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See also: Rage, Energy, and Mana.

Energy is the rogue's resource for activating abilities. Unlike mana, it has a small pool of typically 100, and refills very quickly at a fixed rate (20 per 2 seconds) independent of ability usage.

Frequently, rogues will set up their openings to battles based around their having a full energy bar. That is, after using their first ability, they should regain 20 energy 2 seconds later, so for activating 3 abilities, it's usually reasonable to assume the use of 120 energy, which happens to be the cost of 3 talented Sinister Strikes. While raiding, rogues particularly use rotations of abilities since combat is generally more predictable than in PvP, using some sequence of Combo building attacks and a finishing move to maximize their damage output.

Druids in cat form behave like a rogue, and thus use energy, combo points, and the rest of the rogue's combat system while in cat form. All that applies to rogues, except for specific abilities, also applies to feral druids.

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Note: values listed for talents are for the highest level of the talent.


  • Relentless Strikes - Your finishing moves have a 20% chance to restore 25 energy per combo (5 combo points gaurentee 25 energy).
  • Quick recovery - All healing sources give you 20% extra healing. Your finishing moves cost 80% less energy if they fail to hit.
  • Vigor - Max energy is increased by 10.



  • Dirty tricks - Range of blind and sap increased by 5 yards. Their energy cost is reduced by 50%.
  • Dirty Deeds - Energy Cost of cheap shot and garrote reduced by 20.


  • Ferocity (feral) - Reduces cost of maul, swipe, claw, rake and mangle by 5 energy or rage.
  • Shredding attacks (feral) - Reduces cost of rake by 18 energy.
  • Furor (restoration) - 100% chance to gain 40 energy when you shapeshift into catform.


Thistle Tea (consumable) Pure Energy (consumable) Renataki's Charm of Trickery (trinket)

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