul 27 4:51pm
General Discussion Named spawn rate tied to your Hunter Achievement status? Sippin Forum Posting Jul 27 4:34pm
Gather Symbols of Mistmoore Odd spot dmperlman EQ Quest Jul 27 1:23pm
Violence for Silence step 1 squeekyone EQ Quest Jul 27 12:10pm
Enter Mearatas Task update johndawson EQ Quest Jul 27 9:00am
Ivory Flume Enter Mearatas task johndawson EQ Monster Jul 27 8:57am
The Asylum But for realsies stupidmonkey Forum Posting Jul 27 8:57am
The Asylum But for realsies Bijou Forum Posting Jul 27 8:40am
a giant wasp worker I never realized these were so hard to find animekenji EQ Monster Jul 27 1:20am
Brood Drone Kill 5 Cylius EQ Monster Jul 27 1:11am