Quick Facts

Type: Passive
Expansion: Planes of Power
Total AA: 189
Classes: Ranger



This ability provides you the chance of instantly killing an opponent (humanoid only) who is too far below you in level to provide a challenge, when using a bow. Additional ranks increase the maximum level of humanoid that can be affected by your headshot by 2 levels per rank.

Headshot is a passive AA ability that only Rangers can purchase. It provides a chance that any Archery based attack on a lower-level humanoid mob can hit for extremely high damage, often a one-shot kill. The damage is treated as physical damage and cannot be mitigated or resisted. It works with both regular Archery and any spells that use an "Archery Skill Attack" (like the "Hail/Arc/Barrage of Arrows" directional AE spell line). This information is current up to the Veil of Alaris expansion:

Rk AA Lvl ExpansionPrerequisites MLvl Dmg
1 4 60 Planes of Power

59 32,000
2 5 61 Depths of Darkhollow

60 35,200
3 5 63 Depths of Darkhollow

62 42,440
4 5 65 Depths of Darkhollow

64 46,480
5 5 67 The Serpent's Spine

66 35,200
6 5 69 The Serpent's Spine

68 55,400
7 5 71 The Serpent's Spine

70 60,280
8 7 73 Secrets of Faydwer

72 65,440
9 9 75 Secrets of Faydwer

74 70,880
10 12 77 Secrets of Faydwer

76 76,600
11 7 79 Seeds of Destruction

78 82,600
12 9 81 Seeds of Destruction

80 88,990
13 12 83 Seeds of Destruction

82 95,550
14 9 85 House of Thule

84 109,574
15 12 87 House of Thule

86 120,527
16 15 89 House of Thule

88 125,555
17 3 90 House of Thule

89 130,583
18 3 90 House of Thule

89 135,611
19 3 90 House of Thule

89 140,680
20 15 91 Veil of Alaris

90 173,180
21 18 93 Veil of Alaris

92 206,590
22 21 95 Veil of Alaris

94 240,000
23 ?? 98 Rain of Fear

97 300,000
24 ?? 100 Rain of Fear

99 340,000
25 ?? 101 The Darkened Sea

100 380,000
26 ?? 102 The Darkened Sea

101 420,000
27 ?? 103 The Darkened Sea

102 460,000
28 ?? 105 The Darkened Sea

104 540,000

Note: There is variance in the damage done. Discs and activated AA's that affect spell damage will modify the maximum damage done, as will the spell Called Shots. Damage enhancing effects like Hunter's Fury will also modify the maximum damage done.

Another Note: Since the revamp on headshot (don't know date of this) you can now headshot mobs one level below the required level of the rank purchased, IE req level 65 to buy, can now headshot levels 1 to 64, I have updated the table above to the best of my knowledge, but not the one below, but i can say i was headshoting mobs in Halls of Honor with rank three headshot and it used to require rank nine. I do believe, but have yet to confirm, that headshot now only procs a max of two times per one minute.

