eq:Mirrored Pestilence  

Quick Facts
Mirrored Pestilence

Type: Passive
Expansion: Veil of Alaris
Total AA: 9
Classes: Necromancer, Shadowknight, Shaman


Necromancer Shadowknight Shaman

This passive ability will give you the innate chance to perform a second cast each time you cast a damage over time spell. The first rank will give you a 2 percent chance, with each rank thereafter giving an additional 1% increase. Note, this will not work on short duration spells.

Rank Requirements

Rk AA Lvl ExpansionPrerequisites
1 9 91 Veil of AlarisKnowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced 1

2 ?? ?? Veil of Alaris

3 ?? ?? Veil of Alaris

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