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Alexstrasza, also known as the Dragonqueen and the Great Red Leviathan, is one of the three Great Dragons who fought against the demons during the War of the Ancients.

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The Dragonqueen also helped in the creation of the World Tree by placing a magical acorn within the second Well of Eternity. For some time after this planting, she and her fellow dragons were at peace, but over time arguments about the best methods of protecting the world arose. The gradual and increasing rise to power of the humans and other races left many of them with the belief that these new peoples were a danger to all Dragonflight and should be eliminated. However, some of Alexstrasza's ilk felt that educating them about right from wrong and teaching them the difference was a better solution.

The Fall

The two sides were at a stalemate in this area when Alexstrasza disappeared. In desperation, the red dragonflight began a search for her, only to fall prey to the depredations of Deathwing. Those of the red dragonflight who survived his onslaught discovered that the orcs had captured their queen and were using her offspring as pawns in the Second War.

Current Whereabouts

Alexstrasza can now be found in the frozen tower in the Dragonblight, accompanied by emissaries of the different Dragon Aspects.

Quest Chains

She is involved in the following questchains:

Azure Dragonshrine

  1. Informing the Queen or Informing the Queen
  2. Report to Lord Afrasastrasz

Angrathar the Wrath Gate

  1. Audience With The Dragon Queen
  2. Galakrond and the Scourge
  3. On Ruby Wings
  4. Return To Angrathar

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