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Hakkar the Soulflayer is the Blood God of the Gurubashi Trolls and the vicious and malevolent deity that controls the fallen city of Zul'Gurub.

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  • Corrupted Blood: 875 to 1125 direct shadow damage plus a 200 every 2 seconds shadow DOT that hits a player and several players around.
  • Blood Siphon: Every 90 seconds from the time that Hakkar is pulled he will cast Blood Siphon on the entire raid. In its base state this is a 8 second channeled drain that deals 200 damage per second, stuns, and heals Hakkar for 1000 health per second. However, if the player has been infected with Poisonous Blood (released as a cloud around the corpse of a Son of Hakkar) then the Blood Siphon changes its effect. The stun remains but it now does 200 damage per second to Hakkar. Blood Siphon will appear as a debuff for each person affected. The number of these debuffs will remove nearly all existing ones.
  • Cause Insanity: A 10 second non-dispellable mind control with a 150% movement and 100% attack speed increase, this is cast approximately every 10 to 15 seconds on the person currently highest on the aggro list. While mind controlled, the person temporarily loses aggro - however he will re-gain aggro once mind control expires.
  • Enrage: After fighting for 10 minutes, Hakkar enrages, greatly increasing his damage output. This ability will generally wipe the raid. He will hit a Tier 1 plate warrior for a 7500 crushing blow. Hakkar's enrage does not appear to affect his defense, so if enough damage is done to him, this will not necessarily be a problem in that regard.
  • Will of Hakkar: Takes control of a humanoid enemy up to level 65 for 20 sec.

Other Bosses

If the High Priests in Zul'Gurub are not killed before Hakkar, he is given access to their abilities which will combine to make the fight pretty near impossible.

High Priestess Mar'li Aspect of Mar'li (Spider Aspect) 6 second stun against current aggro holder
High Priestess Jeklik Aspect of Jeklik (Bat Aspect) 1200-2000 AoE damage + 8s silence
High Priest Venoxis Aspect of Venoxis (Snake Aspect) 800 damage poison to the raid.
High Priest Thekal Aspect of Thekal (Tiger Aspect) Frenzy, increasing attack speed by 150%.
High Priestess Arlokk Aspect of Arlokk (Panther Aspect) 2 second gouge (aggro wipes the main tank)

Fight Strategy

This fight is going to revolve around Hakkar's Blood Siphon. You need to make sure the entire raid gets poisoned by a Son of Hakkar's poison cloud before each Siphon. To enable this, you will need one person to pull a fast re-spawning Son from the left and right platforms to the raid so it can be killed. The entire raid has to get the poison from the cloud while ensuring that the entire raid is not poisoned for too long, due to the damage caused. There are two strategies for this.

The fight doesn't require much in the way of DPS, but Hakkar does have a 10 min Enrage. The biggest portion of the fight is going to be making sure that players get in the poison to hit Hakkar. He will do around 1/4 of the damage himself via Blood Siphon assuming everyone in the raid gets the Poisonous Blood each Siphon. As a worst case scenario no more than 3 people can be without the poison, or Hakkar will heal each Siphon.

Hakkar is untauntable, therefore a battle rezzed tank will not be able to gain enough threat to tank him. It's a good idea to keep at least 6 main healers for the raid for this reason. Bear in mind that if you're left with one tank and Hakkar still has a substantial Hp level, a wipe is pretty much a given so reset the fight by running down the stairs.

Hakkar needs to have his aggro held by 2 or 3 tanks. He will use Mind Control the current tank highest on threat then switch to next person on the threat list so using Omen or another threat meter is highly recommended. Hakkar's Mind Control is considered a Charm effect, so druid tanks are not immune. When a tank is Mind Controlled, he should be sheeped by a mage to prevent him causing too much damage to the raid. This sheep should be dispelled when Mind Control fades. Additionally, due to this Mind Control it is necessary to have warriors burn their Intimidating Shout as soon as it cools down to prevent the raid being feared. Hakkar will also frequently spit Corrupted Blood at members of the raid, dealing a large amount of shadow damage. Spreading the raid to limit the number of people who can be hit can help but also causes problems collapsing back to receive the poison. The best strategy is to keep the priests in the center rear, so they don't have to move around to get the poison, and spread the ranged DPS out to both sides, and closer to Hakkar. As with many boss fights, limiting the damage the AoE attack does it crucial. The Corrupted Blood attack does about 2000 points of damage to a player in total, and if 15 people get corrupted this means a total of 15,000-30,000 HP (depending on how fast it gets cleansed) which need to be healed. Since this happens every 20-30 seconds, this puts a massive load on the healers.

Additional Strategy

1. Use a hunter or mage to pull a Son a few seconds before the Siphon, then the raid kill this as soon as it arrives and gets the poison. 2. Use a hunter to pull a Son immediately after a Siphon, or prior to starting the fight, then have the pull sheeped or hibernated near to the raid and killed several seconds before the Siphon is due. The Siphon process removes the poison, so it's possible to keep the damage to a minimum if the Son is killed right before the siphoning. It is important to pull a new son only AFTER the siphoning, if pulled before there is a risk of it unsheeping during the Siphon while everyone is defenseless.

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