Agamaggan (WoW)  

Agamaggan was the immortal Giant Boar which, according to legend, was one of the first creatures on Azeroth.

The creature's body was rumored to be covered in by thorny vines, which he used as weapons to great effect. The trolls were rumored to have hunted him without success.

During the War of the Ancients, the ancient Cenarius sought out Agamaggan, convincing him that if the Burning Legion proved the victor in the conflict, it would signal the end to life in Azeroth. After a long period of reflection, Agamaggan agreed to lend his power to the fight, assaulting the Eternal Palace and destroying multitudes of demons, such as the Doom and Felguards. Amongst his many, considerable abilities, Agamaggan had a powerful stomp ability, a corrosive acid he could launch at his foes and a rain of thorns that would detach from his back.

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