fr quest:Rob Robbie daily  

Free Realms
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"Take something from Robbie's abandoned junkpile?"
This is an Errand quest. This quest is repeatable.

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  1. Take loot!
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Starting the Quest

  • To start this quest, you click on a Robgoblin junkpile inside Robbie's tent.
  • When you accept the quest, you automatically take the loot pile and complete the quest.


The reward for this quest changes, depending on how many days in a row you have done it:

  • Day 1 through Day 4 -- a random Common Collection Item; something that could be received from a Common Robgoblin Junkpile. The items seem to be from Toys or Various Robgoblin Junk.
  • Day 5 and Day 6 -- a random Rare Collection Item; something that could be received from a Rare Robgoblin Junkpile. Day 5 seems to be from Rare Toys or Rare Robgoblin Junk; day 6 seems to be a Key.
  • Day 7 -- a random Station Cash Item from the Summer Camp or Housing items.


This quest is repeatable once a day.

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