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Queen Azshara was a queen of the Night Elves. During her reign she was corrupted by Sargeras and helped summon him to Azeroth, resulting in the first invasion of the Burning Legion and eventually the Sundering, splitting Kalimdor into two continents and destroying the Well of Eternity. She is worshipped by the Naga as a demigod.

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Queen Azshara was born with golden eyes, which were quite rare in night elves before the Great Sundering. golden eyes were commonly regarded as a sign of future greatness. Indeed, Azshara became the most beloved monarch in all of night elf history. She was also the last. Her reign led to the War of the Ancients and the Sundering, after which night elf society underwent sweeping change.

In Search of Ultimate Power

Strong-willed, manipulative, and incomparably beautiful, Azshara possessed far more magical talent than almost any other night elf. As one of the Highborne and sole heir to the throne, she had long been fascinated with the Well of Eternity. After her coronation, she indulged her interests to the fullest. Soon she ordered the construction of a lavishly bejeweled palace on one of the Well's shores.

Seeking to please the queen, the nobles proposed that the night elf capital city be renamed in her honor. Azshara graciously accepted, and after much heated debate, the city's name was changed to Zin-Azshari, or "glory of Azshara". Night elves everywhere celebrated the city's new name, for they loved their queen as much as they distrusted the decadent Highborne. Such was her charm that her people did not truly consider her one of the Highborne.

Azshara and her court took up residence in the new palace as soon as it was complete. Many of the Highborne living in the palace devoted themselves to constant study of the Well. As their obsession grew, these Highborne drew magic from the Well's depths at reckless speed and channeled the chaotic energies into ever-greater spells. The Well was thrown into constant turmoil. Dark storms broke out over its surface, and its waters darkened until they became utterly black.

Dreams of Glory

Sargeras, commander of the Burning Legion, sensed the Highborne's powerful spells and reached out to contact them from the Twisting Nether. With little effort he corrupted all of the Highborne in the palace, including Azshara, and bent them to his will. Quickly they abandoned all their previous work and focused on bringing the Legion into Azeroth. The mesmerized nobles' primary goal, however, was to widen and stabilize the portal leading from the Twisting Nether to Azeroth, so that Sargeras himself could enter the world. He promised that he would remake the world into a paradise.

Working feverishly, the Highborne summoned demon after demon into their midst. As the storms surrounding the Well grew more violent, a crowd of frightened night elves gathered outside the palace, hoping for an explanation from their queen. When the palace gates opened at last, however, a demonic army poured out and began slaughtering the citizens of Zin-Azshari. Only the Highborne who were serving the Legion inside the palace were left untouched. Firmly in Sargeras' thrall, the palace guards watched the massacre and made no effort to help their dying people.

The queen believed that in Sargeras she had at last found a worthy mate, and she was certain that he would be hers once he arrived on Azeroth. As time passed, she grew impatient and suggested restricting the Well of Eternity so that its energies would be available only to the Legion and their Highborne servants. Her chief advisor, Lord Xavius, worked with the rest of the palace Highborne and the Legion to implement her idea, erecting a magical shield around the Well.

Thwarted Plans

Suddenly cut off from the Well, the night elf defenders realized that something catastrophic had happened. Refugees from Zin-Azshari brought news of the demonic invasion to Black Rook Hold, home of Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest. Kur'talos added the refugees who could fight to his own soldiers, and the army set out for Zin-Azshari. The War of the Ancients had broken out in earnest.

With the help of several allies, the druid Malfurion Stormrage destroyed the shield and killed Xavius. Azshara made Captain Varo'then her new advisor and her chief liaison with the Legion. By this time the Legion was divided: many of its demonic minions were out on the battlefield instead of helping to stabilize the portal into the Twisting Nether. The queen blamed Kur'talos' strong leadership of the night elf defenders for delaying Sargeras' arrival. She ordered Varo'then to eliminate Kur'talos, and Varo'then obediently had the valiant noble assassinated.

Birth of the Naga

Despite Azshara's attempts to aid the Legion, the portal to the Twisting Nether was ultimately closed before Sargeras could reach Azeroth. Although the portal's closure saved Azeroth from demonic invasion, the Well of Eternity was unable to withstand the added magical strain, and it began to collapse in on itself. As if struck by a giant hammer, Zin-Azshari and the Well were blasted downward toward the ocean floor. The Well pierced the planet's molten core just before being utterly obliterated.

Ancient Kalimdor was split apart, and the seas rushed in to fill the voids between the new landmasses. The queen, her handmaidens, her guards, and quite a few other Highborne in the palace were caught in the rushing waters. Instead of drowning, however, many were cursed and transformed into naga.

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