Headshottable zones/area
01 The Scarlet Desert Luclin all humanoid type mobs (top of the plateau is a great spot)
01 Dulak's Harbor Ykesha most humanoid type mobs
02 Mines of Nurga Kunark goblins - The first "hotspot" for rangers now requires HS rank 2. Still available at lvl 61, though.
02 Old Sebilis Kunark entrance mobs. Rank 6 for higher level froglok models.
03 Torgiran Mines Ykesha most mobs
04 Crypt of Nadox Ykesha entry mobs, trolls
05 Temple of Droga Kunark upper sections
06 Plane of Nightmare PoP non-named hobgoblins, slarghilugs, torment bats (NOTE: Summon, Immune to Root)
07 Temple of Droga Kunark lower sections
07 Blackfeather Roost TSS all harpies on level 2 and some harpy nobles on level 3
07 Plane of Nightmare PoP Mephits, Gargoyles
08 Blackfeather Roost TSS LB harpy nobles on level 3 Rank 9 for all harpys.
08 Crypt of Decay PoP Puslings and non-named rats
08 Sunderock Springs TSS Green Legion phalanxes can be Vinelashed and mowed
09 Plane of Storms PoP Most Diaku, giants (giants summon), named/mini giants, whirlwinds Rank 11 needed for all.
09 The Steppes TSS Goblins
09 The Barren Coast TBS Blacksail Swabbies, Bloodthirsty Criminals, Vicious Mutineers, Blacksail Pirates, Deadly Traitors, Murderous Saboteurs, and Nefarious Deserters
09 Halls of Honor PoP most humanoid mobs - immune to run speed changes.
09 Plane of Valor PoP arachnaes and crawlers (lumbering beasts and razorfiends can no longer be Headshot)
10 The Barren Coast TBS Blacksail Swashbucklers and Stormguard Knights
11 Children of Gimblax Group Task DoN all of the non-named goblins
11 Calling Emoush raid event DoN all of the goblins
11 Plane of Fire PoP C1 area (lvl 79)
12 Plane of Fire PoP C2 area (for most)
12 The Steppes TSS most gnolls
12 Snarlstone Dens: Confronting a Traitor mission DoD All mobs except named
12 The Lost Notebook mission DoD SOME mobs. Need rank 13 for all living mobs.
13 Freeing an Elder mission DoD All living mobs except Drachnid Protectors
13 Stoneroot Falls DoD Drachnids and Orcs
13 Dragonscale Hills SoF Minotaurs and Nymphs (rank 14 recommended. Rank 15 required for some minotaurs in building)
14 The Lost Gnomes mission DoD ALL mobs
14 Orb of Subversion mission DoD Most living mobs except named. Rank 15 needed for all mobs.
15 The Lost Notebook (Hard) mission DoD ALL mobs
15 Dreadspire Keep DoD Orcs and Human mobs
15 The Lost Gnomes (Hard) mission DoD ALL mobs (Confirmed for Level 87)
16 Old Blackburrow SoD Most Gnolls. Reavers summon, named require higher rank
16 Lost Temple of Cazic Thule seasonal a few broodlings at rank 16, all non-named lizards by rank 19
16 The Buried Sea TBS Pirates
16 Bloody Kithicor SoD Obliteration Army and Army of Light mobs (16 minimum, 18 for all)
19 Lower Guk: Darkened Ruins of Old Guk seasonal minotaurs and living frogloks
19 Field of Scale SoD most non-named Iksar and all Sarnak
19 Kurn's Stronghold and instances SoD Iksar
20-21 Kaesora Library SoD Iksar. At 22 all Iksar Named. (Some of the Iksars now summon and most are immune to runspeed changes).
20-21 Toskirakk SoD Most ground floor ogres, all ogres and most named at rank 21 all named at 22
21 Korascian Warrens SoD All ogres and most named ogres all named at 22
22 Feerrott, the dream HoT all lizards and named lizzards - lizzards will no longer summon, EQ dev team will be looking into making code changes on a later date to eleminate the heashotting of temples area however. so get in while you can!!! best bet however is to get flagged to request Fall of the Tae Ew mission.
22 Argath VoA Looters and other LB humanoids (most mobs in Argath are now IMMUNE snare & root)
22 Fall of the Tae Ew mission HoT all Lizards are all LB at level 100 here, dont do quest, run around to all the mini lizard camps once all dead drop mission and get new. You must have completed Rupkerr's three solo tasks prior to being able to request this task. to request task /say 'I'll be the instrument of their destruction...' to Rupkerr.
22 Cooling Chamber UF a traitorous "Soandso" mobs if not worried about faction hits all coldain mob types.
22 Tasnise Underbelly mission UF a traitorous "Soandso" mobs once all dead drop and get new mission.

''As of the 1/13/2011 patch, Headshot only affects your current target. As of the 2/8/2011 patch, the levels affected by each rank of Headshot have been modified, 3 additional ranks have been added, and each rank beyond the first adds two levels to the maximum level of the target and additional damage.

This info was last edited on 12-11-2013 by Renglaern of Bertox - FV - Test servers - credit should goto the one that started this. but i do not know who that was

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