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I am SpyderBite of Avatars of Hate and I play on Venekor

I was born a poor black child.

*shakes head*

I have to stop watching those Steve Martin and Mel Brook's flix.

Step in to my life..

When I was 11 years old, my parents got me a TI-994A computer for Christmas. I had it all setup and was plugging in Basic code by 9am that Christmas morning. By 11am that morning, my parents were screaming in horror and beating me repeatedly when they found that I had torn it apart just to see how it worked.

At age 13, I was teaching the "Keyboarding" classes for my English teacher in trade for free Coke's from the teacher's lounge because he didn't have a clue how the IBM Selectric worked.

By the time I was 15, I was the Computer Page in my high school. Finally, the the AV pages had somebody to make fun of.

At 17, I was applying to Brown, MIT, ASU & Columbia. I moved in to my dorm room at SIU (Southern Illinois University) a year later. However, I was accepted in to a course at University of Illinois on the weekends to help with a small lab project. So, I did my undergraduate studies and then bummed rides to Champagne, Illinois, to work for two days with some geek named Marc Andreesen on some stupid project he called "Mosaic".

When I turned 20, I owned a BBS and the world was my oyster. I had 100 phone lines coming into a condominium complex that only supported 83 lines. I had MUD's and R-rated pictures available at a whopping 14.4 kbs and $14.99/month from 2000 subscribers!

At 25, the web had gone public. I started an ISP and listened to all the AOL users bitch and moan about slow download speeds. I started drinking heavily.. and that helped.

To be continued..

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