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Free Realms
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"You meet the coolest people here at *Town Name*!

* Racing NPC* is a famous Kart Driver.

Go say hi! "

Introduce yourself to *Racing NPC* in *Town Name*.

  • Coins 5 
  • Talk to *Racing NPC*
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Starting the Quest

There are 2 people that can give this quest, in 2 different towns. However, once you accept it from one of them, the other one will no longer offer it.


Samantha starts the quest and sends you to talk to Ricky Danger. Note that after the March 2013 update to the PC version, Crossroads is known as Cobblestone Village.

Closing Comments

Ricky Danger says, "That lamp post? Came out of nowhere, I swear! I need to get my kart fixed for the next big race, and you can help!"

Stillwater Crossing

Valerie starts the quest and sends you to talk to Francis Panic.

Closing Comments

Francis Panic says, "I can't believe my kart ran out of power! I'm gonna be late to the big race!"

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Stillwater Crossing
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