war mob:Grolin Bitterstout  

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Additional Info
Affiliations Order / Dwarfs
Species Dwarf

Grolin Bitterstout is a renowned Dwarf brewer. With Dwarf activity in the Marshes of Madness increasing as the Age of Reckoning approached, Grolin decided to transport a large shipment of Grolin's Reserve - a favorite ale of Karl Franz himself - through the swamp, confident that the passage would be safe. With the assistance of "Grolin's Drinkards", a regiment he formed to guard the cargo during its voyage, he set out on a trek to the port city of Barak Varr. At some point during their journey, the Drinkards were ambushed by a band of Orcs, but defeated them handily. In celebration, Grolin himself opened a prize barrel of ale that the Dwarfs soon emptied. Their confidence buoyed as much by the brew as their victory over the ambushers, the Dwarfs set out to hunt more Greenskins.

Unfortunately, in their distracted exuberance, the inebriated Dwarfs left only two of their regiment to guard the wagon. When the hunting party returned, they found the precious barrels smashed, their kinsmen dead and the wagon destroyed. Enraged at this turn of events, the Drinkards swore an oath to kill a thousand Greenskins in revenge. They have made camp by their ruined wagon and patrol the area for any sign of Orc or Goblin.

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